Bad eating habits that are never too late to give up


Together with our expert Anna Kozyreva, nutritionist, brand chef and founder of the IDEAL DAY proper and healthy nutrition project, we have prepared a list of food habits that are never too late to give up. Try it and within a month you will feel lightness.

Purchased sauces

The fact is that the composition of ordinary store-bought ketchup includes not only tomatoes and water. The composition stretches over several lines and includes many preservatives, thickeners, stabilizers and a huge amount of sugar. Due to their unhealthy compositions, purchased sauces easily enter our diet because of their taste characteristics, and also easily spoil our figure. Therefore, you can safely take all the sauces from the refrigerator shelf in an armful and throw them away right now. You can easily replace ketchup and mayonnaise with sauces of your own production from natural products.

Homemade mayonnaise recipe: Greek yogurt (or classic thermostatic; you can take sour cream 10-15%) 200g Mustard 1/3 tsp Soy sauce 1/2 tsp Lemon juice 3-5 drops Olive oil 1 tbsp Black pepper to taste All ingredients stir with a spoon and your sauce is ready!

Dry breakfasts

The composition of breakfast cereals, as well as the composition of sauces, includes a huge amount of sugar and trans fats, which is already a reason to think. In addition, such products are heavily processed during manufacture and lose all their useful properties, contrary to everything that is said in advertising. Sometimes you can have breakfast with your favorite cereal, but you should not abuse it and turn it into a daily ritual.

Recipe for homemade granola: Long-cooked oatmeal (hercules) 150g Apple 1 piece Banana 1/2 Dried fruits 50g A handful of nuts Coconut oil or ghee (stewed). 5 g (1/2 teaspoon) Cut the apple into 4 parts and remove the seeds; simmer in a saucepan with 1 tablespoon water until soft. Cool Banana peel. Puree apple and banana with a blender or mash with a fork. Mix with oatmeal. Add your favorite nuts and dried fruits — cut large. Add 1 tbsp honey or agave/date syrup. Mix everything, put on a sheet of baking paper greased with coconut or ghee (ghee) on a baking sheet. Spread out the mixture. And put in the oven for 1 hour at a pace of 120-130 ‘C; periodically take out the baking sheet and stir the mixture from lumps. Cool and put in a jar. Serve with yogurt, milk and berries.

Inattention to the composition of products

Often flashy green labels «eco», «bio», «fitness» are just a smart marketing ploy. Such products do not contain any nutrients. It is always worth checking the composition, and also remember that the less processing the product undergoes, the more benefits it retains.

Dietary supplements and synthetic vitamins

There are cases when this is indispensable, but only a doctor will specifically tell about such cases. In many cases, people are very thoughtless about buying such substances. By themselves, dietary supplements and synthetic vitamins are not terrible, but we do not know exactly how they need to be combined and how much to take. At best, you will simply lose money and not see the result, at worst, health problems are possible.

Refusal of vegetables and fruits

Vegetables, fruits and herbs are our best friends. No matter how trite it may sound, but we often forget about the benefits of these products, preferring to have a snack with chocolate or chips. But it is important to understand that plant foods are good for the prevention of many diseases, including the cardiovascular system and some types of cancer, as they are rich in fiber. Fiber fibers are processed by beneficial intestinal microflora and support the stable functioning of the digestive system. Get in the habit of always buying fresh plant foods and try to make up ⅔ of your diet.

love for canned food

Processed meat and fish products are not the healthiest things to have in your diet. Send canned food to the farthest corner of your kitchen and use it only as a last resort.

Oil frying

Use more vegetable oils in your diet. For example, avocado oil, black cumin oil, nut oils are more desirable for our body than the usual sunflower oil. If stored improperly, it oxidizes and produces a large amount of toxic substances, and when heated — carcinogens. Add only fresh oil to your food and remember that your waist will not thank you for its excessive consumption.

Reckless diets

Diet is what the doctor prescribed for health reasons. In all other cases, the norm should be a balanced diet 3-5 times a day and in small portions. You should not torment your body with starvation diets, which involve giving up food altogether. Water and one apple a day can and will give the desired result for some time, but returning to the usual diet, the body will also return everything to its place.

Insidious snacks

Often we can eat or drink coffee with someone for company, even if we do not want to. Be sure to listen to your body, it will tell you if you are hungry. In other cases, it is better to cancel meals. It is worth noting that we often confuse thirst with hunger. The best way to test what your body wants is to drink a glass of water. If the feeling of hunger goes away within 20 minutes, you just wanted to drink.

Sleep and sports deficit

Sports and sleep are important for a healthy state of our body. Lack of sleep produces too much cortisol, which puts the body under stress. All this affects our figure. And of course physical activity. Even 15 minutes of exercise a day will favorably affect our condition.

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