Velvet Hands: A collection of hand creams and nail health products


Delicate as silk, smooth and velvety hand skin is the dream of any woman. And it’s easy to make it a reality! The collection of luxurious creams from our review will maintain the skin’s moisture level, nourish it with valuable substances and help maintain youth and beauty.

Hand cream «Jade flower and silk», Avon Encanto

Luxurious cream with an enchanting composition returns a well-groomed and radiant appearance even to very dry and dehydrated skin. Instantly absorbed, it envelops the skin with an invisible haze, slowing down the aging process and maintaining health and beauty.

HITOYONI RELAXING Hand Butter by DEMI Professional

Exquisite notes of lavender, combined with the high efficiency of the active ingredients of the oil, give the skin of the hands an unsurpassed pleasure. They protect it from moisture loss, strengthen and tone, improve barrier functions. The result of daily care is soft, smooth and silky hand skin.

Collection of hand creams HANDMED + from Eveline Cosmetics

Each product of the line contains a unique combination of a moisturizing and protective hand cream with an intensely regenerating serum. Together they moisturize and nourish the skin, soothe irritation and relieve redness, smooth wrinkles. Plant extracts, vitamins, oils and other valuable substances in the composition stimulate the restoration of hand skin at the cellular level and protect against negative environmental factors.

Bio-reinforcing anti-aging hand cream Mezolux Librederm

The inspiration for the creation of this cream was a salon procedure — skin bioreinforcement. It is aimed at restoring elastin and collagen fibers, maintaining youthfulness and beauty of the skin. Mezolux Librederm cream is instantly absorbed, saturating the skin with life-giving moisture, smoothes age spots and visible wrinkles, eliminates peeling, softens and gives incredible comfort.

CATRICE Nail Building Base Coat

Beautiful hands are not just smooth and velvety skin, but also strong, healthy nails, neat manicure. A specially developed mineral complex, which includes iron, magnesium, zinc and silicone, reliably protects and strengthens nails, making them incredibly strong. Now any, even the most daring fashion trends will look spectacular on nails.

Moisturizing hand cream «O’Termal», Uriage

A beauty product with a delicate creamy texture is intended for daily hand skin care, maintaining its beauty and health, and protecting it from adverse factors. Contains a whole complex of moisturizing and nourishing ingredients that even out skin tone and texture and care for nail cuticles. Results are noticeable from the first day of use!

Cream-mask for hands ILONA LUNDEN

Luxurious mask based on the rarest natural ingredients is a pleasure for true gourmets. Low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, plant extracts, valuable oils, vitamins, proteins, panthenol and allantoin in its composition are responsible for the softness, firmness and elasticity of the skin, saturation of its moisture, recovery processes.

Cuticle Oil by Aravia Professional

The beauty and health of nails largely depend on the condition of the cuticle. So that the nails please and do not break at the most inopportune moment, surround the skin around the nails with gentle care. Moisturizing it in time, replenishing the supply of vitamins and antioxidants, as well as nourishing it with fatty acids, you can achieve incredible results. Try a complex of oils of olive, sweet almond and jojoba, and you will see for yourself!

Peach Date Perfumed Hand Cream by Holika Holika

It is no secret that it is the hands that age the fastest. But it is still possible to slow down natural processes. Beauty bestseller from Holika Holika is quickly absorbed, improves skin tone and elasticity, gives it unsurpassed comfort.

Avon Encanto Rose Bouquet & Cashmere Hand Cream

Notes of languid magnolia, royal freesia, peach blossom and zesty raspberry are gathered in one bouquet to turn your beauty routine into a real bliss. Hand care has never been so pleasant, and its results are beyond praise.

Dr.Stern Ichthyol PSO Nourishing cream for dry irritated skin of hands, elbows, knees

If the skin in some parts of the body is problematic, very dry, sensitive, itchy and flaky, it can be helped by a remedy based on a unique component — white ichthyol in combination with natural oils, a prebiotic complex and vitamins. The cream intensively softens, moisturizes, nourishes and protects the skin, reduces its sensitivity and susceptibility to external negative factors, including UV radiation.

Cream Oil hand cream with macadamia and shea butter by Aravia Professional

A relaxing hand massage is perhaps the most enjoyable step in skin care. Especially for him, the Aravia Professional brand has developed a cream that not only gives pleasant emotions, but also additionally softens, nourishes and saturates the skin with moisture, improves its condition and rejuvenates. Valuable natural oils such as sweet almond, cocoa, shea butter and macadamia are responsible for wonderful changes here.

Moisturizing hand cream Hidraderm, Sesderma

The rich texture of the product based on glycolic and lactic acid, jojoba oil, oat extract, urea and allantoin not only intensively moisturizes dry and dehydrated hand skin, but also increases its elasticity and evens out tone, delicately exfoliates dead cells, tones and gives an impeccable appearance.

Essence ultra strong nail hardener

A course of procedures with strengthening varnish is a real salvation for brittle and weakened nail plates. Treatments once every three days make nails thicker and stronger, so you can recreate the most beautiful nail art trends on them.

HITOYONI Pure Hand Lotion by DEMI Professional

The warm rose scent of this lotion evokes pleasant dreams and sweet dreams. And the delicate texture moisturizes the skin of the hands, restores it and protects it from adverse factors. Luxurious care for home spa treatments!

Lotion for hands and body Corrector, «Health Quartet»

A unique product created for skin care, which especially needs support, as it is subject to forced aging. The complex of natural oils, moisturizing natural factor and vitamins in its composition increase skin elasticity, have a powerful anti-aging effect and maintain the integrity of the protective barrier. As a result of care, the skin looks healthy, a tan evenly and beautifully falls on it.

Essence pro white active whitening nail polish

The formula of this product contains natural lemon extract, which has excellent whitening properties. The varnish effectively copes with yellowness and protects nails from discoloration, which is especially important if you like to wear dark manicure.

Double complex for nail and cuticle care ILONA LUNDEN

8 plant extracts, 4 nourishing oils, a trio of vitamins and the same amount of fatty acids became the basis for creating a complex for nail and cuticle care. A collection of two products moisturizes and nourishes the skin around the nails, protects the plates from brittleness and prevents delamination, gives the hands an elegant, well-groomed appearance.

Herbalife Nutrition White Tea Hand Cream

The amazingly soft texture of this cream makes you fall in love with it from the first application, while the luxurious aroma of white tea awakens emotions and sweet dreams. Just a couple of drops of the product are enough to put the skin of the hands in order, get rid of dryness and flaking, delay the processes of natural aging and return the long-awaited comfort.

Essence all in one complete care base and top coat

Depending on your wishes, the tool can become a base coat that prepares nails for applying colored varnish, filling cracks and smoothing out bumps. If this is not enough, use it as a luxurious finish that gives nails a glossy shine, prolongs the beauty and durability of a manicure.

Nourishing Hand Cream Ph. Drop Everyday Hand Therapy

A multifunctional hand cream based on oils, vitamins, plant extracts, panthenol, collagen and other benefits works in several directions at once: it nourishes and softens the skin of the hands, stops inflammation, fights pigmentation and has an antibacterial effect. With daily use, the skin of the hands will return health and a beautiful, well-groomed appearance.

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