Nutritionist Korolev told what is the main value of the drink from Ivan tea


Does Ivan tea really have no contraindications, and what is its main uniqueness in comparison with other traditional herbal drinks? Andrey Korolev, doctor, nutritionist, healthy nutrition specialistshared his opinion.

“Ivan tea is not a mushroom. And not exactly tea: traditional tea is made by brewing the leaves of the camellia sinensis bush. And Ivan-tea is a narrow-leaved fireweed, a perennial plant up to two meters in height with purple flowers. In Europe, the plant is called «willow grass»: it grows in many countries with a temperate climate, not only in Russia.

Legends about Ivan tea somewhat exaggerate its significance: in Rus’, fireweed was most likely mixed with chamomile, mint and other herbs in medicinal decoctions, and they began to grow it on an industrial scale only in the 18th century in the village of Koporye (located on the territory of the present Leningrad region) . The reputation of the drink at first was not the best — Dahl even recorded in his dictionary the saying «Koporsky kroshevo and sour and cheap.»

Like other plant-based herbal and fruit tea drinks, Ivan-tea requires a more careful attitude — you should not consider it a miracle cure and drink it 5 times a day, eating sweets. Ivan-tea is contraindicated in thrombosis, varicose veins, or allergies; with long and excessive use, it can harm the digestive tract.

But on the other hand, in reasonable doses when used in courses, on the contrary, it treats stomach ulcers, eliminates constipation, improves sleep and works as a pain reliever. But the main thing that distinguishes Ivan-tea infusion from popular hot and refreshing drinks is that it has no caffeine at all. This means that he will not repeat the invigorating effect of tea, coffee or cola, but he will not overload the heart either.


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