Denim skirts for pregnant women: diversify and decorate your wardrobe


Women expecting a baby want to look good and dress fashionably. Denim items are especially popular with pregnant women. Jumpsuits and high-rise trousers do not look too feminine, although they are practical. But a denim skirt for pregnant women will be able to diversify the wardrobe of a girl in position and hide a small tummy. The same fashionistas who are not shy about their growing belly will like tight-fitting denim skirts with elastic inserts.

Cut Features

Denim skirts for pregnant women are offered in such a variety that fashionistas in position are practically unlimited in choice. Particularly popular are such styles as:

  • pencil skirt — expectant mothers and part-time business women will surely like this proven option for every day. For short periods, a denim pencil skirt with the addition of an elastomeric thread is suitable, and if you have a large belly, a skinny skirt with additional inserts will help out. You can wear such a product with office blouses and shirts, and ladies who prefer to hide their interesting position can use loose tunics and blouses;
  • half skirt or sun — A flared model with a high fit can be worn at any stage of pregnancy. Maxi skirts with an elastic band will help a woman out both in winter and in summer. They are practical and do not constrain movements;

  • wrap skirt — one of the best options for women during pregnancy. Such a model is able to «grow» along with the belly of the expectant mother. A product with buttons or ties can always be redone as the configuration changes, in addition, wraparound denim skirts are especially popular today;
  • skirt with straps — in fact, this is already semi-overalls, but manufacturers of clothes for pregnant women usually offer models where the straps can be easily unfastened if necessary. Skirts with straps are good because in the first months of pregnancy, when the stomach is not too big, they will not slip. In addition, for many women, the presence of straps seems to be an attractive and original solution for everyday wardrobe.

Despite the fact that during pregnancy loose skirts should be preferred, it is better to refuse products with a lush bottom, otherwise the figure will turn out to be very massive.

A boho-style denim skirt will be a good option for the wardrobe of the expectant mother. In such a product, various stylistic solutions are mixed and fabrics of different textures are used. If denim itself is a rather hard and heavy material, then a skirt with lace or chintz inserts will look easy, interesting and non-standard.

Criterias of choice

A denim skirt should not just be beautiful and fashionable. First of all, she should be comfortable. The best solution for a pregnant girl’s wardrobe is a denim skirt with an adjustable belt. Unlike models with knitted inserts, an adjustable product may well migrate from the wardrobe of the expectant mother to the wardrobe of the mother who took place. These are usually flared models made of soft denim, which look fashionable and are suitable for any figure.

Many women want to look stylish and seductive during pregnancy. This is understandable, but the desire to expose the figure as much as possible is not welcomed either by stylists or by observing doctors. Do not wear too short or tight-fitting models. A skirt just above the knee is the minimum that is preferable for a pregnant woman. This is especially true of the off-season, when the likelihood of hypothermia is high. If we talk about the aesthetics of the image of a pregnant woman in a short denim skirt, then for many it seems ridiculous. It is better to choose a midi or maxi skirt. Pleated products, as well as multi-tiered skirts made of thin denim, look interesting.

What to wear

There are no special restrictions when choosing companion clothes for a denim skirt for pregnant women. It is important that the clothes do not hinder movement, be comfortable and pleasant to the body. A knee-length tapered skirt will be complemented by an empire-style tunic or blouse. A good solution for a girl’s wardrobe in position will be a knitted blouse with a bat sleeve. The voluminous sleeve diverts attention from the bulging belly and makes the image harmonious.

You can hide the pregnancy with a plain blouse with a free cut and a textured vest. In the off-season, elongated fur vests are especially good, which are worn loose or pulled around the waist during short periods of pregnancy.

Fashionistas who want to emphasize their belly can be advised to knit turtlenecks, long sleeves and T-shirts.. A horizontal pattern or a bright accent on the central part of the jacket will further draw attention to the rounded tummy. It is quite possible to complement a denim skirt with a fashionable T-shirt with semantic inscriptions, which are especially amusing for expectant mothers.

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