You can, just be careful: 5 rules that will help you eat sweets and not get fat

Winter is a dangerous period for our weight. New Year sets in a cozy mood, I want to bake and eat cooked food. It’s also the time of year to warm up, which makes us stay home more, move less, and eat more.

For those with a sweet tooth, New Year’s Eve is generally dangerous. Goodies are attacking from all sides, secret Santa is in a hurry with another chocolate bar, and children’s candy gifts are asking you to take at least one chocolate halva from there.

In general, we made a small memo for those who love sweets and do not plan to give it up completely, but at the same time would like to remain in the same size after the New Year’s series of overeating.

Leave room for dessert

Do you know that in the evening they will serve a cake that you really want to try? Do not overeat salads and hot. In a very real sense, leave room for the cake by eating much smaller portions of the main dishes beforehand. You won’t overeat, you won’t overeat, and you can really enjoy that delicacy that you’ve been thinking about all evening.

Eat colorful food

No, we are not talking about products that are colored with artificial dyes. Choose vegetables and fruits that are painted in bright colors. The more «rainbow» on your table during the day, the more varied and healthy your diet will be.

So, we are sure that you will eat enough fiber and vitamins to make your diet balanced, and besides, this approach will not make your diet too high in calories.

Always ask yourself this question

Before you eat something — whether it’s sweets or any other food — ask yourself, «Am I really hungry?» And only after you get an honest answer from yourself, start eating.

The fact is that we often confuse hunger and thirst, and we also simply eat our emotions — we eat because of stress and worries, for example. Also, many of us for the company are ready to eat more than we should, although in reality we definitely should not eat in the same quantities.

Lighten your diet

During the holidays, we often know that in the evening we will have to sit down at a richly laid table. This, however, does not mean that you should not eat in the morning and afternoon, making room for future goodies. However, you can try to review your diet these days, making it easier: salads, smoothies, fruits in the morning will give you a feeling of satiety, but at the same time you will not eat too many calories. Daily consumption, even taking into account the evening abundance, will remain within the normal range.

Celebrate but don’t get carried away

New Year’s Eve is ok, another one or two days is also ok, but it’s still not worth relaxing and overeating during all the long holidays. Allow yourself to eat what you want for a couple of days, but do not make nightly feasts a new way of life for the first half of January. This strategy will definitely help you stay in shape without limiting yourself to goodies.

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