What shoes to wear with leggings? Your look for every season and style


Modern women, in an effort to attract attention and create inimitable images, use extravagant clothes of the original design. Such extraordinary and expressive things include leggings that allow you to make trendy bows.

With the right choice of all the components of the ensemble, spectacular female images are created, distinguished by sophistication and attractive style. It is important to choose shoes for leggings so that they correspond to the purpose of the ensemble and harmoniously fit into the female image. To do this, it is necessary to take into account seasonality, individual preferences and features of appearance.

Summer bows

Leggings are widely used in summer to create beach, walking and everyday bows. The most comfortable option is cotton leggings with imitation pockets and belts, worn with ballet flats or sandals with weaves. For the evening, torn samples with holes on the knees, combined with long sleeveless shirts and slip-ons, will come in handy. For a country holiday, you will need knitted leggings with leather inserts and zippered pockets, under which you can wear topsiders, moccasins or sneakers.

If you want to create a street look, pay attention to leather or denim leggings, combined with gladiator sandals, pumps, peep-toe shoes or wedge sandals. It is convenient to do yoga, fitness, aerobics, Pilates in trousers with an elastic band or elastic waistband, which fit freely on the figure and do not hinder movement. Czechs, sneakers or sneakers are suitable for such sports samples. For a morning run, leggings with embossed seams and stripes and sports shoes are the most comfortable.

Spring images

Leggings, as a type of leggings, have a lot of advantages and are distinguished by a variety of shapes and colors. Tight-fitting trousers radically change the style, add zest to the image and add sexuality and youthfulness to the appearance. In terms of external indicators and functions, leggings are very similar to tights, so they are perfectly combined with a tunic, dress or skirt of different lengths and shapes. When creating spring images, it is important to choose all the elements of the ensemble in such a way as to emphasize your own individuality and the best aspects of your appearance.

Ripped zip-up trousers and high-heeled shoes will bring freshness and youthfulness to the image. Leggings under the skin with transparent guipure or lace inserts and ankle boots with a beveled edge will add presentability and elegance to the appearance. For everyday wear, classic trousers in the shape of a pencil on the belt, as well as monks, converses, loafers or slippers, are suitable. The business style is emphasized by leggings with imitation of pockets and a belt without unnecessary decoration, combined with zippered shoes. Young people prefer extravagant shoes of unusual design with high heels or stilettos, while older women choose shoe samples with a flat run, a low platform or stacked heels of optimal height.

Autumn shoes

In cold autumn, leggings insulated with fleece, interlock or a bike on a wide belt are widely used, as well as practical shoes with comfortable shock-absorbing soles. Comfort is provided by timberlands or low shoes, worn with models with elastic and locks on the knees. Protect from cold and damp boots, ankle boots and knee-high boots that can be worn with skinny trousers of traditional length. Women’s individuality is emphasized by leggings with imitation over the knee boots, worn with high-heeled shoes or boots that match the color of the bottom of the trousers. For autumn, you will need a lot of different shoes, which should be durable, resistant to mechanical stress, ergonomic and comfortable.

If you want to create a classic style, pay attention to solid color leggings with a lock at the bottom of the legs and comfortable low shoes with rectangular heels. Ankle boots or stilettos are useful for parties, and for long walks you will need tops — siders, brogues or derbies. Military style lovers can use straight-cut camouflage trousers with berets, grinders or military sneakers. For a business meeting, it is better to wear leggings without unnecessary decoration and elegant shoes with a glass heel or high patent leather boots.

winter bows

In winter, they wear insulated leggings with fur or with fleece, which protect from the cold and provide comfort and convenience to wear. Trousers with a Christmas, Scandinavian or Norwegian pattern are perfectly combined with puffy boots, high boots or warm sneakers. You can safely wear uggs, ankle boots with fur, boots with an orthopedic insole.

Shoe samples with stacked heels or low soles are appropriate for work. For everyday wear, Chelsea or Timberlands would be the best choice, and for a holiday, high boots made of matte or glossy leather, Cossacks or insulated ankle boots will come in handy.

Sporty style

Tight-fitting trousers miraculously transform the female silhouette, adding elegance and harmony to the figure. The most comfortable and practical are leggings with the effect of tightening with an elastic band, providing comfort in wearing and allowing you to perform exercises of any complexity. Sports leggings go well with sneakers, slip-ons, moccasins and sneakers. For a morning run, products with leather inserts on the sides or stripes, combined with sleepers or sneakers, will be an ideal choice.

In summer and spring, you can use leggings with mesh on the hips or holes in the knees, as well as high top sneakers, top — siders or moccasins. In autumn and winter, insulated trousers with fur or fleece, combined with sneakers and converse, will come in handy.

Festive look

If you are going to a holiday, then your outfit should be distinguished by sophistication and originality. For a solemn or cultural event, a party or a presentation, you can safely wear leggings with lace inserts on the sides or trousers with imitation stockings and golfs, combined with stiletto sandals, lobutins or open-toed shoes. Depending on the season, autumn over the knee boots, high-heeled winter low shoes, lace summer boots or spring patent leather high boots are used.

business style

Leggings are very popular and in demand by women of all ages. Thanks to their ability to slim the figure, shape the silhouette and add freshness to the image, the products visibly transform women, giving them a youthful appearance and emphasizing their natural beauty. Pants are widely used to create everyday, work, holiday, sports and business looks.

Young people choose models with pockets and locks on the knees for study and work, wearing classic shoes with stacked heels or slip-ons with comfortable soles. Business ladies use straight-cut trousers with embroidery on the front or back and leather appliqués, paired with ankle boots or stiletto sandals. For office work, high-waisted solid trousers, an elegant mid-thigh blouse and classic square-heeled shoes are ideal.

Combination of materials

For sewing leggings, synthetic and natural materials are used with the addition of elastane. Polyester, jersey, cotton, viscose, knitwear and denim are widely used. It is the composition of products that affects their properties, wear resistance and corrective abilities. Stretch pants, made of 100% polyester and elastane, perfectly tighten the silhouette and are widely used for sports together with moccasins or sneakers. Cotton or denim products moderately fit the figure and go well with ballet flats, slip-ons or wedge sandals. Insulated samples of jersey on fleece or fur perform protective and decorative functions and are suitable for boots, high boots, ugg boots or over the knee boots.

In the warm season, knitted patterns are used, harmoniously combined with ballet flats, slip-ons or moccasins. You can safely wear classic shoes under leather leggings, which moderately fit the silhouette. Elegant leather shoes, beveled ankle boots, eco-leather ballerinas or stylish leatherette-based sandals will come in handy.

A color scheme

To create harmonious and stylish images, leggings of different colors are used — bright and restrained, colorful and multi-colored, with a floral or berry print. Young people choose patterns in checks and polka dots, with geometric patterns, with space galaxies or shards, while older women prefer monochrome designs without unnecessary decoration. In summer, bright models are widely used — red, turquoise, white, blue, green, combined with white sneakers, multi-colored slip-ons or beige pumps.

In winter, they wear trousers with deer, Christmas trees, snowflakes, connecting them with boots or boots in neutral tones. In spring and autumn, blue or gray denim products, beige knitted samples or purple stretch leggings are used, combined with plain shoes for classic and sports purposes. At any time of the year, black leggings are in demand, which allow you to create business and casual looks. Such products can be combined with multi-colored and bright shoes of any format.

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