Blue dress to the floor: choose the right style


If at the end of the twentieth century, unisex clothes dominated the streets and catwalks, in our time, feminine models can be increasingly found in the wardrobes of fashionistas. Including long dresses. Today, models with a floor-length skirt are worn not only for special occasions, many wear them as casual wear.

A universal solution would be a blue floor-length dress. It’s all about the features of this color. A blue dress can look strict and romantic, flirtatious and elegant.

Who will suit?

A blue dress can appear in the wardrobe of every fashionista. The color itself belongs to the cold group, so it is ideal for girls belonging to the Summer and Winter color types.

Fashionistas with a contrasting appearance all shades of dark and bright blue are perfect, as well as mixed tones — ink, sea wave. Deep and bright colors are great for brunettes — indigo, cornflower blue, electric. The same tones can be tried on by brown-haired women with bright eye color.

Girls with the Summer color type lighter shades of blue go more — forget-me-not, blue-blue. From mixed tones, they should choose soft aquamarine.

Girls of warm color types (Autumn and Spring) there is also no need to give up blue dresses. Firstly, dark shades of color are perfect for them, they are neutral, therefore they adorn any type of appearance. Secondly, representatives of warm color types should pay attention to blue-green tones.

Girls of warm color types they can also try on dresses in cold shades of blue, but they are advised to “move” the color a little away from the face by choosing a dress with a contrasting collar or using a scarf, neckerchief.

Representatives of any color type will suit blue dresses with a print. Polka-dot outfits look cute and playful, blue dresses with a floral print look romantic and gentle.

When choosing an outfit, it is worth considering its purpose. So, a dark blue floor-length dress will make the image more strict and restrained. A bright blue floor-length dress, on the contrary, rejuvenates and refreshes, giving the image a romantic and gentle touch.


Photos of models of long blue dresses will make sure that there are a lot of styles that allow you to choose the most suitable option for a fashionista with any type of figure.

Models with long sleeves

An interesting solution would be a blue floor-length dress with sleeves. It can be a model with long sleeves or three-quarter sleeves.

The sleeve can be used not only to decorate the dress, but also to correct the appearance. With the help of a sleeve, you can hide the excessive fullness or thinness of the arms. Owners of a pear-shaped figure should choose dresses with gathered sleeves.

Dresses with batwing sleeves look original and attractive; this style is perfect for evening and everyday models. Loose flying sleeves will not only attract attention with an unusual cut, but also help to hide any flaws in the upper part of the figure.


Floor-length summer dresses are a great choice. They are sewn from light fabrics, and the cool blue color looks great in the hot summer.

Chiffon dress is perfect for the hot season. This material lets air in well, so it will be comfortable in a chiffon dress even in extreme heat. As a rule, dresses with flying skirts are sewn from chiffon, the top is made on shoulder straps or sewn with spacious sleeves.

Such a light and romantic outfit in blue will be appropriate for a gala event, and for a walk or a date. Evening models, as a rule, are decorated with rhinestones, lace, embroidery with gold or silver threads. Models for daytime looks have a more discreet design.

sexy images

When choosing a floor-length blue evening dress, you should pay attention to models with provocative details. Girls with beautiful posture and perfect skin should pay attention to blue dresses with an open back. Just keep in mind that such an outfit will look spectacular against the backdrop of a beautiful tan. If the skin is pale, then in combination with blue, it will acquire a bluish tint.

A dress with an open back can tightly fit the figure, be straight or have a flared skirt. The fashionista can determine the depth of the cutout on her own. You can choose a moderate option — to the middle of the shoulder blades, or prefer an extreme neckline that reaches the sacrum. The cutout on the back is often decorated with intertwining bacteria. The neckline framed by the drapery looks spectacular — the so-called swing neckline.

If there is a desire to demonstrate slender legs, then you should choose models with a high slit on the skirt. If you make a cut to the knee, then the dress will look restrained, this option is also suitable for full girls. A bolder option involves a mid-thigh cutout, but only girls with slender legs can afford such a provocative cutout.

