Chanel style jacket — perfection is always in fashion


Fans of the classic style in clothes should definitely have a Chanel-style jacket in their wardrobe. This impeccably feminine and elegant model will always be in fashion.

A little about the history of the thing

Mademoiselle Chanel was a real «revolutionary» in the fashion world. It was thanks to the famous Coco that women began to wear things that were previously considered exclusively male.

The women’s jacket is no exception, the history of the creation of this thing is quite interesting. The basis was a man’s jacket. But the designer «deprived» the classic jacket of a collar with lapels, slightly modified the silhouette and added some interesting details.. Firstly, the jacket was decorated with pockets, there may be 3 or 4 of them. Secondly, a finishing braid was sewn along the contour of the jacket. Initially, Chanel jackets were decorated with fur trim, but then the difficult times of the Second World War came, and the fashion house began to produce jackets without fur trim, decorating them with contrasting braid or fringe.

A little later, another characteristic detail of the model appeared — golden buttons, decorated with the famous emblem of the fashion house.

The main features of the model

Of course, not every fashionista has the opportunity to replenish her wardrobe with an original product produced by the Chanel fashion house, since such products are not cheap. But you can buy a stylized product, such jackets are produced by many democratic brands.

So, a classic Chanel-style jacket has the following features:

  • straight or slightly fitted silhouette;
  • lack of lapels and collar;
  • round neckline;
  • single-breasted button fastening, although there are also models without a fastener;
  • several pockets, in the classic version there are four of them, but there are options with three or two pockets;
  • contrasting trim along the contour of the product, as a rule, inlay or braid is used.

Another important feature of the «a la Chanel» jacket is that the model should fit perfectly on the figure. Therefore, never buy a jacket without trying it on.


Over the years of the existence of jackets, various versions of this wardrobe item have been invented.

Classic tweed

A classic of the genre is the Chanel-style tweed jacket. This fabric is very beautiful, light and warm. To finish a tweed jacket, fringe from the same fabric is often used. An interesting detail is the presence of a chain. Since the tweed fabric is quite loose, in order for the jacket to ideally keep its shape along the bottom of the product, a metal chain was sewn on from the wrong side. This detail makes the floors heavier, so the jacket fits flawlessly. Modern designers also use a chain, but now this piece often performs a decorative function, so it can be light.


A popular option is a Chanel-style knitted jacket. This option appeared later than a fabric jacket, but it is no less loved by fashionistas. Knitted jackets are comfortable to wear, practical and elegant. But they are more often worn in their free time; in office clothes, a fabric jacket would be a more acceptable option. Chanel-style jackets are knitted with various embossed patterns. It is very important that the model keeps its shape well, so medium-thickness yarn is used for knitting. Knitted models can be without fasteners, then they can be worn with a special clip that holds the floors together. But there are also models with buttons. Knitted jackets warm perfectly, so such models are often worn during the off-season as outerwear.


The Chanel-style fitted elongated jacket looks very stylish. This model looks very good on women of fashion who have a beautiful figure resembling an hourglass contour.

Elongated jackets are also suitable for full girls, but it is better for them to choose a straight-cut model, as fitted ones will emphasize body flaws too clearly. To hide full hips, choose a model to the middle of the thigh. Such a jacket will cover the most problematic part of the figure.


But a short Chanel-style jacket, as a rule, has a straight cut. This model is extremely suitable for low fashionistas, as it visually lengthens the legs. Cropped jackets have only two pockets located on the chest line, but all the other features of a Chanel-style jacket in a short model should be present.

Short Sleeve

The classic jacket has narrow sleeves that should cover the bone at the wrist. But you can choose a model with short sleeves — three quarters. This sleeve length suits many girls.

Since it covers the upper part of the arm, which is often problematic (too full or excessively thin), but such a sleeve opens the wrist area open, and this part of the arm for many, including overweight women, is very elegant. In addition, the three-quarter-sleeve jacket allows you to complement the look with an elegant bracelet to further draw attention to the thin wrists and long fingers of the owner of the jacket.


