Wedding makeup for brunettes: 5 valuable tips


If blonde brides are afraid to “overload” their makeup, thereby erasing all natural tenderness and prettiness, then brunettes have a danger of looking too pale. Makeup stylists believe that owners of dark hair can afford a little more than fair-haired women. Wedding makeup for brunettes can be brighter, and what, MedAboutMe will tell.

The most important thing is perfect skin

No matter what color the bride’s hair and eyes are, the tone of her face must be impeccable. It is better to purchase a foundation in advance that suits your skin type and color. What to choose — everyone decides for himself. Some people like the cushion more, while others gravitate towards the classics. Do not forget to cover your face with a base, and then apply foundation on it, distributing it with your fingers, and preferably with a sponge or brush. Do not forget about the neck and ear area, the border with which is usually striking. In the area of ​​the lower eyelids, it is recommended to use a concealer, and existing imperfections in the form of acne, spider veins and age spots are best masked with a tonal pencil. It remains easy to walk on the face with powder, and the tone can be considered ready.

Underlined eyebrows

The eyebrows of brunettes are already expressive, so there is no point in focusing too much attention on them. It is enough just to gently tint and comb them so that the shape becomes more elegant and enhances the impression of naturalness from the makeup. Remove all excess vegetation in advance so that not a single hair stands out from the general row. If you have doubts about your abilities, then it is better to contact the eyebrow master. He will do everything as it should and, if desired, tint the eyebrows with paint, so that you do not have to spend time on this before the celebration.

Focus on the eyes

Focus on the eyes

Bright eye makeup is what brunette brides are allowed to do, but at the same time, you should not forget that this is a wedding, not a costume party. If your image involves the presence of a classic dress, then it is better to choose a discreet and elegant make-up that will look elegant and at the same time attract attention. Brunettes are incredibly golden and coffee-brown shades. Warm and gentle, they are best suited for creating a harmonious and stylish make-up.

Smokey eyes are still in trend — gold, silver, multi-colored. You can choose the appropriate shades for a colored dress — 2 or 3, applying them to the moving eyelid from light to dark and carefully blending the border between them. Draw the eyelash line with a pencil — black or brown. You can draw a clear graphic arrow along the growth line of the upper eyelashes, and draw a line of growth of the lower eyelashes with a pencil and shade thoroughly. Glitter, glitter on the cheekbones or rhinestones fixed in the temple area will help add brightness to the image.

Glowing skin

Before the wedding, you must purchase a highlighter in advance and use it, emphasizing the temples and the upper part of the cheekbones. Such multifunctional decorative cosmetics for the face can also be used to emphasize the eyes, applying a little product to the inner corners of the eyes and to the area under the eyebrows. In addition, a highlighter usually highlights the checkmark of the upper lip.

Juicy lips

Your lip makeup depends on how bright your eyes look. Emphasis should be placed only on one thing, which means slightly bring lips with gloss, if the main thing in makeup is eyes. Did you use only nude shadows in your eye makeup? Then, without fear, you can highlight your lips with lipstick in a catchy shade — red, wine, burgundy, terracotta.


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