The girl’s face was twisted after an unsuccessful injection in the chin


Nikita Kimberly posted a video on her TikTok profile, where she captured the terrible consequences of the “beauty injections”. The girl explained that she wanted to relax the muscles of her chin in order to remove the dimple that appears when smiling. She turned to a beautician who had previously pricked her lips to inject the drug, but something went wrong. After the injection, the solution «floated», distorting the lower part of the girl’s face. This led to speech defects and an unaesthetic appearance of the young blogger, Botox had to be urgently dissolved, reports The Sun.

After an unsuccessful injection, not only the girl’s appearance suffered, but also her ability to speak clearly. “Due to the fact that Botox was not in the right place, my cheek dropped. I began to involuntarily bite my lip and lisp, but if you do not look closely, I look quite tolerable at rest. Take a closer look, while I am silent and not smiling, my face is normal, but if you open your mouth, everything will be skewed, ”the upset girl shared.

Rupesh Shah, a certified cosmetologist from the London Lip Clinic, explained what exactly happened to Nikita’s face: “To smooth out the dimple on the chin, you need to inject up to 4 units of Botox. This will relax the chin muscles and prevent the formation of a crease. In the video, the result is that the dosage of the drug and the injection itself were made incorrectly. The toxin affected the adjacent muscle, and therefore the patient’s face was distorted. This happens if the beautician «missed» or diluted the product incorrectly. Kimbrel is fortunate that such interventions are reversible. Botox will either resolve itself within a few months, or it can be dissolved in the correction.

Nikita, in turn, urged all the girls who are thinking about getting «beauty shots» to carefully weigh the decision and check the specialists. “Even the best doctors cannot give 100% guarantees. Each organism reacts to Botox in its own way, and this will have to be reckoned with. If you do not want to risk your appearance, it is better to refuse injections altogether. It is also very important to find a qualified specialist for the procedure. Only a good doctor knows where to inject what, and will choose the right drug. Don’t do it like me!”, — shared the young blogger.

After the publication of the scandalous video, Nikita decided not to wait for the Botox to dissolve on its own, and went for a correction. Another doctor undertook to eliminate the consequences of the injection and almost corrected the situation. The specialist also promised that very soon the effect of the drug would be completely neutralized.


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