Mesh leggings — a sensual look in a couple of minutes


Exclusive items help women create great ensembles and attractive looks. Leggings with mesh allow you to emphasize your own individuality and originality.

Tight-fitting pants look extravagant, original and allow you to express the feminine essence and fashion preferences. Transparent inserts bring a special zest to the style and attract the attention of others. The color and shape of decorative elements affects the external perception of trouser models and the stylistic purpose of ensembles. Leggings with sheer applications have a wide range of uses and are in demand by women of all ages.


Pants with mesh look not only beautiful, but also very original. Leggings are worn at official, cultural and festive events, used for fitness and winter sports. Products with an elastic band or an elastic waistband fit freely on the figure, without restricting movement, so they allow you to do Pilates, aerobics, gymnastics and yoga.

You can create stylish business and casual ensembles, work and elegant bows with the help of fashionable trousers. Young people use leggings for walking, shopping, friendly meetings and country walks. For a romantic date, torn samples with mesh on the sides are put on. For a business style, classic trousers with small inserts are used, and products with several transparent fragments on the hips are appropriate for a disco.


Fashionable leggings with mesh inserts are in great demand among young people. Beautiful, comfortable, practical samples perform many functions — decorate the female image, give freshness and youthfulness, protect from cold and moisture penetration. Sew products from environmentally friendly materials that provide comfort and convenience to wear. Due to the high density of the fabric, the leggings have a slimming and silhouette-correcting effect.

For the manufacture of trousers, polyester, jersey, knitwear, denim, eco-leather are used. Soft and pleasant to the touch products have high elasticity, strength due to the content of elastane and synthetic threads in the fabrics. It is the additives that increase the strength, wear resistance and resistance of samples to mechanical stress. Products serve for a long time and reliably, without losing their presentation and remaining in excellent condition even after numerous washes.


Modern fashion designers offer a female audience trousers of various sizes — long and short, straight and narrowed, torn and with stripes. Pants with transparent inserts on the hips or on the sides are in particular demand. Decorative fragments of geometric shapes add sophistication to the style and bring expression to the image.

Mesh is a one-colored elastic fabric that stretches in two directions and can match the color of the main product or be of the opposite shade. Depending on the purpose of the ensemble, trousers with plain or multi-colored applications are used, which are a feature and highlight of fashionable trousers.


A wide range of tight-fitting products makes it possible to choose the best model that fits perfectly into the style and emphasizes the female personality. Young people prefer extravagant models with imitation over the knee boots or stockings with small transparent inserts on the knees. Older women are offered classic models with a wide elastic waistband and mesh on the sides. Festive trousers with lace inserts and tulle or tulle mesh on the hips add presentability and nobility to the image.


For everyday wear, long trousers with locks on the legs and strips of mesh on the sides are used. Products with embroidery, rhinestones, stones, double decorative seams will add festivity and solemnity to the image. Sports leggings with a mesh made of organza, polyester or viscose will provide comfort. Due to the special cut and high elasticity, leggings allow you to perform exercises of any complexity and achieve high results in training.

fashion images

How and with what to wear leggings with transparent inserts? The products are very similar in function to tights, so they are compatible with dresses, tunics and skirts. Exquisite trousers perfectly keep their shape, fit perfectly on the figure and have a slight slimming effect. These properties attract women of any age and build and allow you to create original and attractive bows. Tight leggings with leather inserts in front and mesh on the sides, combined with long shirts, tunics or dresses, will allow you to hide excess fullness.


  • High waisted leggings + long tank top + knit cardigan without buttons.
  • Low waist trousers + top + cotton jacket.
  • Mid waist leggings + t-shirt + sleeveless jacket.
  • Products on the belt with embroidery on the hips + an elongated tunic or shirt under the belt.
  • Leggings with stripes + top + sports jacket.
  • Trousers with imitation pockets and hairpins + T-shirt.

In autumn, they wear trousers with appliqués on the sides, combined with a windbreaker or leather jacket. In winter, they use insulated leggings with small transparent inserts with sweaters and jackets on synthetic winterizer. Summer ensembles include stretch leggings combined with light dresses and sleeveless chiffon blouses. Slimming models with leather inserts, combined with overalls or tops, are widely used for sports. For long trips, cotton trousers with real pockets and knitted cardigans with leather sleeves are used. Work ensembles can create elegant blouses, while street style accepts T-shirts + button-down shirts or sweatshirts.

Shoes and accessories

Stylish and elegant shoes will allow you to be on top and look inimitable. The youth audience is offered exquisite ankle boots with decorative leather elements, stiletto sandals and high-heeled shoes, which are perfectly combined with leggings with transparent inserts. Older women choose platform boots, flat ballet flats, sneakers, ankle boots with a stable heel. The best choice for walking and playing sports are practical slip-ons, sneakers, moccasins, loafers. Going on a holiday or a romantic date, pay attention to stylish lace boots, elegant zip-up shoes or over the knee boots.

What accessories to choose to emphasize female individuality and natural beauty? The choice depends on personal preferences, taste, attitude and mood. Earrings, a chain, a necklace, a necklace will add femininity to the image, and a pendant of two hearts, a ring made of natural stone will add romance. The accent of the business style will be such items as a diplomat, a neckerchief, glasses. Gadgets with navigation will help on a long journey, and smart watches or a pedometer will allow you to control the physical condition of the body during sports training.

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