Secrets of smooth skin without «orange peel»: 6 anti-cellulite wraps


Anti-cellulite wraps are an effective procedure in the complex of measures against cellulite in problem areas. They are carried out using honey, clay, algae, base and essential oils. Active substances from the composition help to activate the metabolism in the skin cells and remove the «excess» fluid from the tissues. Home wraps, carried out according to the correct technology, will make the skin more elastic and elastic. What recipes will be useful in the fight against cellulite?

Cosmetic clay for body

Cosmetic clay for body

The easiest way to carry out an anti-cellulite wrap is to use cosmetic clay. Supplement it with useful essential oils that will only enhance the effect. Preparation for the procedure will not take much time, since the components do not have to be heated in a water bath.

Any type of clay can be used for wrapping. Choose the one that will additionally solve skin problems. Black and green clay clean well. White most delicately affects the skin, toning and moisturizing them. Blue helps to normalize the sebaceous glands.

Take 150-200 g of cosmetic clay. Dilute it with water or herbal decoction to a paste-like texture. Enter 5 caps into the composition. orange or lemon essential oil.

Apply the composition to problem areas of the body, “wrap” them in a film and hold for 20 minutes. Then take a shower to remove the clay. It is convenient to do this using a special massage mitt.

Honey for supple velvety skin

Honey is one of the natural products that is often used in an anti-cellulite beauty program. Massages and wraps are carried out with him to remove the “orange peel” on the buttocks, thighs, abdomen and arms. The skin after using honey softens and becomes as if velvety. An excellent «bonus» of anti-cellulite wrapping.

If you choose honey wraps, first perform a light massage on those parts of the body that you are going to cover with a film.

Take 200 ml of natural honey. Combine it with 100 ml of almond oil. Heat the mass in a water bath. The composition, when it cools down a bit, apply to the body with massaging movements. Cover the skin with cling film. After 30-50 min. honey can be washed off under the shower.

Skin toning coffee

Skin toning coffee

Coffee in home cosmetology is a component that actively refreshes and tones the skin, helps to activate metabolic processes in tissues. All this is extremely important in the fight against cellulite.

Combine coffee with sea salt or dry herbs for the best effect. And before the wrapping procedure, perform a light massage of problem areas, this will increase blood flow in the tissues.

Combine 100 g of coffee grounds or ground coffee beans with base oil and warm water until a paste-like consistency is obtained. Optionally, enter chamomile flowers and 5-7 drops. citrus essential oil. Apply the composition on the body, carry out a light peeling and cover the skin with a film. After 15-20 min. wash off the composition.

Base and essential oils in the fight against cellulite

To remove cellulite, use a mixture of base and essential oils. This is one of the most useful ways to make an anti-cellulite body wrap. Oils smooth and soften the skin, help relieve minor swelling.

The basis of the mixture is the base oil (almond, jojoba, coconut, grape, peach, cocoa). And essential oils will become auxiliary components that have a powerful tonic effect.

In recipes for oil wraps, it is important to follow the dosage. Essential oils are very concentrated — the skin can react with a burn to prolonged exposure to them. The most effective in the fight against cellulite are citrus and coniferous oils, menthol, tea tree. Choose a beauty product with your favorite scent.

For 100 ml of base oil, no more than 10 drops will be required. essential. Combine the components and warm the mixture a little in a water bath. Apply the composition to problem areas and wrap them with a film. In 20 minutes. you can take a shower to wash off the oil.

Algae in anti-aging care

Algae in anti-aging care

Algae is included in home care not only to remove cellulite. It is also an excellent tool that saturates the skin with antioxidants — active ingredients that prolong the youthfulness of the skin.

Try making a homemade seaweed cold wrap. You can take sheet or powder. The main component is supplemented with herbal decoctions and essential oils.

Prepare seaweed. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, soak them in water for the right amount of time. Instead of boiling water, you can use herbal decoction (chamomile, nettle, lavender, coltsfoot, cornflower), which will make the procedure even more useful. Add 7-10 drops to the solution. lemon oil. When the seaweed is ready to use, apply it on the body, tightly wrap the problem areas with a film. Keep the algae on the skin for 40 minutes, then you can take a shower.

Sea salt and herbs to cleanse the skin and relieve puffiness

Sea salt is an indispensable component for anti-cellulite body wraps at home. The skin becomes evened out due to the removal of puffiness. In addition, salt perfectly cleanses, which is also important in the fight against «orange peel».

So that salt does not injure delicate skin, combine it with herbs. But even in this case, it is important that the procedure does not last long.

Prepare anti-cellulite composition. Combine in a suitable bowl 300 g of pre-ground salt and 150 ml of water. Mix the mass and add 50 g of dried chamomile flowers. If the mass is very thick, add a little more water or base oil. With the resulting composition, carry out a light peeling of the skin. Leaving salt on problem areas of the body, “wrap” them with a film. After 10-15 min. composition can be washed off.

Salt can dry out the skin. Therefore, after the procedure, apply a moisturizing body cream to the treated areas.


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