50 cool short hairstyles for women — how to style short hair


Some women prefer bold haircuts such as pixie cuts with ultra-short lengths or even unusual coloring. Others — and much more often — rely on an elegant and versatile bob. Short haircuts are good for any type of hair and decorate both completely straight strands and curly ones.

And yes, we are not exaggerating when we talk about the versatility of such haircuts. Short hair is easy to style, and there are a whole sea of ​​​​hairstyle options for such a length! It only seems from the outside that creativity is possible only on long hair. You can also experiment with short strands, trying different textures, being inspired by hot trends and using hair accessories.

We have collected 50 images of famous women who have short hair. Here you will find absolutely everything: beach waves, and perfectly smooth strands, and formal hairstyles, and something more daring for holiday parties that are already on the nose. Get inspired and look for what is closer to you!

1 Choppy Pixie

Whatever hairstyles the stylists of Zoe Kravitz do for the movies, for life the actress chooses a pixie, but does not cut her whiskey. This type of haircut is called choppy pixie. Agree, very feminine. And styling requires a minimum of effort — get up and go!

Charlize Theron and other stars who advocate for the protection of animals

Charlize Theron is a member of an animal rights organization. The star happily agrees to take part in PETA promotions and photo shoots to remind people of a simple truth: fur looks best on its rightful owners — animals. In her interviews, the actress has repeatedly emphasized that she sees no point in the suffering of living beings for the sake of whim and fashion.

3. Remove the sides

We specifically took for example a photo of Charlize Theron in a protective mask. Even when the face is completely covered, the expressive appearance is not lost, and it is thanks to this tousled layered hairstyle. The main thing is to remove the hair on the sides and leave the length only in the center in order to throw the strands either to the left or to the right side.

4. Smooth effect

The simplest haircut for a boy will sparkle with new meaning if you complement it with accent hair coloring — not monophonic, but more complex, such as balayage or airtouch. And to make an evening hairstyle out of this option, just add a little gel and style your hair with your palms on the sides. Elegant styling is ready!

5. Pompadour for curly hair

Pompadour is a type of men’s haircut, when the main volume is given to the upper central part of the hair, and the temples are smoothed or even shaved. And this option looks great on short women’s hair. Especially if you have them curled — the result is even more interesting! You can slightly lighten the part of the hair that falls on the pile, or dye it in a creative color.

Jada Pinkett Smith

6. Sleek bob

Very strict, but, on the other hand, a romantic option. Just brush your hair with styling gel and twist the strands a little from the bottom. Ready!

7. Sleek ombre bob

Luxurious and easy to perform — a classic chin-length bob. You can add an accent to the hairstyle by doing an ombre coloring, like Sarah Paulson. And it lasts a long time, and it looks interesting!

8. Wavy medium bob

To make a medium-length bob look romantic and elegant, you can curl your hair a little. You can achieve such a light effect during drying using a thermal brushing comb. The main thing is not to forget to focus on the roots!

January Jones

9. Asymmetric bob with a parting in the center

Bob length just below the chin is great for any face shape. And it’s also very easy to care for! Add asymmetrical strands and voluminous coloring, and it will turn out just gorgeous!

Julianne Hough

10. Straight sleek bob

There is no more sophisticated and classic option than this one. But you may have to mess with straightening your hair! By the way, this hairstyle looks especially interesting if you put your hair behind your ears and put on large earrings.

11. Disco style

Yes, unusual and not very common in our latitudes 🙂 But if your hair is prone to a curl of this format, then why not let it curl further? And shine with natural beauty!

Jennifer Lewis

12. Pixie with side bangs

The best choice when you don’t want to lose the opportunity to make different hairstyles due to the length of your hair. Volumetric bangs can be laid on any side, but, of course, a certain skill in this matter will not hurt.

13. Pixie with graduated bangs

Do you want your pixie haircut to look more voluminous? Then ask the master to make you a long oblique bang. It can be fixed with gel and laid either on one side or in the center to get some dispersion.

Kerry Washington

14. Accessories behind the ears

And here is a find for those who prefer bob with bangs. Curl your hair a little and tuck the strands behind your ears, revealing your face. And so that the curls do not bother you, stab them with any hairpin or even a large, noticeable and bright hairpin, because they have been in trend for many years.

15. Natural bangs

Do you know that straight bangs are back in fashion? The main thing is to pay minimal attention to her styling in order to get a casual retro effect, and not a glamorous extravaganza from the zero. Do not wind the bangs on thermal brushing during drying, but just randomly run the hair dryer along the length — you’re done! At the end, you can comb your hair a little if you want to look neater.

16. Shaved sides

An extreme option if you want to highlight the crown. By the way, as you can see, shaved temples (and not only!) go well with mini-dreadlocks and other unusual hair solutions.

17. Sleek pixie

The pixie cut is surprisingly versatile, even when paired with creative bangs and layered strands. If you are tired of non-standard images and need to look strict, make a side parting and put your hair on the sides with gel. Just don’t overdo it with the fixative so that the strands do not seem overloaded.

