“Grows longer and looks decent”: nail design master revealed which manicure is the most profitable to do


We have already told you what requests of clients infuriate nail masters. Now they asked an expert, the owner of a manicure parlor, Maria Selezneva, to evaluate what type of coating and nail shape last the longest. After all, you must admit, it is very unpleasant when the notorious three weeks have not yet passed, and the manicure no longer looks fresh and obviously needs to be adjusted — and this will make you waste time and money!

It is most practical to wear, according to the master, almond-shaped or oval nails. A square, even a soft one, often suffers free edges — the coating is chipped or the nail itself breaks. But a broken square nail in an emergency can be cut down under an oval!

“Gel polish, one might say, grows longer, because it can be covered under the cuticle,” says Maria. — And the bases and gels are placed only end-to-end. However, the difference is very conditional and will give, perhaps, one additional millimeter of a head start. There is no coating that makes the nail grow back more slowly.”

The master also reminded that a glossy finish retains freshness longer than a matte one. Matte nails lose their presentation after a week and a half — even if you wipe them with napkins.

There are two options for every taste: you can choose a coating that matches the skin tone, and then the manicure will look great for a longer time, because the regrown part will not catch your eye. A bright, saturated color will draw attention to itself — and the effect will be the same. If you want to choose the most practical design, stop at one where the decorative elements are located closer to the free edge of the nail, and not to the cuticle.


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