Healthy hair and always perfect styling — why wigs are now back in trend


Celebrities have long fallen in love with salons where they get wigs for different situations: unusual options for the red carpet and wigs with easy styling for every day. After all, it’s so convenient — just take and put on a wig, forgetting about the need to constantly change hair color and haircut. With it, you do not need to get up earlier to have time to wash your hair and do styling. And if your hair is too thin and sensitive, it is the wig that will help you try on a different shade of hair — without the risk of encountering the negative sides of dyeing.

Sasha Viner, co-owner of the WIG DEALERS brand, answered all the uncomfortable questions and revealed the secret why wigs are back in the wardrobes of influencers.

VOICE: How often do you feel girls opt for a wig instead of a daily hairdo?

Sasha Viner: Of course, before the use of a wig instead of the usual styling, no one considered. The wig has been associated with problematic hair, illness, religious beliefs, going to a masquerade party—or even a little bit of freakiness.

However, now it is a trend, a beauty accessory that helps save your time, save your hair, always look good and have a beautiful styling for every day, at any time of the day or night. And this is the main mission of our Wig Dealers brand.

S: When thinking about wigs, common stereotypes about them immediately come to mind: that they are made of artificial hair, that one sweats a lot and itches in the head, that the wig can move out or even fly away… Is it really comfortable to wear? do wigs or similar nuances persist and do you have to put up with them?

SW: Fixing a wig directly depends on its quality. As for our product, it has special strong hairpins that are securely fixed on the wig itself and are also attached to your hair.

In addition, there are several types of wearing a wig: on a velvet ribbon or a silicone insert located on the product itself, in case you don’t have your own hair. It has a strong grip on the scalp. With such an insert, the wig will never fly off!

If you feel that the fixation has loosened a little during the day, you can always easily and quickly tighten the hairpins — and the problem will be solved. But I, for example, wear wigs every day, and I have not had such situations that the wig fell off, someone touched it, or it moved out. In fact, you always feel how firmly it is fixed on your head.

If we talk about stereotypes about the fact that it’s hot in a wig or your head itches, then, of course, you should be aware that for a start you will have to get used to something extra on your head 🙂 Yes, these are not the same sensations as with with their hair. But everyone has different sensitivity, perception — even, one might say, psychosomatics. One girl puts on a wig and it seems to her that she has been wearing it all her life, while the other puts it on and immediately feels discomfort.

I can say with confidence that it is not hot in the wig, because it is made of a very thin breathable mesh, thanks to which there is a constant air circulation. A wig is a very light product that allows the scalp and hair to breathe.

Q: Do wigs affect the quality of our own hair?

SW: If you dry your hair with a hairdryer, and even more so wind it every day, a wig serves as a salvation from heat treatment. The breathable mesh that forms the basis of the wig will not harm the hair. It is designed to safely wear a wig for a long time. But, of course, it is worth remembering that our hair needs quality care anyway. If you wear a wig, then no one cancels the daily beauty routine: you need to wash your hair regularly, apply conditioner and masks.

How to understand that you have a low-quality wig in front of you

The quality of a wig and its level is determined by several criteria. The first and most important is the quality of the hair from which the wig is made.

Hair is a very expensive material. They are always selected according to different levels and gradations.

Not only the quality of the hair affects the natural look of the wig: it is important that it is matched to the type of face, the shape of the head.

How to choose a wig

Q: Can a synthetic hair wig be of high quality at all? Or choose only natural hair?

SW: Here everything depends on the task. If you need a wig for one or two times, then, of course, it is easier to buy an artificial one. But you should understand that no beauty manipulations can be done with it! If we are talking about a wig as a daily accessory that should look as natural as possible and have the ability to transform, then it is better to choose products made from natural hair, which are presented in the Wig Dealers showroom.


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