Gentle sex / rough sex: which do you prefer?


1. Morale

Making love: romantic sex is 90% of the mood and only 10% of the execution. In order to properly prepare for a romantic meeting, it’s worth starting a couple of days in advance: kisses, gentle messages on the mobile … Tease his sensuality, not sexuality: ask for a massage, stroke his thigh in the movies — but refrain from more frank movements.

When that very night comes, take care of intimate lighting.

Are you having sex: let him know that you’re sexually explicit: put on something provocative, you can get a new haircut (or wear a wig). An outlandish appearance is a sexual trigger that excites the prefrontal cortex, the same area of ​​the brain that is involved during sexual play.

2. Kisses

Making love: here the tone is set by pace, and a loving kiss differs from a passionate kiss in that it is slow and unhurried. The more excited you are, the faster you do everything, but it also works in the opposite direction: if you deliberately slow down your movements, then you keep your intimacy on a spiritual, not a passionate level. In addition, with slow stimulation, nerve endings react to sensations differently. Try starting with light, gentle lip touches before moving on to deep French kisses.

Are you having sex: act rougher, hold the back of his head, digging your lips into his lips and pressing against his loins.

3. Stripping

Making love: undress each other slowly, paying attention to each unbuttoned button. Slowly and carefully pull on the zipper tab while it is occupied by your bra hooks. Kiss and stroke each patch of skin that appears from under the clothes you remove before moving on to the next item of clothing.

Are you having sex: frantically rip off each other’s clothes.

4. Props

Making love: to enjoy intimacy to the full, act on each of the feelings of each other. The blindfold will make him feel more acutely. You can slowly run your feather across each other’s skin, or use those old ice cube or chocolate syrup tricks.

Are you having sex: any sex toy you like will do here.

5. Talking in bed

Making love: phrases that emphasize your spiritual intimacy are good for this: “You are my only one, I want only you.”

Are you having sex: emphasize the physical aspect of your intimacy: “I want you”, “I am so pleased with what you are doing.”

6. Poses

Making love: choose those positions in which your bodies touch as much as possible, rub or where you can look at each other.

Are you having sex: more “animal” poses like “doggy style” are suitable, in which you are more focused not on communication, but on sensations.

7. Completion

Making love: when you lie embracing, try to adjust your breathing to his. This will enhance your sense of closeness.

Are you having sex: tell him that it was incredibly exciting, and then send a message in the series: “Remembering our last night and getting turned on again.”


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