Beauty victims: how to reduce the harm from high heels


High-heeled shoes are in the wardrobe of any woman. Some use them only for going out, while others wear them almost constantly. Women know that studs are one of the main causes of transverse flat feet, corns and swelling, but the beauty that such shoes give devalues ​​all possible shortcomings. However, there are ways to minimize the negative impact of studs and “unload” the legs.

Change the heel without damaging the beauty

Change the heel without damaging the beauty

Orthopedic doctors warn that you can wear high-heeled shoes without any special health consequences for no more than 2 hours a day. Let stilettos remain in the wardrobe only as shoes for going out, and for everyday wear it is worth choosing a model with a wider and more stable heel, the height of which does not exceed 6 cm. But even in this case, at the first suitable opportunity, it is better to change into what something more convenient or comfortable. If the dress code does not allow this, you can cheat a little: sit at your desk in moccasins, and, if necessary, leave it to put on the shoes standing next to it.

Distribute the load walking right

Walking in high-heeled shoes gives a woman a lot of inconvenience, so the fairer sex is looking for ways to somehow alleviate their situation by purchasing special insoles. They are designed to help distribute the load correctly on the foot, but osteopath Vladimir Zhivotov warns that in the absence of serious indications, it is better not to experiment with orthopedic products, because if the legs stop experiencing the increased load, then it will fall on another organ, in particular, the lumbar. This is also not the best solution for health.

However, there are orthopedic products that you can and even need to pay attention to those who put the beauty of their gait above all else. These are orthopedic mats that are an excellent prevention of flat feet, leg deformities and other problems. Usually their surface imitates various natural landscapes, but you should not be upset if such a product could not be found on free sale. It can be made independently by sewing or gluing all kinds of protruding elements onto a suitable base — sea and river pebbles, shells, buttons, beads, etc. They can also cover the soles of slippers and wear them for several hours a day.

An orthopedic doctor on the benefits of resting with legs up

Few people think about what efforts the heart has to make in order to overcome the gravity of the earth and ensure the rise of venous blood upwards. Due to physiology, women are more prone to swelling of the legs, fatigue, tension, varicose veins, and all because of the often changing hormonal levels due to the change in the phases of the menstrual cycle. If we add here the age-related changes in the frame functions of the deep vein valves associated with a decrease in the strength and elasticity of collagen fibers, then it turns out that over the years, women are increasingly faced with a feeling of «ache» in the legs, heaviness, swelling and other problems.

You can “unload” your legs, allow them to rest and recover at least a little, if from time to time you take a position lying on your back with your legs raised up. In this state, the venous outflow improves, the tone of the veins decreases, and the blood collected in the dilated vessels and swollen nodes leaves the superficial veins and thereby alleviates the condition after a long walk in heels.

Water procedures

The beauty and health of the legs depend on many factors, but all lovers of stilettos should remember the benefits of water treatments. If, upon returning home, the legs are so tired that heat is felt in the feet, it is recommended to douse them with cold water. This is a great way to instantly eliminate fatigue and puffiness. If someone is afraid of catching a cold, you can use a contrast douche, which will give the same effect. A cool bath normalizes blood circulation, and with it the lumen of blood vessels, eliminating congestion. And if you add sea or table salt, an infusion of pine needles to the water, then relief will come much faster.

Leg Fitness

Leg Fitness

Long walking in heels increases the risk of developing many unpleasant problems — transverse flat feet, hallux valgus, tendon injuries, etc. beauty and attractiveness. The first thing to do is to remember the physical education lessons from the school curriculum. Alternating walking on toes and heels, hitting the floor with the outer and inner side of the foot — all these exercises are present in many modern fitness workouts, in particular, in the water aerobics program. And here are a couple of exercises that you can do at your leisure:

Spread your toes as wide as possible and repeat this action several times. You can try to move each toe individually;

Osteopathic doctor Vladimir Zhivotov recommends learning how to grab with your toes a variety of objects lying on the floor — pieces of paper, pencils and pens, children’s toys, etc .;

After waking up, without getting out of bed, raise your leg up and write the letters of the alphabet in the air with your fingers. Repeat for the other leg;

With enough practice, you can go even further and start writing words with a pencil pinched between your toes.

Massage and care

Well, the last points of all the above recommendations are massage and quality care. It is not forbidden to combine them with each other, performing stroking, kneading and rubbing movements with your hands while using a suitable foot cream. Refreshing supplements such as menthol are indispensable in the warm season, because they will help the feet recover much faster. This is the so-called «minimum program» to preserve the beauty and attractiveness of the legs of lovers of high heels, but women who prefer more comfortable shoes will also come in handy and help maintain their health for many years.


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