How to make false nails durable: 5 simple tips from manicure masters


But should this be surprising? When the salons were closed, millions of girls used tips and appreciated their convenience. Now we can already get our share of serotonin, sitting in a chair and enjoying a manicure, which is done by a master of his craft. But when you have mastered the use of false nails, the toad often begins to croak in your soul: “Why should we spend extra money? Now you yourself can reproduce the nail design seen on social networks!”

However, the fact that from now on you can save money and choose any of the thousands of drawings, focusing on your mood and lifestyle, does not mean that every girl is ready to “burn” her new set too quickly. Budget and pretty nails can become more durable if you listen to the recommendations of experts. Here are five tricks that will help make false nails as «tenacious» as a quality manicure from the salon.

Tip #1: Avoid Water

This can significantly affect the life of the manicure. As the plates soak up liquid, they expand and the tips “seat” differently, making them less secure. Olivia Van Eiderstein, a false nail specialist and vice president of content and creative for a nail polish company, advises waiting an hour before washing your hands or applying lotions or other moisturizers to your skin.

Tip #2: Prepare your nails

Glue sticks best to clean, dehydrated nails, so wipe them down with an alcohol swab to remove any dirt and oil. Star nail master Mei Kawajiri, whose names of clients are known all over the world, also advises treating the inside of the tips with acetone so that they hold better.

Tip three: remember the size

“Tips should not be wider than the nail bed,” says Kawajiri, “this interferes with their strong adhesion to the nail.” Manicurist Molly Roma advises to trim or file each overlay so that its edges lie exactly under the cuticle.

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Tip Four: Don’t Save on Glue

Sometimes the most obvious advice is the most helpful. “The key to the longevity of false nails is the even application of the adhesive,” Van Iderstein says. She advises to cover the entire plate with a thin layer, then carefully place the tip on it, apply even pressure on it and wait 30 seconds for the glue to set.

Tip Five: Start With Your Non-Dominant Hand

For beginners, Kawajiri advises to go against the “instincts of the dominant hand” and first apply glue and tips of the one that you use less often. «If you don’t have nails, manicures are easier,» she explains. It is already difficult to wield the left hand if you are right-handed, so do not complicate your life by adding lining to it.


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