You will have time to do both hair and salads! 5 express styling for the New Year


These hairstyles are suitable for different hair lengths. They can be done in everyday life and for festive events. Get inspired!

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No matter how difficult the last day of 2021 may be, each of us always tries to do everything at once. And although most celebrate the New Year at home in a close family circle, we always carefully prepare for this festive night: we choose an outfit, jewelry, and also think over hair and makeup.

We perfectly understand how busy you will be on December 31, even if it is an official holiday. We advise you not to spend a lot of time on creating hairstyles and not be inspired by very complex ideas. After all, something may not turn out the way you imagined, or in fact turn out to be more time-consuming than you would like.

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We asked Wella Professionals stylist Elena Titova to tell us how to repeat 5 express styling for the New Year’s Eve, which will definitely last until the morning!

Volume styling with curls

A great option for hair length from the shoulder and below. It is especially suitable for those who want to make their hair visually thicker and more voluminous. By the way, it is important to start preparing for such styling even at the stage of washing your hair. Choose light formulas of shampoos and balms that do not weigh down the strands and give volume.

Shampoo Invigo Volume Boos

Invigo Volume Boost Crystal Mask

Perfectly straightened hair

Everyone knows that there are two types of women: those who want to curl their straight hair or, conversely, straighten their curly ones. If the mood of the second group is closer to you, we advise you to pay maximum attention to the styler that you use. For example, the ghd platinum + gadget allows you to get a flawlessly smooth texture without the slightest harm to your hair.

Iron ghd platinum+

Oil spray for styling Oil Spritz

High ponytail with a perfectly smooth texture

A very trendy option, especially in combination with a festive make-up in the «fox» style. Here, special attention should be paid to the smoothness of the hairstyle. Just a ponytail tied at the crown will not give the necessary wow effect!

Sculpt Force EIMI extra strong fixation gel-flubber

wet hair effect

Perhaps this is the easiest hairstyle option that looks equally cool on both long and short hair. And it really only takes 5 minutes!

Glam Mist EIMI

Volumetric bun on a low nape

Elegance never goes out of style! This option looks especially beautiful with dresses with interesting cutouts and necklines. And if you complement the image with miniature earrings, you will get perfection itself.

Renewing Shampoo, Elements

Balm Renewing Conditioner, Elements

Advice for January 1st

To refresh your styling the next day, Elena recommends using the ideal ghd glide device for this situation. This is a professional electric thermal brush that smoothes dry hair and gives the strands natural salon-quality movement.

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