Denim jumpsuit with a skirt — a modern take on a simple model


It is known that denim products are the world leader in sales, demand and popularity. It is no coincidence that fashion products won veneration, these are the most comfortable and practical clothes. Particular attention is drawn to the denim jumpsuit with a skirt, which has recently been forgotten and has now taken off again on the fashionable Olympus. Famous fashion designers present the product in different styles and interpretations, changing the shape, length and color of the fabric. The extraordinary execution of samples brings novelty to the female appearance, helps to express the feminine essence and fashion preferences.

History reference

Thanks to the American designer Levi Strauss, in the 70s, comfortable and attractive work clothes made of thick denim appeared. Denim jumpsuits have become popular all over the world, and over the years have been transformed into a skirt version. In the 90s, the hype faded somewhat as attention shifted to jeans.

Today, denim products are again in trend, and overalls are of particular interest. Designer collections literally turned the world upside down, changing the idea of ​​the essence and possibilities of these seemingly simple things. Samples are presented with trousers, shorts, breeches and skirts of different lengths, and each product plays a special role and transforms the female image.

What is the secret to the success of a jumpsuit with a skirt?

In fact, a denim skirt-overalls is capable of much. Pay attention to how the female image changes when the skirt version is included in the ensemble. Literally before our eyes, a business lady turns into a playful teenager, childish traits and youthful maximalism appear.

Semi-overalls will become an indispensable capsule element in the preparation of trendy bows for various purposes. Such a thing is useful for tennis courts, skating, participating in games, training and dancing.. Jumpsuit with wide straps is the best choice for full girls who want to hide a protruding tummy or expectant mothers. The outfit is appropriate for summer walks, going to the cinema, shopping, visiting the park and entertainment centers.

Advantages of overalls consisting of a skirt:

  • Ease.
  • Convenience.
  • Practicality.
  • The ability to combine with any sportswear.
  • Attractiveness and originality.

Such a product allows you to create a variety of styles — street, youth, retro, sports and classics. Thanks to the unusual shape of the overalls, it is possible to impress others, create an exquisite, and even outrageous image, emphasize individuality and one’s own uniqueness.


There are many shapes, colors and styles of women’s overalls, each of which differs in the way it is sewn and decorated. To make a successful fashionable bow will allow a model with buttons on the side or straps with adjustable length. Decorative elements such as double seams, wear, holes or a cut will help to accentuate the style and add a special touch to the look.

Each model of overalls is unique because the shape and length of the skirt changes. A product with a flared short skirt looks playful and frivolous. A button-down straight skirt adds a graceful silhouette and is the most successful part of a denim jumpsuit. Bib overalls with a sun skirt look luxurious and beautiful, and with an A-silhouette product, midi length is presentable and rich.


The skirt can be of different lengths, and this fact is most important when drawing up a certain image. Short skirts above the knee are appropriate for slender girls who want to demonstrate beautiful knives and toned buttocks. Midi skirts provide comfort and practicality and allow you to create business and work styles. Long straight skirts, transformed into fashionable overalls, give originality and originality to the image.

Fabric Features

The remarkable properties of natural fabric provide extraordinary comfort, and this is the main feature of denim products. Samples can be made from thin or dense matter with different twisting methods. The main advantage of the material is excellent breathability. The fabric is pleasant to the touch and quickly absorbs moisture. This is why eco-friendly denim is preferred by pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.

What to wear?

The most successful combination of denim overalls with sports or youth items. With what to wear a jumpsuit skirt, your own intuition and fashion preferences will tell you. You can use different elements of clothing, the main thing is that they match the style and the chosen image.

Ensemble elements:

  • Monochrome T-shirt in jersey or cotton.
  • Crop top with a print or small pattern.
  • Bright sweatshirt.
  • Bustier.
  • Shirts in a cage, stripes, with a geometric pattern.
  • Blouses of restrained tones with a collar and long sleeves.
  • Sweatshirts with a round or V-shaped neckline.
  • Blue or black jacket.
  • Knitted cardigan.
  • Coat.

Experiments with adding elements of different styles and directions to a fashionable bow give an unexpected effect — new images and styles appear. First, in your imagination, and then in front of the mirror, vary things, use completely different clothes, accessories, and you will appear in a new role!

fashion images

A jumpsuit with a skirt is one of the many-sided products that allow you to create the most unusual and original images. Do you want to create an office style? Wear a dark pattern with a skirt just above the knee with narrow straps. A fitted blouse, medium-heeled shoes, and a stylish watch will help bring modesty and formality.

Are you going to a football or street party? Try on a faded or ripped romper with a miniskirt and pockets. Add a one-shoulder t-shirt, an asymmetrical t-shirt, a sweatshirt and chunky sneakers to the look.

Love the classics? Pay attention to the laconic overalls in blue, black or gray of any length without unnecessary decoration. Complete the ensemble with a red, white, coffee blouse or a light sleeveless T-shirt. Elements such as a discreet shirt, clutch, closed shoes will help create a business style.. Such things as a tight-fitting top with a tiger or floral ornament, a voluminous blouse with a frill or frills, and an openwork cardigan with large patterns will allow you to add romance to the female image.

Shoes and accessories

A denim jumpsuit with a skirt is in perfect harmony with any shoes — flats, high heels, mid-height wedges. You can use stiletto sandals or platform shoes, ballet flats or pumps. Winter models are combined with high boots, ankle boots, low shoes. Sports shoes will help to emphasize the style — slip-ons, moccasins, sneakers, sneakers, sneakers.

As for accessories, it is recommended to use elegant jewelry made of natural stone or fine jewelry. You can wear stylish glasses, a trendy bracelet, luxury smart watches or skeleton watches. Products such as a transparent neckerchief, a scarf with a logo, a sports cap or a baseball cap will allow you to complement the image.

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