The easiest way to eat less: scientists have proven that it works

The idea of ​​losing weight doing little or nothing appeals to many of us. At the same time, of course, you want to maintain your health, because unreasonable rapid weight loss can indicate certain diseases.

For those who want to get rid of extra pounds (or at least not gain them), scientists have proposed a simple and effective way that really works. A research team from the American University of St. Bonaventure (St. Bonaventure University) conducted an experiment during which they showed that the life hack really works. They published the results of the study in the journal Appetite.

Its essence is simple: if you do not want to eat something, then remove this something away from your eyes. It can be a shelf in a closet or refrigerator, a rack in another room, or any other place that will not be in front of your eyes.

So how was the study done? 56 participants were gathered in one room and divided into two large groups. Sliced ​​apples were placed in front of one group — they could be easily taken, just reach out, and fragrant popcorn was placed in the distance — it was also not forbidden to eat, but to do this, you had to walk a few meters. The second group was treated in a similar way, but popcorn was available, and you had to go for apples. All participants said in advance that they like popcorn much more than apples.

As a result, only a few fans went for popcorn, mostly all leaned on apples — in the first group, people ate more healthy food and consumed fewer calories. In the second case, the situation was reversed – little and rarely went for apples, and popcorn, which was available, was eaten almost completely, and with it, excess calories.

The simplest experiment clearly demonstrates that it is worth putting food away, it really helps to eat less. The fact is that people are lazy by nature. And even if we love fast food and other unhealthy foods, we are more likely to eat what is at hand and catches our eye here and now.

In general, remove the deliciousness away if you do not want to eat everything in one sitting. Another variation of this hack is the intricate packaging that is difficult to open quickly. Try to put sweets in boxes that are difficult to open, it is likely that you will not want to waste your energy on getting them out again. At hand, on the contrary, keep something more useful — chopped carrots, celery, apple slices or cucumber circles.

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