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No more… racing

We hope you have already noticed that the world has once again valued individuality. The «glossy» picture now causes not a desire to conform, but some strange feeling of rejection — and this is fine, since ideal faces and bodies do not exist in the real world. Thanks to this trend, real women with their unique moles, lines, freckles and other highlights are increasingly looking at us from billboards and screens.

A healthy attitude towards your appearance is very useful both here and now and in the future. That is why the pro-age approach has become relevant (translation is the acceptance of the right to grow up). The key thing in it is the ability to reasonably select self-care for the prevention of growing up, and not try to “reset” and blind yourself again. It is much more logical to visit a doctor and carry out various manipulations when the condition of the integument is still in order — then there is a chance to maintain and improve the appearance. This method helps to be well-groomed, respect the uniqueness that is given by nature, and not look artificial. And in general, the pursuit of eternal youth harms self-esteem and prevents you from enjoying natural features, compliments and what is happening around you. If you have a choice — to constantly think about «crow’s feet» and nasolabial wrinkles or smile, communicate with people and learn new things — what will you choose? The last one for sure!

Everything in the complex

Our appearance is directly affected by the state of the body. When you take care of your health, this is a bright running line on your face. The duration and quality of life are growing rapidly, and the past age groups have become irrelevant — in our time, after 40, 50, 60, life is just beginning to bubble up. Previously, after this milestone, they often did not even think about themselves as an attractive woman. Accordingly, a vicious circle was formed — they launched the quality of the skin to the maximum, then they said that nothing could be done with «it» anyway, and continued to ignore the care. Society managed to break this habit, and now women want and are not afraid to go to doctors, and also prevent possible imperfections in appearance and condition, and do not put up with them.

You are the only one

In recent years, society has tried to put appearance into some kind of framework and “prescribe” cosmetic procedures according to age: for example, that before the age of 25 you don’t need to do anything extra at all, and then get rid of wrinkles in a complex way, replenish volumes and perform a whole list of the same techniques. . This does not work! You and your face require individual care — not according to your «passport», but according to your needs. Each of us has a different type of aging, genetics, habits — there is no universal recipe. Therefore, there is no need to drive yourself into conventions: adequately look at the reflection in the mirror and take care of what you see. Because one thing is suitable for someone, and completely different for you.

It is with this approach that Olga Moroz works. A cosmetologist and founder of the Olga Moroz Clinic of Aesthetic Medicine has developed her own methods of face and body rejuvenation, which are aimed at activating one’s own resources, improving natural recovery and improving the vascular system. During work, specialists do not follow one path, but select schemes for the individual characteristics of each woman. That is, there will be no template manipulations that will make you look like someone else — everything is aimed only at preserving and improving your natural beauty.

One of the procedures with this bias is “Slender Face”. This minimally invasive technique is based on the use of venotonics and herbal ingredients. It can be paid attention to those who notice puffiness, since its main task is to carry out drainage and “free” from excess fluid, stagnant fat deposits and stimulate metabolism. After it, the relief visually evens out, the color improves, the nasolabial folds become less pronounced and the effect of a lowered gravitational face is eliminated — it tightens and looks more defined.

The main feature of this service is the focus not only on the external, but also on the internal. It helps to improve blood vessels, increase tissue trophism and improve tissue respiration. When going to a rendezvous with a cosmetologist, you do not need to take time off from work — the next day you will be able to go to the office, meet a friend in a cafe, and even attend any event. The procedure is fast, painless, and recovery takes only 4-12 hours, depending on the body. But the result will not pass quickly and will remain for a long time — up to one and a half years.

In addition, the procedure for removing excess fluid can not only tighten the oval of the face, but also reduce the nose. This technique is patented by Olga Moroz and is called «Non-surgical nose correction». The procedure is carried out according to the same principle as the «Slender Face»: the method of mesotherapy removes excess intercellular fluid, and, freed from water, the nose becomes thinner.

Well, for those girls who want to dry their figure, the principle of removing fluid works great, the body procedure is called “Slender Silhouette”.

Remember that at any age, under any circumstances and mood, you need to treat yourself with trepidation — from appearance, skin and figure to emotional state. All of these are closely related and can directly influence each other. Therefore, just remind yourself from time to time that it is much more expedient to take care of your health and beauty in advance, which is the main principle of preventive cosmetology.

If this approach is close to you and you want to introduce it into your life, you can call the promo code VOICE during your visit to Olga Moroz’s aesthetic medicine clinic and get a special offer for the clinic’s author’s methods!

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