Features of using thermo varnish for nails


Teromalac for nails will not lie idle in your cosmetic bag. With it, you can easily create a stylish manicure, reminiscent of the complex transitions of shades in gradient nail art. How to use a thermal varnish? What kind of manicure to make based on it?

How does thermal nail polish work?

How does thermal nail polish work?

A bottle of thermo varnish does not look different from other means for creating a monophonic manicure. But it is worth applying the product to the nail plates, it changes its color. A beautiful gradient with a smooth transition of shades is created. It’s all about the active components of the varnish, which react to changes in ambient temperature.

The free edge of the nail is «colder» than its base. After applying the background, the thermal varnish will change its color at the tips of the nail plates. The same thing will happen if you put your hands in hot or cold water. Only in this case, the shade will change over the entire surface of the nail.

Thermolacquer is a convenient tool for creating a gradient design that does not require skills and additional manicure accessories. It will also become a beautiful backdrop for more complex nail art.

What are thermal varnishes?

Thermal varnishes have appeared on the beauty market for quite a long time. Brands are improving the formulas of their products for a beautiful manicure. And if earlier only two-color varnishes could be found on sale, now there are those that even create a three-color gradient on the nails.

When choosing a thermal varnish, be guided by its main color. This is exactly the shade that will serve as the background of the manicure. On the product, in addition, the manufacturer always indicates the transitional color, which will be the product after application to the nails. Choose those combinations of tones that you like best. There are many palettes of thermal varnishes: red-black, blue-blue, yellow-green, orange-red.

Features of manicure with thermo varnishes

Home manicure is usually done with a regular thermal varnish that does not need to be dried under a UV lamp. This greatly facilitates the task of creating a beautiful nail design. The technology is the same as when using the «classic» varnish — first a hygienic manicure, then applying a color base. When the varnish is completely dry, you can evaluate the result by dipping your fingers in hot water. See how beautifully the applied coating changes the shade.

But the use of thermal varnish has some features. Consider important nuances so that the manicure is as durable as possible, and the gradient of shades looks as bright as possible.

  • All thermal varnishes «work» according to the same principle — the higher the temperature, the lighter it becomes. Do not forget about this when choosing a product in the store.
  • The shade of thermal varnish after application can change dramatically. And since the nails have different temperatures over the entire surface, the color of the base often turns out to be “uneven”. Especially outdoors or when hands come into contact with water. Be prepared for the fact that on the nail plates a smooth gradient will be replaced by uneven shelves of a different color.
  • Do not apply too many layers of thermal varnish on your nails. Its effect from this «weakens».
  • If a transparent top-fixer is applied over the thermal varnish, it will take more time to change colors. First, the finish layer warms up / cools down, and only then the color base itself.
  • Thermolacquer dry? Do not «reanimate» the product with acetone-containing liquid, as many do, in order to extend the «life» of the beauty product. From such manipulations, the varnish will lose its qualities.

Ideas for stylish nail design with thermo varnish


Thermal varnish on the nails already becomes a completely “completed” manicure in itself — beautiful, stylish, original. But even here there is a huge scope for the implementation of creative ideas of nail art. What design is easy to repeat at home?

  • Gradient jacket

If you often do an elegant French manicure, experiment with thermo varnish. It will allow you to create a beautiful design, in which the free edge of the nail plates will decorate a beautiful gradient.

The French technology itself remains the same. Using adhesive stencils, cover your nails with any colored varnish. And paint their tips not with white, as you usually do, but with a thermal varnish that matches the background shade. As a result, a soft ombre will decorate only the free edge of the nail plates, since the thermal varnish closer to the base will be a little lighter.

With the help of thermal varnish it is easy to create a bright jacket. The main thing is to choose juicy shades of both the base itself and the gradient at the tips of the nails.

  • Polka dot manicure

Try to create a stylish nail design with a «pea» print. Cover your nails with any color base. On a dried background, draw peas with thermo varnish over the entire surface of the nail plate. Now during the day you can admire how large dots on a colored background will change their shade.

It is convenient to apply a «pea» print with a manicure dots. With a tool specifically designed for this, the dots will have smooth edges.

  • Glitter lacquer design

Thermal varnish when applied to the nails creates a soft gradient shade. And this effect can be enhanced with a shimmer.

Apply a layer of thermal varnish on the nail plates. When the base dries, with a thick shiny varnish, make a smooth stretch from the tip of the nail plates to the middle of the base. Do this with a single stroke of the brush so that the sparkles are distributed unevenly over the background. As a result, when the thermal varnish on the free edge darkens, the effect will be emphasized by shining sparkles.

  • colored geometry

Geometric nail design at the peak of popularity. To create a stylish manicure, you can also use thermal varnishes.

The easiest option is to cover the nails with color and, on a dried base, draw horizontal or vertical strips of thermal varnish with a slight indent from each other. The striped print, depending on the temperature of the nail plates and the environment, will periodically change its color. Beautiful and bright!

You can also create a more elegant geometric manicure with a thermal varnish, contrasting in shade to the base. Using a brush, draw thin lines or contours of any shapes on your nails. The effect of thermal varnish will be clearly visible even in this form.


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