10 mistakes in applying foundation


How to make friends with foundation so that the result is like that of star makeup artists? MedAboutMe reveals the secrets of professionals, as well as the amazing story of foundation appearance.

The history of foundation

Any cosmetic product has its own background. And foundation is no exception. Face painting is mentioned in the Old Testament.

And in 200 BC, the fair sex of ancient Greece used a «cream» based on white lead powder and chalk.

Wealthy Roman women also sought to whiten their faces in every way, so they used products made from animal fat, starch and tin oxide. Such tonal cosmetics were very sticky and cracked on the face during the day, wearing it was not only uncomfortable, but also dangerous. However, such creams were in demand until the time Queen Elizabeth I.

Especially for her, a new unique remedy was created — Venetian white. It combined all the same lead and vinegar and gave the skin an unnaturally pale appearance.

The first foundation similar to modern cosmetics was created in 1935 Max Factor — the owner of the company for the production of cosmetics for filming. It was a compact powder of a natural shade. Its creator drew attention to the fact that the powder created the effect of a mask and looked unnatural on the face, and therefore developed a new tool — makeup from talcum powder and liquid pigment. It lay flat on the face and looked natural, so women began to use it in everyday life.

Modern foundations are based on silicone oils and pigments. If they are used correctly, no one will even guess about their presence on the face. How to apply the cream so that it blends with the skin?

Unforgivable mistakes in applying foundation

Mistake 1: Unaccounted for skin needs

Mistake 1: Unaccounted for skin needs

In order for the tonal product to fit perfectly on the face, and, which is very important, not to roll down during the day and not to emphasize imperfections, it must be selected according to skin type.

If the skin is dry, and choose a light tonal fluid, it will absorb moisture from it within a couple of hours, leaving the pigment visible. The latter will emphasize wrinkles and folds.

And if the skin is oily, and choose a dense tonal foundation, it will add oily sheen, make the face heavier and may drain by the end of the day, while the one chosen according to the skin type will hold well and additionally matte.

Life hack!

“If you think that oily skin does not need moisturizing, then you are wrong,” says the celebrity makeup artist. Daniel Bauer. For your foundation to last all day and all night, I recommend using a spray foundation. It will additionally moisturize the face and relieve excess sebum. And the foundation applied on top will demonstrate miracles of durability. ”

Mistake 2: Visible enlarged pores

If the pores are large, the foundation can emphasize them, falling into the «pits». But dealing with this problem is very easy. To do this, before using the foundation, apply a base, primer or makeup base to the skin. These funds will fill all the “holes”, even out the skin relief and the foundation will lie perfectly.

Mistake 3: Treacherous Concealer Spots

Mistake 3: Treacherous Concealer Spots

When there are imperfections on the skin — pigmentation, rashes and irritation or psoriasis, concealer can hide them. It is best to use dry or hard dense products, they will last all day.

If a pimple is masked, a concealer is taken in the color of the foundation, if pigmentation or redness is green, and if you need to hide dark circles under the eyes, peach. All spots from the concealer must be carefully shaded, and only after that apply a foundation. If the concealer also shows through it, then you need a foundation with a large overlapping ability.

Life hack!

If, after applying the concealer, the makeup has gathered in the folds on the eyelid, this can be corrected. star make-up artist Tanvi Chemburkar advises picking up an egg-shaped beauty blender, after using the narrow side of the tool to go over problem areas, using a light pressure so that the product settles and is absorbed into the skin.

Mistake 4: Brush smudge marks

Rushing while applying foundation can leave brush strokes, streaks, and streaks on your skin. Up close, they are very noticeable and can spoil the whole impression of makeup.

To hide them, it is enough to use a sponge after applying the make-up. If you walk it all over your face with light patting movements, the «artist’s work» will become invisible, but the beautiful result will be preserved.

Mistake 5: The layer cake effect

Mistake 5: The layer cake effect

When applying foundation, the rule works: «Less is more.» If you use a lot of cream, trying to hide all the imperfections, the effect of a puff cake is guaranteed.

star make-up artist Florrie White urges to use foundation only in those areas of the face where it is necessary. In this case, any tool should be applied so that the texture of the skin is visible. If it doesn’t, it’s too tight.

Life hack!

If you’ve ever found your perfect foundation shade in a store and realized you were wrong when you got home, celebrity makeup artist Tanvi Chemburkar knows how to fix it: “The fluorescent lights used in the store distort color perception. Therefore, after applying the foundation, I advise you to go out into the daylight and evaluate your makeup.

Mistake 6: Powder traces

High-quality powder can help hide any makeup imperfections, but you can’t use it to “hide” the lines of feathering. Feathering should be of high quality in itself.

If you try to mask the borders with powder, it will lie in a dense layer and its grains will be clearly visible near.

In the case of a perfectly matched foundation, it is better to use transparent powder. It mattifies well and holds makeup well. Also, it’s completely invisible.

Mistake 7: Falling makeup under the eyes

Mistake 7: Falling makeup under the eyes

When applied with a fluffy eyeshadow brush, small particles of the product can crumble and lie under the eyes. If they have a neutral beige shade, it’s okay. But if the color of the shadows contrasts with the color of the foundation, it will spoil the whole makeup.

To prevent this from happening, you must first paint your eyes, then remove makeup flaws under them, and only then apply foundation. It’s so easy to get the perfect look!

Life hack!

What’s the secret behind celebrity red carpet perfect eyelashes? The star makeup artist knows the answer Sandhya Shekar: “First, I apply a thick line on the eyelid with a soft pencil and blend the result a little with my fingers. After that — the line of eyeliner or liner for maximum effect »

Mistake 8: Illusion of a tan

In spring and summer, many girls choose a foundation to match the “tan”. But if they have not yet acquired a golden skin tone in a solarium or at sea, such a tool will age them. The difference between the tone of the skin of the face, neck and chest area cannot be hidden with foundation.

But if you really want to become a «chocolate», you must first use an auto bronzer, and after that — a foundation of a suitable shade. Then the tone will refresh and rejuvenate.

Mistake 9: Competing finishes

Another common foundation makeup mistake is not considering the effects of each product. So, if a woman chooses a matte tonal foundation, then the use of radiant shadows with a shimmer effect will be out of place. It is better to choose shadows with a satin finish or no hint of shine at all.

If the tone has a slight shimmer effect, matte lipstick can age. The best choice is with a gloss effect or even lip gloss.

Life hack!

If you are going out and your face looks tired, your skin is dry, and wrinkles are especially noticeable, use a homemade mask from a star makeup artist Nicky Metz: “Combine the yolk of one egg and a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and beat with a blender. Apply the mixture on your face and leave it on for 20 minutes before washing off with warm water. After that, feel free to do makeup. This treatment is incredibly hydrating. After its implementation, your face will be fresh and radiant like never before.

Mistake 10: Visible hairline

Mistake 10: Visible hairline

In order for makeup to be as natural as possible and decorate a woman, emphasizing her beauty, it must be flawless. A visible border of skin color at the hairline is a common mistake.

To avoid it, you need to apply a tone slightly touching the border of the scalp. And of course, the tone should be as close as possible to the natural skin color. This is how the perfect makeup is created.

Be beautiful!


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