Leggings with slits — a feature of street style


A variety of women’s clothing allows you to choose exquisite items that will allow you to create irresistible looks and stunning bows. Leggings with cuts are widely used, giving youthfulness and freshness to the appearance.

Extravagant tight-fitting trousers perform many functions — decorate, transform women, accentuate style and radically change the external perception of the image. In addition, the products effectively model the silhouette, adding elegance and harmony to the figure. It is no coincidence that fashionable leggings impress women of all ages, because, regardless of age and body type, they ennoble, transform and allow you to create sexy and pretty images.


Leggings are a type of leggings and are distinguished by a variety of shapes, colors and decoration methods. This purely women’s clothing can radically change the style, adding freshness and youthfulness to the image. Products moderately fit the silhouette and allow you to demonstrate beautiful legs, a thin waist, graceful hips and a toned stomach.

Even obese women successfully use trousers, choosing models with a high waist and an elastic waistband. In the youth environment, leggings with slits at the knees are in great demand, emphasizing the female individuality. Ripped trousers look very original and even defiant, so they add zest to the image and allow you to create unbanal and avant-garde styles.


For the female audience, a variety of models are offered, differing in design and decoration method. Depending on the purpose of the ensemble, trousers of a certain length and color are selected. Business women prefer classic designs on the belt with small slits in front. For a country holiday, tight-fitting trousers with holes at the knees and leather applications are used. Everyday looks allow you to create comfortable pants with an elastic band that does not restrict movement and provides maximum comfort to wear. Sports girls prefer leggings with zippers at the bottom of the legs and imitation of pockets and buttons.

Festive look allows you to create leggings with slits and mesh. These extravagant products bring expression to the image and emphasize the feminine identity. Transparent inserts made of organza, lace, guipure add sexuality to the image and add romance to the appearance. Widely used in the youth environment are models with holes in the pope, decorated with rhinestones or satin appliqués. Shiny models with slits on the sides or leather trousers with small holes in the front or back add sophistication to the look.


For the manufacture of leggings, various materials of synthetic and natural origin are used. Summer trousers are sewn from cotton, polyester with the addition of acrylic and elastane. Autumn samples are made of jersey, eco-leather and denim. In winter, they wear samples based on knitwear, wool, viscose, cashmere, insulated with fleece, terry or flannel. Cotton, polyester, natural and artificial leather are used for sewing spring trousers.

Products for jeans, repeating the design and design of denim trousers, are very popular. The products are very convenient and comfortable to wear, ideally combined with any elements of clothing and allow you to create stylish youth looks. Women of all ages are impressed by leather-look trousers, which add presentability and nobility to the style. The most comfortable are knitted samples with a small content of polyester and lycra. For sports activities, stretch trousers with a high content of elastane are chosen, which have the effect of tightening the silhouette.


Fashion designers care about female beauty and offer many models of different shapes and colors. Bright models of lemon, light green, red, coral and turquoise colors are presented to the youth audience. Older women prefer trousers in discreet tones — brown, blue, purple or dark green.

  • Chocolate, terracotta, mustard samples are relevant in autumn, blue, yellow, pink products are worn in summer.
  • In spring, gray and dark blue products resembling jeans are in demand.
  • Winter models are presented in different color compositions — with Norwegian, Scandinavian patterns, with deer, stars, snowflakes.

The most popular are black trousers, which are ideally combined with things of different colors and allow you to create stylish and fashionable bows.

fashion images

How and with what to wear leggings with cuts? The similarity with tights allows you to use trousers in an ensemble with cropped dresses, skirts and tunics. In winter, they complement the image with knitted sweaters, sweaters, three-color cardigans. In the summer they use vests, T-shirts, tops and T-shirts. In spring, knee-highs are in demand, combined with jackets and openwork capes, as well as long T-shirts, complete with a knitted cardigan without buttons. Autumn looks allow you to create ripped trousers paired with knitted jumpers or a turtleneck and a leather jacket.

Chic leggings with slits on the sides give a youthful look, emphasize style and feminine personality. Products are perfectly combined with elements of clothing that are completely different in style. You can include sports sweatshirts with a hood, sweatshirts, oversized sweaters, classic blouses, elegant fishnet tunics in the ensemble. Knee-high socks and button-down cardigans will come in handy to accentuate the business style. Casual sweatshirts, jackets with leather sleeves will help to create a street look. Youth style welcomes short pleated skirts, blouses with three-quarter sleeves and loose-fitting sweaters.

Shoes and accessories

Leggings with slits go well with classic, street and sports style shoes. To create a youth look, use sneakers, moccasins, sneakers or sneakers. Casual bows include comfortable and practical shoes — oxfords, loafers, ballet flats. For the holiday, you can wear ankle boots with a bevelled edge, patent leather boots with rubber inserts and locks, sandals with textile details. In summer, sandals, slippers are acceptable, and in winter you will need warm boots with fur.

When choosing accessories, pay attention to bracelets, watches, a headband — elements that blend perfectly with leggings. On a long trip, take a backpack, a gadget with a GPS navigator and a pedometer that controls the physical condition of the body. In summer, don’t forget sunglasses and a baseball cap. In autumn, you will need a neckerchief, a stole, a transparent scarf, and in winter you can not do without a fur hat and knitted gloves. Each detail should carry a special meaning and have a specific purpose, then you will create an inimitable and harmonious image.

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