Sleeveless jacket — the basis of many interesting looks


Women who want to be in trend should replenish their wardrobe with such an interesting model as a sleeveless jacket. This thing is useful for creating a variety of images. The jacket will decorate the casual look of a free style, and will ideally complement your office wardrobe.

A fashionable and stylish sleeveless jacket will suit a fashionista of any age, and if you choose this model correctly, you can hide some flaws, making the figure more slender and feminine.

What are they?

Modern fashion is very democratic, it does not regulate the width of the lapels or the choice of fabric, so every fashionista will be able to choose a sleeveless women’s jacket that is perfect for her.


A classic sleeveless jacket is always relevant. This model comes to the hip line. It can be straight or slightly fitted. The clasp of the jacket can be single or double-breasted. The first option is more versatile, since double-breasted models expand the silhouette, so they are not suitable for full ones.

The classic jacket has a lapel collar. But the width of the lapels can be any, stylists advise full girls to choose models with wide lapels, and the larger the jacket, the wider the lapels should be.

Another important detail of a classic sleeveless jacket is the pockets. Fat girls should not choose jackets with flap pockets, this detail will add extra volume to the hips.


Girls of small stature should choose a short sleeveless jacket. This model has a length to the waist or to the waist, the jacket most often has a fitted cut.

However, such a model does not suit girls in the body, as it fits the figure, emphasizing the waistline. Therefore, if there are extra centimeters at the waist, then it is better to avoid this style.


But an elongated jacket that does not have sleeves will help hide some of the flaws, as it visually stretches the silhouette, so that the figure seems more slender. However, a long sleeveless jacket visually shortens the legs, this should be taken into account for girls whose height is small.

An elongated sleeveless jacket is a great choice for girls who find their hips too wide. Such a model will successfully hide the problematic part of the figure. Stylists recommend wearing elongated fitted models for girls with a triangle, inverted triangle and hourglass physique.. Girls with a thin waist should wear an elongated fitted jacket with a belt. And if the line of the shoulders is wider than the line of the hips, then it is worth picking up an elongated jacket with large patch pockets, it will balance the figure.

But if the silhouette of the figure resembles an oval, then this model should be abandoned. They are better off choosing a straight cut model.

Neckline and Collar

If a classic jacket necessarily has a collar with lapels, then free style models are very diverse. The collar can be represented by a small stand, but models that do not have this detail are even more popular.

Most often, there are jackets with a triangular neckline, since this option is almost universal.. Such a neckline visually lengthens the neck and generally makes the silhouette more slender. It is the triangular neckline that full girls should choose, as it will divert attention from the double chin (if any), focusing on the magnificent bust.

Round neckline is a great choice for skinny girls. Such a jacket can be supplemented with a variety of accessories — scarves, neckerchiefs, stoles


Sleeveless jackets are worn in any season of the year, so a variety of fabrics are used for sewing such models. For winter, you can purchase an option from tweed, boucle, wool-based fabric or thick knitwear. These jackets are worn complete with a thin sweater or turtleneck.

When choosing a sleeveless summer jacket, you should pay attention to models made from fabrics based on linen and cotton. A universal solution is a sleeveless denim jacket. Such a model will perfectly fit into various images of free style. Models for summer may have fashionable faux fading.

In any season, a sleeveless knitted jacket is also relevant. But in winter they wear tightly knitted products made of thick wool-based yarn, and in summer they wear thin cotton models with openwork inserts.


Button fastening is the most common option. As already mentioned, it can be single- or double-breasted. A button-down jacket with a small neckline can be worn as a separate piece of clothing. And if the neckline is deep, then you need to wear a turtleneck, T-shirt or blouse with the jacket.

The zipper is less common. Cropped sleeveless jackets can be sewn with an oblique closure, such a jacket will resemble a leather jacket.

There are jackets without zippers. This can be an option that is worn like a cardigan, without fastening or fastening the floors with a special clip. Or a model with a wrap and a belt. The latest model is often worn as an independent piece of clothing. But a wrap jacket is not recommended for girls who have extra centimeters in the waist area, as it visually adds extra volume.

Color solutions

The color palette of sleeveless jackets is diverse, so there will be plenty to choose from. What colors of jackets are more popular?

  • White. One of the most popular options is a white jacket. Such a wardrobe item fits perfectly into summer looks, so white jackets are often sewn from linen and cotton. Knitted jackets made of white yarn look beautiful. White color is a good combination with different colors, so there will be no problems when creating an ensemble with such a jacket.
  • Black. Another versatile solution, as a black sleeveless jacket will perfectly fit both office and casual wardrobe. At work, such a thing should be combined with neutral things, for example, with gray trousers and a light blue turtleneck. And when creating free images, you can choose bright things.

  • Grey. This color is intermediate between black and white. A gray jacket goes well with clothes of any color.
  • Blue. Depending on the chosen shade, a blue sleeveless jacket can look formal or elegant. A blue or blue denim jacket is perfect for free time. And the model of dark blue color from suiting fabric will successfully complement the office wardrobe.

  • Red. A bright red jacket will look especially beautiful with contrasting things, for example, with black trousers and a white turtleneck. You can wear a red jacket with jeans, the image will turn out to be less solemn, but no less attractive.
  • burgundy. To create a more restrained look, choose a burgundy sleeveless jacket. Such a model can be safely worn to work, putting it on with things in neutral shades.

  • Pink. Contrary to popular belief, a pink jacket is not just for young girls. This model will perfectly complement the wardrobe of adults and respectable women. But ladies of an elegant age should choose more restrained shades of color, for example, pink with a beige or gray undertone.
  • print. Printed jackets are no less popular than plain models. When buying a model for work, you should give preference to a thin strip or a discreet checkered pattern. But free-style models can decorate any version of patterns. In summer, jackets with a floral print or polka dots will look good. Wearing printed jackets is worth with plain things.

With what to combine?

Let’s figure out what to wear with a jacket that does not have sleeves. Such a thing goes well with any things that you could wear a regular jacket with. Therefore, she can try on a sleeveless jacket with trousers, skirts and dresses.

At work

For a formal office look, wear a sleeveless jacket with classic cut trousers or a pencil skirt. The lower part of the ensemble can be sewn from the same fabric as the jacket. In this case, you get a trouser suit, which should be supplemented with a turtleneck, shirt or blouse. Bare hands in an office look are unacceptable, so wearing a sleeveless jacket as an independent wardrobe item is not worth it.. It is not necessary to complement the set with a long-sleeve shirt or turtleneck, you can choose a model with a three-quarter sleeve or to the elbow.

You can wear a sleeveless jacket complete with a semi-adjacent office dress. The dress must have a sleeve, otherwise the image will not be strict enough.

In free time

When creating everyday looks, sleeveless jackets can be combined with a wide variety of things. This model looks great with jeans, shorts, skirts of various styles. And also with dresses of a straight, fitted or trapezoidal silhouette. Jackets are worn either over shirts, longsleeves and T-shirts, or as an independent piece of clothing.


  • Summer youth image: Light blue ripped skinny jeans and a brightly printed short-sleeved white T-shirt will look great with a long mint sleeveless jacket. Turquoise heeled pumps and yellow metal bracelets complete the look.

  • Elegant summer look: The combination of a straight dress with a sleeve to the elbow in a pastel pink shade and a snow-white sleeveless jacket looks gentle and feminine. Complement the image of a nude-colored boat and an elegant decoration around the neck.

A sleeveless jacket is a thing that will successfully replenish the wardrobe of any fashionista. A fashionable jacket goes well with various things and can become the basis of a wide variety of ensembles.

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