The best skirts for an apple shape (39 photos): styles, models, colors


Each woman is unique, differs in external features of the figure and color type. What is the challenge facing the owners of the «apple» silhouette? In order to get closer to the ideal, you need to visually balance the figure, stretch the silhouette, make it more elegant and slender. The idea is not even to hide a big tummy, but to divert attention from extra centimeters at the waist.

Skirts for the «apple» figure should be moderately tight-fitting and not narrowed to hide figure flaws. The main criterion for choosing clothes for the «apple» will be the presence of vertical lines on the products. It can be a row of buttons, seams, a placket, decorative elements that act as a distracting element. Young beauties «apples» in the right clothes look amazing.

How to choose clothes according to your appearance?

Before you make a fashionable bow, make sure that all the elements are not only stylishly combined, but also fit your appearance. To do this, you need to know exactly what type of figure you have, and what tricks you can use to visually transform it.

How to understand that your figure is «apple»:

  • If you get better, then first of all the waist size increases.
  • The most problematic area is in the chest and waist.
  • Wide back and large chest.
  • Narrow hips compared to the top.
  • Slender legs, appearing short due to the disproportion of the body.

There are no ideal figures, but with the right choice of length and style, you can achieve stunning success and look harmonious.

Choosing a model for the silhouette «apple»

How to decorate your image, flaunt the best sides of the figure, emphasize its advantages and hide flaws? What styles of skirts are best for an apple shape? Stylists and, of course, your own intuition and fashion vision will help answer these questions.

Products of A-shaped silhouette very favorably emphasize beautiful lush breasts, and at the same time add roundness to the hips. An ideal option for full girls is a trapezoidal model with drapery on the sides, creating the appearance of curvy shapes. An excellent choice is a high waist, visually lengthening the legs and stretching the silhouette. You can use the mini or midi length to emphasize the attractiveness of graceful legs.

Skirt styles for an apple shape:

  • Straight product with a low or regular waist with a small belt or without it.
  • Low-rise culotte in draped-effect canvas.
  • Pencil skirt with a minimal emphasis on the waist — a small belt.
  • Pleated model made of dense material.
  • A sample with a smell, the so-called sarong.

Narrow hips become harmonious and attractive if the lower part of the silhouette is slightly voluminous, so you can safely use flared samples without a yoke. A flared skirt or a-line skirt visually corrects the silhouette. The pleated sample brings a special zest, the sun or semi-sun style adds lightness and playfulness, the “bell” model gives femininity. You can use a skirt with asymmetry or a torn edge, which will divert attention from a round tummy and focus on the legs. A skirt-pants that effectively corrects the silhouette and creates a stylish and attractive look.

Length and colors

Samples up to the middle or just above the knee are perfect for girls with an apple figure, as they accentuate the thinnest part of the female leg. Using short models, it is worth giving preference to sun-flare models. If you prefer skirts below the knee, then the best style is a sample of a strict A-silhouette. A long flared skirt looks chic and creates a luxurious and noble feminine look.

To divert attention from full hips and belly, it is better to use a dark bottom and a light top. Choose patterns from dense and draped fabrics — woolen, suede, linen, tweed, jacquard or jersey will do. A summer skirt made of silk, satin, chiffon will add airiness and volume to the lower part of the silhouette. Winter models made of wool or suit fabric will create smooth lines and add femininity to the look.

fashion images

Composing fashionable bows, one should take into account the peculiarities of the physique and the possibility of a harmonious combination of things. To add volume to the hips, you can use a lush and voluminous top that masks a full tummy. You can combine a straight skirt with a blouse with puffy sleeves, ruffles or frills. Flared options are best combined with a fitted and discreet top. Street style implies the presence of asymmetrical things — boho skirts, blouses with a jagged edge or unbuttoned shirts. The classic is a light unbuttoned cardigan on a dark background of a skirt and turtlenecks, which provide a visual correction of the figure.

Office style — midi pencil skirt + loose blouse + mid-thigh jacket. For everyday wear, a flared dark skirt and a strict blouse in restrained shades are useful.

As for the color palette, the choice depends on your imagination and taste attachments. Shoes and accessories of a similar shade will perfectly connect. Ta dark long scarf will become an accent of the image and distract from the weaknesses of the figure. A white blouse and a black skirt are a win-win option for women of any age. If a brown product is used, then the top should be of a similar or contrasting tone — beige, coffee, milky, cream. The top is blue, white, turquoise, cornflower blue. A burgundy skirt will make a stylish tandem with a coral, red or brown blouse.

Shoes and accessories

If you are not tall, then the best choice is shoes that allow you to add height to your figure. Stiletto sandals, high-heeled shoes are perfect for the summer, and ankle boots, high boots or low shoes on a comfortable platform will be an excellent choice for the winter. Short products can be combined with boats, ballet flats, slip-ons, sneakers. A floor-length skirt will harmoniously combine with elegant high-heeled shoes. Office midi-length samples are best combined with classic shoes or boots with medium heels.

As accessories, scarves, shawls, fashionable hats and a variety of items that focus on beautiful parts of the body are suitable. You can use elegant decorations that do not add volume to the upper part. Fine natural stone necklace, gold chain, folklore beads, necklace are acceptable.

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