Women get fat in winter, but men do not: here are 3 reasons why this happens

Weight gain is an expected winter consequence. By spring, many find that their favorite jeans are somehow poorly fastened, and the dress does not sit very well. The reason for this is the winter weight gain that many of us face.

The Daily Mail conducted a survey among its readers to find out how many kilos women gain on average during the winter months. In addition, they tried to figure out who and why is facing this problem.

The results were quite expected and quite revealing. First, a lot of people really get fat. So, if you know this for yourself, then we hasten to reassure you: you are not alone. Second, 60% of women gain 2–3 kg on average. There are, of course, lucky women who do not gain a single gram, but most still “fit” into this increase rate. By the way, most often those who constantly sit on short diets that require serious restrictions are faced with weight gain. In moments of «relaxation» their weight goes up.

But here’s how the respondents themselves explain their weight gain.

Surprisingly, these very factors affect men and their weight less often — many participants in similar surveys answer that their weight in the cold season hardly changes. It is possible that this is due to hormonal differences, as well as less emotionality, which is why men are less likely to overeat in company and comfort themselves with goodies.

Everyone deals with weight gain differently. Some (every third woman) do nothing, as there are usually quite a few reasons for worry. They decide that they will just throw off these kilograms somehow later, and now they will simply not pay attention to it. But about 16% are taken to lose weight intensively in order to be in shape by the summer — this increase upsets them.

Nutritionists also remind that the most correct strategy is a balanced diet at any time of the year. And that is what will ensure good health and well-being. Excesses in any direction — both overeating and extreme weight loss — can hurt, not help.

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