18. Smooth Pixie

Combing back is one of the main tricks in pixie haircuts. But if you work out a long strand with a curling iron and make it structural, the back comb will become more voluminous and expressive, especially if you complement the image with long earrings. Just in the spirit of hairstyles from old Hollywood movies 🙂

19. Dulka-trick

Of course, shoulder-length hair is very difficult to collect in a full-fledged bun. But you can try to turn the upper part of the hair into a sloppy muzzle — if, of course, you are not prone to perfectionism and do not worry about the protruding ends of the strands 🙂 What is important: this simple hairstyle visually adds volume to the hair, especially if you curl the rest of the strands a little.

20. Curls, curls and only curls!

If you are a happy owner of a bob or square, we recommend that you curl more often, because making curls at such a length is a real pleasure! Laying does not take much time and effort, and any curling iron will suit you to create it. Just keep the spectacular root volume, so do not forget about using foams and mousses before styling. A bang-curtain, by the way, if there is one, can also be turned into curls.

21. Emphasis at the roots

Yes, this is not the easiest styling option for a pixie with long bangs, but how unusual and attractive! Unsurprisingly, this is one of the favorite styles of Tilda Swinton, an actress known for her love of everything unusual. You will need a minimum of movements, but very measured. Using a curling iron or flat iron, you need to create a basal volume, and stretch the rest of the hair and lay it back and to one side, fixing the result with a gel.

Tilda Swinton

22. Behind the ears

A great styling option for when you haven’t been to the hairdresser for a long time and the shape of your haircut has become not so clear due to regrown hair. Make a parting of any shape convenient for you, divide your hair into two equal parts and wind it behind your ears. You can fix the strands with styling so that the regrown bangs do not “jump out” from behind the ears, and also give a more expressive shape to the ends of the hair.

23. Hollywood curls

No, you don’t have to have long hair to create this classic hairstyle — it looks just as impressive on short ones! There are a lot of ways to create Hollywood curls — from curling irons to special curlers. Regardless of how you decide to style your hair, do not forget about styling and thermal protection, as well as the fact that the curls should have a different shape of direction (and a different twist when curling with a curling iron). Unless, of course, you decided to make curls only on one side, like Naomi Watts in our photo example.

24. Retro pompadour with curls

As a reminder, a pompadour is a high-bouffant center hairstyle that can be made from pixies with long bangs. But if you make curls out of the pile — yes, those that tend upwards — you get an incredible hairstyle in retro style. It will take more styling so that it doesn’t all fall on your forehead.

Mary J. Blige

25. Modern mullet

Don’t let the word «mullet» scare you, as it immediately refers to the controversial fashion of the 1980s. Modern versions of this haircut are much neater and more harmonious than before, and the back of the hair is only slightly longer than the top and front strands. You also don’t need to style it — even a bang!

Gretta Gerwig

26. Wet hair

Another hot trend that is unlikely to go out of fashion in the next couple of seasons. The main secret is to use a lot of styling gel so that the hair seems wet and ideally lay in the direction it was given, just like after a banal hair wash or swimming in the pool.

Julianne Hough

27. Bang-braid

This option is ideal for situations when you are tired of bangs or you grow them to the desired length. The main difficulty is to braid an even pigtail, from which nothing sticks out. You’ll have to practice a little and stock up on stealth.

28. Weaving on the sides

Probably the most difficult period in the life of each of us, when you decided to give up a short haircut, but now you have to walk with an uncomfortable intermediate length and wait for everything to grow back. In order not to suffer, you can try to braid spikelets or other mini-braids from regrown hair. And let small strands of bangs forward — for a more romantic look.

29. Classic pompadour

And again the pompadour! This is perfect for flattering the shape of your face, and the classic version requires a lot less effort than the other options in this collection. We recommend complementing the image with bright eye makeup, like Katy Perry. And, of course, large accessories.

30. Top bun

Do you think a lazy bun that hides the fact that you didn’t have time to wash your hair is only suitable for owners of long hair? No matter how it is, it’s just that in the “assembly” of a bun of short hair, a little more effort is needed. Apply dry shampoo to the strands and comb your hair back, and then actively collect everything under one elastic band!

31. Chic and simple

If you want a red carpet style hairstyle without having to spend many hours getting ready, try this one for short hair. Just collect all the hair at the back, and leave one strand near the face, shaping it a little by winding it on a curling iron. Instead of a curling iron, by the way, you can also use your fingers, but using texturizing clay. You can complement the image with large or long earrings. Well, isn’t it belissimo?

Scarlett Johansson

32. Baby bangs

Micro-bangs, just like in little girls, are in the same trend today as bangs-curtains, although only the most daring girls do them. By the way, baby bangs look especially cool with cute baby hairpins. And it’s also very fashionable!

33. Lamb

For many years we avoided permanent waving and considered it a relic of the past. But not today, when it is again in trend and sparing options for the procedure have appeared. If you want a long-term option for an unusual hairstyle, be sure to try it!

34. Large curls

Of course, curling very short hair is quite difficult, but it’s definitely worth it. Look how easy and airy the curls of actress Glenn Close look! In addition, with the help of such styling, you can add splendor to very thin hair.

