How to get more pleasure out of position 69: advice from the pros

  1. «Let one of you who is below put a pillow under your head and under your buttocks, — advises the actress Julia Ann, the star of many adult films. — So it will be easier for you to reach each other’s intimate places. And the neck will not get tired.
  2. In fact, 69 is not one pose, but a whole complex of poses. It usually means that one of you is lying on your back, and the other is on all fours above him. But you can do it differently and both lie on your side facing each other’s genitals. Ann advises doing so, because on your side you will be more comfortable and not have to stretch. You can start in a traditional 69 (one on top, one on the bottom), and then roll onto your side. “I find that on the side, the connection is deeper, both of you are more relaxed, and gravity works for you.” Ann explains.
  3. If you’re on top, slowly get down on his face and show him what you want. Lavron-winning adult film actress Tanya Tate reminds: with your body movements you can explain to your partner what kind of caresses you like best. «When you’re in the 69th position, you can move around to make him focus on your clitoris, labia, vagina, or anus.», she deciphers this advice. In addition, you can move in the rhythm that you need, so that the man understands how fast his tongue movements should be.
  4. But that’s not the only reason why it’s more profitable for you to be on top in the 69 position, says actress and director Angela Whitewinner of prizes in the field of films for adults: «That way you can have complete control over how deep his cock gets in your mouth.». Because not all miracles from the movie screen are worth repeating in real life, and it is better to take care of your own safety.
  5. Give and receive pleasure in turn. Many criticize the 69 position precisely because it can be quite difficult to focus on caressing and enjoying caresses at the same time. porn star Asa Akira suggests alternating: “Start by giving him dizzying oral sex. Tease him until he’s on the verge of orgasm, then pull away (or sit down if you’re on top) and let him work. Keep changing until you’re both ready to finish.»


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