Velvet jacket — the clothes of a real queen


Velvet… This word has both luxury and royal grace. The material has been known for several centuries. Its noble structure transforms things of the simplest styles, but improper use can spoil the image. One of the popular robes made of luxurious material is the velvet jacket.

Initially, only representatives of the aristocracy could afford such clothes due to its high cost. The jacket first appeared in Italy in the 18th century, and since then it has confidently held its position on the fashionable Olympus. If you consider yourself a special blue blood, or just want to show a refined taste, pay attention to these clothes.

Features of a velvet jacket

A classic women’s velvet jacket looks elegant, bright and stylish. The material has a vertical pile based on silk or cotton. By the way, cheap velvet is made from viscose, and the more expensive one is made from cotton. You should not buy clothes in a hurry, be sure to inspect the item on yourself, check for folds and scuffs, wrinkling of the material. The shade of the product must be uniform. Sometimes clothing manufacturers add synthetic threads, thanks to which the product retains its original shape for a long time.

Some believe that velvet is able to age. Stylists unanimously answer: «It all depends on the specific thing and the specific woman.» You can choose an attractive shade of the product, in which you will look stylish and fashionable. At the same time, the material, in fact, adds volume to the figure, so large ladies should refuse it.

Choosing the right shade

Depending on the shade, you can make a different impression on others. In general, the fabric looks noble, but if you choose neon, pink, light green tones, it is easy to spoil the image. Brown, purple and green velvet are recommended for blondes and red-haired girls, all shades of scarlet and blue are recommended for owners of dark hair.

The most luxurious and versatile option is a black velvet jacket. A functional thing is able to bring the necessary notes of sophistication, aristocracy and restraint into the image. The beauty of such a product is that it has a huge number of options for combinations with other elements of the wardrobe.
The green jacket looks especially stylish in shades of aqua, emerald, rich green.. It is also combined with many things and brings to the image of nobility. A nice bonus — color has a positive effect on our health and well-being.

The yellow option is ideal for extraordinary girls. In this case, the fabric should be perfect and look expensive. A red jacket looks bright and stylish, emphasizing the originality of the individual. The product in the military style looks very rich, the main thing is to complement it with characteristic paraphernalia — high-laced boots, jeans or black trousers.

Blue, purple, burgundy products are also relevant. It is worth choosing a color based on the characteristics of your appearance, color type and things that prevail in the wardrobe.

Styles and models

There are several options on the market for every taste. Among them are both double-breasted and single-breasted jackets. Short styles are best for petite ladies, while long jackets will enhance the look of an above-average girl. The fitted version is able to emphasize the waist and the figure as a whole. The free model is good for girls with not the most ideal figure.

Some fashion designers are experimenting, adding notes of femininity and sophistication to the image. For example, the peplum option allows you to hide extra centimeters at the waist, while such a jacket is comfortable to wear with a fluffy skirt. A large number of buttons slims, but makes the image more strict. Decorative pockets and bows give the woman a special charm and gloss.

It looks interesting model in the style of Chanel. Ribbed trim, missing collar, four patch pockets create austerity, elegance and freedom of character.. The combination of noble material and special decor makes the girl twice as refined, elegant and feminine.
But it is worth considering: a product, complemented by excessive decor — rhinestones, fur, artificial stones, will look somewhat clumsy.

How and with what to wear?

You can wear a velvet thing with jeans, dress pants, skirts, dresses and even shorts. In tandem, lightweight fabrics look great, completely opposite to rich and heavy velvet. The combination with silk, viscose, wool, organza, denim is quite organic. The thing is not friendly only with snake prints and a cage.

Often, ladies combine an outfit with black and blue jeans, plain trousers, t-shirts and blouses.. No need to choose bright patterns and prints, an expressive and textured jacket is quite enough. Delicate dresses made of silk and viscose will allow you to embody a romantic bow. A bright top looks appropriate with a bottom in pastel shades, and a muted top with classic colors.

Of the accessories, you can use brooches, fur capes, necklaces made of stones, but you should not overdo it. The main thing in your image should still be a jacket!

Fashionable bows

Let’s list a few fashionable, relevant images seen on the streets of megacities.

  • Rich brown or black velvet jacket with a peplum + green floor-length skirt. Heeled shoes and jewelry to match the color of the shoes will create an inimitable effect!
  • Blue jacket with small buttons + classic gray trousers + black blouse + black shoes with heels. The image will be completed by a bag and a neckerchief, made in the original color scheme.

  • A black elongated version with a light blouse and a black skirt is a great choice for a work mood. At the same time, you should not use more than 1 velvet item in the image. The bag can be made of leather or leatherette.
  • Pajama-style jacket + pants in the same material + pumps or loafers. An interesting and stylish look, even for a secular exit.

  • The purple or red version, embroidered with gold or decorated with gold buttons, looks chic. It can be complemented with a gray or black dress, shoes with heels, creating a special look.


Caring for the fabric is not so easy, velvet is a rather capricious material. However, it is allowed to wash the product by hand, clean it from dirt and dust with a brush. If the jacket becomes too dirty or has stubborn stains, we recommend taking it to the dry cleaners.

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