Beauty and health of nails at home: proper care


Our nails daily face detergents, mechanical damage and decorative varnishes. To reduce the negative impact, you need to take care of the cuticles and nails — use moisturizing and nourishing cosmetics. At the same time, improperly selected care can ruin the nail plate — it will become thin and brittle. How to keep the beauty and health of nails for a long time without the help of a professional master? We understand together with MedAboutMe.

How to take care of your nails at home

How to take care of your nails at home

If you are doing a manicure at home, then choose the least traumatic option — unedged manicure. To soften the cuticle, you can use special tools that will speed up the procedure and help avoid damage to the nail plate. The most effective cosmetics with fruit acids. Another safe way is hardware manicure. Many manufacturers produce inexpensive machines for home use. When buying a device, pay attention to the number of revolutions and the set of cutters. Do not chase the maximum configuration — choose only the most necessary. Experience shows that most of the heaped nozzles remain in the box. If you use round cuticle scissors to trim your cuticles, make sure they are sharp enough — blunt tools can cause injury. This applies to all manicure devices. High-quality tools are the key to a quick and safe manicure.

Hygiene and safety

Pay attention to hygiene. Do not forget to disinfect all manicure accessories with special products or medical alcohol. Store your manicure set in a clean place where it won’t collect dust. Always keep styptic wipes, hydrogen peroxide and antiseptic ready. If you cut yourself, you can quickly treat the wound. Remember that even a small injury to the skin can cause serious inflammation. Don’t neglect safety measures.

Create a form

The beauty of a manicure largely depends on the correct shape of the nails. To correct the nail plate, choose the right files. They come in varying degrees of abrasiveness — pay attention to this indicator. For thin and artificial nails, glass or ceramic nail files are suitable. Cardboard nail files are a versatile option. Iron nail files can damage fragile nails, so they are not suitable for everyone. Never file wet nails — they will delaminate and break. Use the nail file only on clean and dry nails. File your nails in only one direction during correction — chaotic movements from side to side can damage your nails.

Protecting nails

It is easier to preserve the beauty of the nails and skin of the hands than to restore the nail plate after an aggressive impact. In the cold season, be sure to wear warm gloves — this is the best prevention of dryness and brittle nails. Try to avoid direct contact with detergents and washing powders. Don’t soak your nails in hot water. Use special gloves for washing dishes and laundry. Before cleaning, be sure to apply a protective cream on your hands. It can also be applied under gloves to avoid dryness from talcum powder, which is often sprayed on the inside of gloves.

Beauty from within

The beauty of nails depends on your lifestyle and diet. An unbalanced diet and stress can lead to brittle nails. To support healthy nails, add foods rich in vitamins A, E, D, calcium, zinc and iodine to your diet. Include oily fish, nuts and seeds, avocados, oats, buckwheat, olive oil, seafood, and seaweed in your diet. But refrain from smoking and alcohol — these bad habits negatively affect the condition of nails, skin and hair.

Beauty and health: effective nail treatments

Beauty and health: effective nail treatments

Additional nail care includes baths and masks. Keep in mind that these procedures will only be effective on «bare» nails — any varnish prevents the entry of nutrients into the nail plate. In addition, the bath will significantly reduce the time of wearing the varnish — it will crack and peel off quickly.

You can make baths from store-bought sachets — they usually contain sea salt and essential oils. You can simply make such a bath at home and save money. Take sea salt, warm water and add essential oils. Lemon, lavender, eucalyptus, ylang-ylang and grapefruit oils are suitable for strengthening the nail plate. But do not overdo it and remember that essential oils are strong allergens. Keep your nails in such a bath for 20-25 minutes. Then moisturize the skin and nails with cream.

If your cuticles are damaged and look untidy, cosmetic oils will come to the rescue. Rub nourishing oil into nails and cuticles daily. The choice of oils is large — olive, peach, almond, coconut, etc. A special wax for nails is also suitable for care — it has a calming and healing effect. Pay attention to panthenol — cosmetics with this component in the composition well restores the skin and nails.

Choosing cosmetics for nails

If you want to achieve beautiful nails with medicated varnishes, be careful. Some cosmetics can ruin your nails. Most of the popular and inexpensive hardeners contain ingredients that are harmful to health. One of them is formaldehyde. When using means with formaldehyde, nails really become visually more attractive. But doctors do not recommend putting your health at risk and using such varnishes. Read the ingredients carefully before buying. Avoid formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, toluene, camphor and formaldehyde resin. When choosing a nail polish remover, give preference to mild formulas without acetone — they will not overdry the nail plate. Pay attention to nail polish remover oils, which gently and effectively remove the coating without damaging the nails.


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