Chanel-style jackets can be worn at different times of the year. Depending on the season of wear, the fabric for sewing the jacket is selected. For winter, an elegant tweed or bouclé jacket is an ideal choice. Many girls like jackets made of thick knitwear, such models are usually sewn on a lining, so they keep their shape well.

But a summer jacket can be sewn from a fabric based on cotton or linen. The main thing is that the fabric keeps its shape. If a knitted summer jacket is chosen, you can prefer an openwork version. Such jackets are knitted from cotton-based yarn with openwork inserts or knitted lace trim.


Chanel style jackets come in a variety of colors. An elegant solution is a black and white jacket. This model looks amazing in any design, regardless of what fabrics are used for sewing. A black and white jacket can look different:

  • black jacket, with white trim;
  • white jacket with black trim;
  • black and white tweed or boucle jacket in salt and pepper;
  • jacket in black and white cage «chicken foot».

In any design, a black and white Chanel-style jacket looks luxurious, elegant and stylish.. This model will ideally complement work looks, but you can choose a black and white jacket for the evening. For example, you can buy a black jacket trimmed with white braid embroidered with pearls.

Color options for a Chanel-style jacket also look great. A soft and feminine option is a soft pink tweed jacket with white trim. A brighter option is a fuchsia jacket with lilac trim or a red model with navy blue piping.

With what to combine?

Let’s figure out what to wear with a Chanel style jacket. Many people think that such a thing goes well only with office clothes, but this opinion is only partially true. In fact, such a jacket looks great with loose-fitting things.

So, you can combine a Chanel style jacket with the following things:

  • Pencil skirt. The combination of a jacket with a tailored skirt looks flawless, this is a classic look for the office.
  • Sheath dress. A beautiful ensemble can be created by wearing a fitted dress and a short straight jacket.
  • Pants straight. The combination of two classic pieces allows you to create an elegant and fun ensemble.
  • Jeans. Oddly enough, the classic Chanel-inspired tweed jacket looks great with jeans. Jeans are better to choose straight or tight, as baggy boyfriends in this case will not look too good. But on the other hand, you can safely wear fashionable jeans with scuffs and holes.

  • Long dress. A straight or fitted Chanel-style jacket will look great paired with a maxi-length dress or sundress made of lightweight, flowing fabric.
  • Shorts. Young girls can wear Chanel-style jackets with denim or textile shorts.
  • Flared skirt. Another option for a stylish youth bow is a combination of a classic Chanel-style jacket with a flared or pleated skirt.

Shoes and accessories

If you chose a Chanel-style jacket, then you need elegant shoes for this ensemble. Even when wearing this model with jeans, resist the temptation to wear your favorite sneakers or sneakers. Such an image requires elegant accessories. Therefore, the best option for shoes is pumps. It is not necessary to choose high-heeled shoes, you can also wear pumps with low heels in the shape of a glass or a brick. In autumn, an ensemble with a Chanel-style jacket can be complemented with feminine ankle boots.

Ensemble additions should also be impeccably elegant. The classic choice is pearl jewelry, as well as elegant watches and bracelets.. Elegant gloves and feminine hats harmoniously complement the images.

Choose a bag depending on the image you create. For evening, along with a jacket, you should choose an elegant clutch. If you are creating an office look, then it is best to take a classic business bag in the color of a jacket.


Here are a couple of examples of interesting images with a Chanel-style jacket:

  • We put on a black and white pencil skirt with a pattern of a chicken foot with a “deuce” of soft pink color. The two-piece consists of a knitted top with a low stand-up collar and a Chanel-style jacket made from the fabric of the top. Black trim is used to finish the jacket. Complete the ensemble with nude shoes.
  • For an easy-going look, wear blue skinny jeans with a striped black and white T-shirt and a red Chanel-style jacket with navy blue trim. Black pumps with low square heels and a black light scarf complete the look.

The jacket, proposed in 1936 by the famous Coco Chanel, is a fashion classic. This item would be perfect for any wardrobe. An elegant jacket is perfect for both a young girl and a lady of elegant age.

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