Differences of combined manicure from other nail care techniques


Combined manicure is one of the most popular salon services. This type of care combines hardware and edged manicure. Therefore, the result of visiting the master pleases for a long time. But in addition to durability, this technique has gained popularity also due to the high quality of processing. The combi method gives the nails an aesthetic, well-groomed appearance, helps to forget about burrs and other troubles. It is also distinguished by an individual approach — methods of influencing the nail plates, the cuticle are selected specifically for each client.

What is a combined manicure, its differences

Combined or combi-manicure involves an individual selection of means for treating nails, the periungual zone. The master assesses the condition of the skin of the hands, nail plates and recommends certain care techniques depending on the problems. Traditionally, the service includes both machining with special tools and the use of a router. But you can combine not only hardware and European manicure, but also add European, SPA hand care. The service often includes paraffin therapy, skin and nail masks.

You can perform a combined manicure both in salon conditions and at home. However, self-processing will require special skills and a large number of tools. All accessories will need to be thoroughly disinfected and kept clean. Therefore, it is best to entrust the hands of a professional. Tools need to be chosen depending on what techniques will be used to maintain the beauty and health of nails and skin. With subsequent coating, the list will expand significantly.

When performed by an experienced master, a combi manicure will help to achieve the ideal condition of the nails and skin of the hands. Compared to the classic or European unedged method, it is the combined technique that provides an excellent result when removing the cuticle. The procedure also involves deep processing of the nail plates. If desired, immediately after the session, you can apply nail polish, gel polish.

Benefits of combined hand care

Benefits of combined hand care

Combi-manicure is a good find for those who want to take advantage of several methods of treating nails and the periungual zone at once. A competent choice of techniques will help to avoid trouble when caring for your hands. For example, if you do not want to use cuticle cutting, you can change the standard steaming of the skin to European, Brazilian and other less traumatic treatment methods.

The big advantage of the combined service is the consideration of the individual structure of the nail plate. The master will select the best solution for nail treatment. Thanks to this approach, the plates will not delaminate, break, crack in the future. It will be possible to avoid the appearance of hangnails, inflammation of the skin. And if you refuse the trimming method — also cuts, pain.

Along with the undoubted advantages of the combined method, it must be understood that the combination of several techniques automatically implies an increase in the duration of the session. However, an integrated approach provides a longer result, so next time it will not be possible to visit the master as quickly as when performing conventional hardware, European and other types of manicure. As a rule, the interval between combi-care procedures can be about 2.5-3 weeks. The processing time directly depends on the condition of the hands, if you regularly take care of them, the visit to the master will not drag on for a long time.

In order for the combined manicure to succeed, it is important to use high-quality tools and products. Don’t skimp on equipment or training. And, finally, the result will please, if you do not forget about regular practice when doing a manicure on your own.

Nails will look perfect for a long time if you do not forget about simple recommendations after the procedure. So, it is undesirable to perform wet cleaning, wash floors and dishes, wash without rubber gloves. They will protect nails from aggressive components of household chemicals, frequent contact with moisture. Also, in the first days after performing a manicure, you should not visit the sauna, swimming pool. Nails can suffer from exposure to chlorine, salt.

Step-by-step technology of combi-treatment of nails

Step-by-step technology of combi-treatment of nails

The phased scheme of the combined manicure is conditional. As already mentioned, changes can be made to the procedure according to the wishes of the client, the recommendations of the master. But in any case, the nails are not soaked before the session, but are processed dry. It is advisable to degrease the nail plates. Dry processing is necessary to avoid tearing the skin when using a router.

Most often, a combined manicure consists of the following steps:

  • Processing of nail plates, correction of their length and shape, polishing of the cut.
  • Cuticle care, depending on the method chosen: pushing back the edge after softening with special tools or removing it with special tools.
  • Removal of keratinized skin on the sides of the nail, polishing the area around the nail plate with a soft file.
  • Massage of the skin of the hands using cosmetic oils or cream, removal of the substance from the nail plate, degreasing of the nails.
  • Applying a nail strengthener or gel polish base.
  • Covering nails with gel polish or regular decorative varnish.

Combined manicure does not exclude the application of various patterns, the use of fashionable nail design techniques. You can do a French or moon manicure, decorate your nails with rhinestones, painting, stickers and other decor. The finish can be either matte or glossy.

Nothing limits fantasy, because combi-manicure is just basic nail care. Processing by various methods can act as an independent procedure or preparation of nail plates for coating. In the latter case, do not use oil during care. It may be needed only after applying varnish, gel polish, acrylic.


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