Silver leggings — shine and brightness of your image


It is no coincidence that women’s leggings are considered the most popular and practical, providing convenience and comfort to wear. Trousers moderately fit the silhouette, give elegance and grace to the appearance and effectively model the silhouette.

Products are widely used for a variety of events. Silver leggings are chosen for the disco and youth parties, which are distinguished by their designer style and creative appearance. Thanks to the glossy surface, the trousers look very elegant.


shiny leggings catchy colors impress the youth audience, as they allow you to show design talent when composing ensembles and express taste and fashion preferences. Each girl will be able to find the perfect model that will help create an original image and emphasize her own irresistibility and natural beauty.

Pants of silver color are very bright and expressive, therefore they are suitable for solemn and festive events. The choice of products depends on taste preferences, features of female appearance and the purpose of the onion.

  • For a disco, models with glitter or overflows, decorated with embroidery, rhinestones or beads, are selected.
  • For youth parties, wear products with a glossy surface and locks on the knees.
  • Attending cultural events is appropriate in matte mid-rise leggings, and for everyday wear, samples on an elastic waistband are used without unnecessary decoration.
  • It is convenient to go in for sports in trousers with an elastic band, which do not hinder movement and allow you to perform stretching and exercises of any complexity.

Who suits

Silver leggings are suitable for young and slender girls who want to stand out and emphasize their own individuality. Fat ladies can also use shiny tight-fitting trousers, the main thing is to choose the right model, ensemble elements and accessories to emphasize the merits of appearance.

Stylists recommend using high-waisted patterns to hide figure errors and add elegance to the silhouette.


For the manufacture of silver leggings, artificial or natural leather, nylon, lurex and 100% polyester are used. The dense structure of the fabric favorably affects the performance and properties of products that are characterized by increased strength and elasticity. The addition of elastane to the material provides a slight tightening effect and the resistance of the trousers to deformations and mechanical stress. Things are perfectly preserved even after numerous washes, without losing their novelty and attractive appearance.

fashion images

Shiny leggings are bright and catchy in themselves, so they require a special cut. How to wear silver trousers with what, your reflection in the mirror and your own intuition will tell you. The choice of elements of the ensemble is determined by seasonality, the purpose of the bow and features of appearance. Asymmetric T-shirts and long T-shirts with inscriptions, drawstring blouses and loose tunics with transparent inserts are quite suitable for a disco. In a sports club, you can wear low-waisted leggings and a jumpsuit or mid-rise trousers and a nylon crop top. For evening walks, light dresses, chiffon tunics, T-shirts and openwork cardigans are suitable.

Combination of materials and colors

Shiny silver tight structure leggings are ideally combined with things made of silk, satin, chiffon and acrylic. In summer, leggings can be combined with knitted tops, cotton T-shirts, viscose T-shirts. In autumn, crocheted cashmere or mohair cardigans, loose-fitting wool sweaters are appropriate. In the spring, openwork tunics based on cotton and acrylic, blouses made of synthetic silk will come in handy.

As for matching the colors of the elements of the ensemble, the silver leggings are ideally combined with black, white, blue, dark green, emerald and turquoise things. Young people choose bright samples of red, coral, lemon, blue, marshmallow. Older women prefer more restrained colors — black, chocolate, terracotta, mustard and dark gray.

Shoes and accessories

When choosing shoes for leggings, you should take into account your own taste and fashion preferences, the purpose of the ensemble and individual characteristics. Elegant trousers look great in tandem with elegant high-heeled or stiletto shoes, high-platform sandals, fashionable ankle boots with decorative elements. When going on a romantic date, pay attention to white lace boots or beige patent leather shoes with an open toe. For summer walks, silver ballet flats or pink pumps are suitable. In spring or autumn, high boots in black tone, made of glossy genuine leather, will come in handy. For dances and discos, gray stiletto sandals are the best choice, and it is most convenient to go in for sports in slip-ons, sneakers or moccasins of any shade.

As for accessories, the best choice would be fashionable jewelry that can emphasize female individuality. Young people choose a necklace with stones imitating diamonds, metal bracelets, pendants with ceramic and plastic details in the shape of a rhombus or square. Leather belts, neckerchiefs, fashionable hats will add femininity to the image. Points, a clutch bag or a scarf made of airy fabric emphasize the style.

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