Bustier dresses allow you to completely expose your shoulders. An outfit with a long skirt and bare shoulders is a classic of evening fashion, it allows you to emphasize the bust and demonstrate graceful hands. If you are overweight, then you need to purchase a dress with a cut line under the chest, this will hide the protruding tummy.

Greek style

Models with draperies and loose skirts are perversely rooted in evening fashion. Blue dresses in the Greek style can be sewn to the prom. Such outfits look great both on slender girls and on fashionistas with an imperfect figure.


Fashionable asymmetry is used today in both evening and everyday fashion. For example, you can sew a dress with a strap on one shoulder. Models with an asymmetrical skirt also look attractive.


Girls who are proud of their figure can demonstrate their dignity by choosing a fish or mermaid style dress. The flare on the skirt, starting from the middle of the thigh or from the knee, creates a silhouette resembling a fish tail. This dress looks most impressive in blue or blue-green, as these colors are associated with the sea.

A silhouette

A-line long dresses are a universal choice for a girl of any age and with any type of figure. It can be a puffy dress with layered chiffon skirts or a discreet model with an A-line skirt.

A-line dress looks great on any figure, you just need to correctly place accents, diverting attention from problem areas.


The choice of fabrics is determined by the purpose of the dress. Evening models are sewn from beautiful and expensive fabrics. The classic of evening fashion is a floor-length satin dress. Blue shiny satin looks noble and elegant.

A blue guipure dress turns out gentle and feminine. Such models are sewn on a cover made of dense fabric, only some details can be left transparent — sleeves, bodice coquettes, frills at the bottom of the skirt. The floor-length blue lace dress looks feminine and sexy, it does not need to be overloaded with accessories so as not to overlap the lace patterns.

Blue long velvet dresses look great. Beautiful overflows of this fabric captivate at first sight. Therefore, it is worth sewing dresses of simple styles from blue velvet and not getting carried away with accessories.

For everyday looks, you can sew a summer dress made of thin knitwear, linen, cotton. These fabrics are not so dressy, but they are very pleasant to the body and perfectly breathable, so it is comfortable to wear them.

What to wear?

Accessories for the dress are always selected depending on the image being created. But the colors of accessories directly depend on the color of the dress. Let’s figure out what to wear with such an outfit.

It would seem that it is not difficult to pick up shoes for a floor-length blue dress, since shoes are practically invisible under a long skirt. However, this does not mean that you can wear any shoes without worrying about the harmonious combination.

Stylists do not recommend purchasing tone-on-tone shoes for the dress. You can wear blue shoes, but it is better if they differ in shade from the tone of the dress.

Black shoes they are quite suitable for a blue dress, however, this combination turns out to be too gloomy. Black shoes can be chosen only if the dress has a rich blue color, to light and dark shades of blue, it is better to choose a different shade of shoes.

Neutral white goes well with all shades of blue, but this combination should only be used when creating delicate summer looks.

Any shades of gray, including silver, are ideal for a blue dress. Nude shoes will also be an unmistakable choice; they are a universal model suitable for a dress of any color.

Bold fashionistas can choose shoes in a contrasting color. An ensemble of a blue floor-length dress in combination with red, green, pink shoes will look original. But when choosing colored shoes, do not forget to support the color of the shoes in the ensemble with another accessory, it can be a belt or jewelry.


A floor-length dress is an outfit that obliges you to look feminine and elegant. Therefore, makeup for such a dress must be done carefully. Particular attention should be paid to skin makeup. The problem is that the blue color fades. To look perfect, you need to even out the tone of the face. It is recommended to use bronzers to give the skin a light tan.

Makeup should focus on the eyes., as the blue dress makes the eyes of any color more expressive. When doing eye makeup, blue shadows should be avoided; shadows of gray, silver or golden hues will look much better. In evening make-up, you can use sparkles, but there should not be too much glitter.

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