35. Liquid hair

We have already talked in detail about this version of a fashionable hairstyle, and now we show how it looks on short hair. Sleek, straight, and super-shiny hair looks especially cool when paired with bold eye makeup—ideally with eyeshadow or metallic eyeliner.

36. Textured short curls

The curly method is suitable not only for medium and long, but also for short hair. And it will take a little less effort to create curls — as well as means for “curly” styling 🙂

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37. Bob with light waves

Another «curly» variation of the classic bob, which is very easy to achieve even without the use of a curling iron. It is enough just to apply styling products to the hair and actively “rumple” them with your hands while drying. And, of course, make a straight parting at the end and smooth out any fluffiness.

Kendall Jenner

38. There is a bang, but it seems to be gone

How to make a bang when there is none, but there is long hair, we have already told you more than once. However, this trick works on short hair too! Yes, this is not easy to create, and a sufficient arsenal of styling tools is needed. But anything is possible if you really want it!

Michelle Williams

39. Shaggy pixie

The second name for this hairstyle is shaggy pixie. This, so to speak, is for the case if you really wanted to try the now fashionable shaggy or wolfkat, but the length of the hair does not allow. Making a shaggy version of your usual pixie haircut is as easy as shelling pears. Grab some wax or texturizing clay (but not much!) and start creating a mess on your head!

40. Beach Volume

Women with short hair often complain that their hair, although it seems thick, clearly lacks shine and airiness. Then salt spray and beach styling come to the rescue! It is this variation that makes curls light and lively. But do not forget about moisturizing balms to restore strands.

Jennifer Goodwin

41. What has grown has grown

Unfortunately, not everyone’s hair grows evenly. But if something went wrong, this is not at all a reason to complex and hide the hair under a hat or bandage. Kristen Stewart, for example, deliberately made a haircut with longer micro-strands on her forehead and temples. And even gave them an extra accent by painting them in a lighter shade!

Kristen Stewart

42. Down with bangs!

Do you have a pixie cut but want something more formal? Comb the bangs to one side and connect with the rest of the strands using styling. By the way, with such a hairstyle, the face becomes more open and expressive. Emphasize the cheekbones to play on this accent favorably — as in the photo example with the singer Pink.

43. Hair back

Sometimes it is simply necessary to remove the hair away from the face, especially if, due to the length, it is difficult to collect it in a ponytail, and there is unbearable heat outside. To maintain the elegance of the image, take inspiration from the example of actress Carey Mulligan. Here, too, the lower strands are very nicely emphasized — well, just like on posters with beautiful women from the 1950s!

Carey Mulligan

44. Curls forever

For some reason, many Russian women are embarrassed to wear small curls and torment their hair with straightening if they have a tendency to such a curl. And, of course, they immediately run to the hairdresser if their perm becomes less clear and close to a similar natural effect. But in vain! Curls that are already a few days old look even more interesting than “fresh”. Give freedom to curls: let them stick out a little in different directions or fall on your forehead. It’s beautiful, believe me, finally!

45. Time for a pixie

VOICE constantly emphasizes the importance of accepting yourself for who you are. And, for example, do not be shy about the gray hair that has appeared, because it has become a new trend, a new opportunity to emphasize natural beauty. By the way, a playful pixie haircut is the best way to reveal all the advantages of gray hair. And to emphasize that you still adore beauty experiments.

Jamie Lee Curtis

46. ​​Greek hairstyle

Oh, how beautiful are the air hairstyles in the style of Greek goddesses! And how often stylists disappoint girls with long hair with their refusal to repeat the same thing in their case. Well, it is very difficult to realize such beams over a long length … But the owners of shoulder length can build such “hairpieces” even on their own. To do this, you need to take a bandage or scarf and wind the curls around it, weaving the ends of the front strands into the hair. Other variations and ways to repeat them are best viewed on the Internet.

47. Finger styling

Yes, this “old-fashioned” style for short hair takes much more time than the standard types of curls. But for this “cold” method, you only need your hands, a comb and, in the very finale, fixing varnish. And no hair dryers and curling irons, as in the «hot» methods! In addition, such retro curls look simply bewitching. It’s like going to a Great Gatsby party.

48. Waves on the side

This hairstyle can be done on long hair, removing the strands back, and on short hair, choosing the accent side where you need to comb more hair. Twist the strands around the face a little — and you’re done! Looks coquettish and formal at the same time.

49. Curls up

Yes, you are unlikely to be able to repeat such a “curly” option on your own. But agree, it looks very unusual! If you are looking for something to surprise, be sure to take this hairstyle into service. And ask the master to fix the strands on the top of the head harder.

50. Dutch braid

No matter what anyone says, braids are very feminine and beautiful at any age. In the case of short hair, it is better to choose those braids that are woven into the bulk of the hair. They can even be done through the whole head, as Emily Blunt does. By the way, pay attention to how spectacular the actress’s hair looks in a braid also because of the highlighting. The volume seems even more impressive!

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