Choose the shape of the eyebrows and adjust them correctly: how to do it?


There are no trifles in makeup. No look is perfect without beautiful eyebrows. But how to make the correct adjustment, choose the shape depending on the type of face? About this in our article.

How to choose the right form?

It is important to understand that in a hurry it will not work well to adjust the eyebrows. To do this, you need to be patient and time, at least an hour should be. The correction itself lasts at least half an hour, then it is necessary to let the skin recover, wait until the swelling and redness pass, care is required for it. After that, it is better not to apply makeup, so you need to choose the time so that the next day is a day off.

Choose a location with excellent lighting, as small hairs can escape your attention. Today, the fashion for perfect eyebrows without flaws has passed, naturalness is in fashion. It is better to start from the native shapes of the eyebrows, so even if flaws are made, they will not be evident.

If you want to adjust the form, it is better to adhere to the following rules:

  • the classic shape with medium-width eyebrows suits most girls;
  • For owners of a face close to a square or round, it is better to focus on the middle of the eyebrow, that is, there should be a sharp bend. It is allowed to shift the angle to the temple, but at the same time it should not be sharp;
  • if the face is close to a triangular shape, then straight lines are needed, so the eyebrows will fit even and slightly curved to the temple;
  • for an oval, eyebrows sharp from the end of the classic shape are suitable;
  • a heart-shaped face is original and rare, and semicircular eyebrows will look beautiful, playful.

You can determine the shape of the face by going to the mirror, collecting the hair and outlining the face on the mirror itself.

How to make eyebrows beautiful?

How to make eyebrows beautiful?

It must be understood that it is not worth drastically changing the shape, since it is necessary to take into account how the hairs grow. Curved eyebrows cannot be made from straight eyebrows. Eyebrows give the look a special expressiveness, and the appearance of individuality.

Need tweezers, preferably with sharpened tips. The beveled version is suitable for the house. A white pencil helps to determine the direction. It is easy for them to put points, which will help to draw a bend correctly and accurately. Cotton pads and sticks are needed for pencil correction. Cream or milk — to moisturize the skin. It is necessary to prepare the face, cleanse, remove makeup.

Using a pencil or wooden stick, we determine the beginning of the eyebrow. The stick is in a vertical position, one end is brought to the nostril, the other should pass through the inside of the eye. We put a dot, and everything that is beyond this dot is plucked.

We also draw a diagonal from the nostril to the outer corner, and pluck out everything, and if not enough, draw it. We find a break by constructing a diagonal through the pupil, where there is a point, we make a break or a smooth bend. It can be shifted in one direction or another, it all depends on the person.

Now the scope of work is clear, and focusing on the points, we correct the eyebrow, carefully removing the hairs. You should not be very active, as you can remove the excess. If you pull them out in the direction of hair growth, this will cause less discomfort, as well as a grip near the root. It is better not to touch the upper hairs, as they can become activated and grow strongly, but if necessary, do it carefully.

After correction, comb the eyebrows with a brush and trim with scissors if some hairs are too long.

You need to buy a good tool. After the procedure, treat the skin with an antiseptic, apply cream.


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