These three parts of the body are the first to give out age — and you are unlikely to care for them

Often, the real age of Hollywood actresses is given out by random shots, in which the focus shifts from a flawless face to exposed parts of the body. Alas, even the stars of the first magnitude do not pay due attention to anti-aging body care! It is in such situations that all manipulations with the face seem too artificial. Therefore, we urge you to pay attention to changes in your body.


In fact, the hands are the main area that gives out the real age. In some girls, already in their youth, they look too dry and sinewy — and even have a tendency to increased pigmentation.

Perhaps the main way to preserve youthful hands is to protect them from menial work. Wash dishes and clean with gloves to reduce skin contact with water and aggressive detergents. And don’t forget to wear mittens and gloves in the cold. And, of course, use the cream every day — and preferably several times a day.

Neck and décolleté

Perhaps you also do not forget to apply a care cream on your neck. But the neckline is most likely bypassed! It is best to purchase special products for these areas, with enhanced lifting effect. And in the sunny season, do not neglect the protection from the sun. He also advises you not to bypass massage techniques to preserve the oval of the face and exercises from face fitness. After all, a flabby neck and a second chin have not adorned anyone yet!

Do this exercise even in line at the store — and it will remove the second chin


Perhaps this is the most non-obvious zone, which we all constantly forget about. In fact, with age, unattractive folds appear in the armpits, and the skin can darken due to a tendency to pigmentation.

Keeping track of this zone is not so easy: unless, of course, we are talking about life-saving Botox injections. The main advice in the field of preserving the beauty of the armpits will be increased control over your weight. By the way, this is also true for preserving the oval of the face. Also, be sure to apply a nourishing cream to the armpit area (and to the whole body!) It certainly won’t be redundant!

Do you take care of these areas?



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