Knitted wedding dress — a unique bride’s outfit


All brides want to be the most beautiful on their wedding day. But in order to be not only beautiful, but also one of a kind, you need to choose an outfit that will not look like the dresses of other brides. Such an outfit can be a knitted wedding dress. Such outfits are handmade, so the bride can be sure of the exclusivity of her image. Photos of knitted masterpieces created by craftswomen amaze with the incredible beauty of openwork patterns.


You can knit a unique outfit with knitting needles or crochet. There are different knitting techniques, which is why knitted dresses are so different from one another.

Openwork patterns on the knitting needles are obtained by using crochets and knitting several loops at the same time. When using a hook to obtain patterns, columns of various types and air loops are knitted.

In addition to the usual knitted patterns, special techniques for creating lace are used to create wedding dresses. Lace can be:

  • Tape. When using this technique, repeating strip elements are knitted, connected into intricate patterns.
  • Irish. Lace, consisting of individual crocheted plant motifs. Finished motifs are collected in a common canvas.

  • Romanian. Another type of prefabricated lace, the base is a knitted lace. Designed patterns are laid out from the cord, which are fastened with a needle and thread.
  • Bruges. This type of knitting is outwardly very similar to lace woven on bobbin. At the heart of the pattern is an openwork braid, from which the necessary patterns are smoothed out.

  • sirloin. Outwardly, the knitted fabric will look like guipure. The basis is a grid consisting of square cells, some of which are covered with threads to create certain patterns.

Knitted can be the whole dress or only its individual elements. In the latter case, knitted fabric is combined with fabrics. For example, the bodice and sleeves of the dress can be crocheted, and the skirt is made of silk or chiffon.


The styles of knitted wedding dresses are varied. This can be short and long models, dresses with bare shoulders or a blank top and sleeves, dresses with a straight silhouette or fitted with puffy skirts.

Since knitted lace is thin and openwork, in most cases the dress has a lining. The cover can be made of a fabric that exactly matches the shade of the threads used for knitting, or of a fabric that differs in color. Such a contrasting combination will emphasize the beauty of a knitted pattern.

When choosing the style of a wedding dress, it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the physique of the bride. Short dresses with vertical patterns and models with an asymmetrical skirt are perfect for short girls, which are much longer in the back than in the front.

A universal solution — A-line models, they suit almost everyone and are very comfortable to wear, as they do not hinder movements.

The bodice of the dress can be deaf or open. If the second option is chosen (with or without straps), then in addition to the dress, you can knit an openwork bolero. If desired, the bride can wear a knitted dress with a train, however, it should be borne in mind that this spectacular detail creates a lot of inconvenience when walking.

Vintage knitted dresses look stylish and unusual. If you choose suitable accessories for such a dress, then the image will turn out to be gentle and memorable.


Nowadays, not all brides dress in white for a wedding. Other color options can also be used. The outfits of pastel shades are quite traditional — light lilac, sky blue, silver, etc.

Knitted white lace outfits worn on a bright case look spectacular. Such an outfit looks original and allows you to appreciate the beauty of a knitted pattern. You can do the opposite, sew a white dress, and knit its individual parts (for example, a bodice) from colored threads.


To make a crochet wedding dress airy and light, you need to choose the right yarn for making it. Silk threads will be an excellent choice. The knitted fabric will turn out light, airy and will have a slight sheen.

However, natural silk is not a cheap material, and taking into account the cost of work, a dress made of such threads will be very expensive. Therefore, you can choose threads at a more affordable price. The best option would be a blended yarn, which includes natural cotton and viscose. Knitted fabric from this material will turn out thin, with a slight matte sheen.


Knitted dresses, as a rule, do not need additional decorations, since the main focus is on the beauty of the pattern. However, marriage is a special occasion. Therefore, wedding dresses crocheted or knitted are often decorated with rhinestones, beads, sequins.

If the dress is made entirely of knitted fabric, then you can pick up a satin ribbon belt for it. The contrasting combination of smooth, shiny satin and textured knitted fabric looks very beautiful.

What to wear?

As with any other wedding outfit, you need to choose the right accessories for a knitted dress.


This most popular bridal accessory will adorn any bride. It is recommended to choose a classic veil made of tulle or other light fabric for a knitted dress. The lace model in this case will make the image heavier.

When choosing a veil model, it is worth considering the style of the dress. Models with puffy skirts look good complete with a multi-layer puffy veil. A straight or figure-hugging dress is best complemented with a light veil without additional decor.

The length of the veil may be different. As a rule, a long veil is worn with a long dress and vice versa. But there are exceptions to this rule. For example, if the dress has a spectacular cutout on the back, then you should not cover it with a veil.


Shoes for a wedding dress made of knitted lace are best worn with classic ones without additional decor. Most models require shoes with heels. However, if the bride chose an Empire style outfit or decided to wear a rustic knitted sundress, then stiletto heels would be out of place. For such outfits, you need shoes with a round toe and a small square heel or ballet flats. Sandals are perfect for a beach style dress.


Gloves can be worn with a sleeveless dress. If the dress is completely lace, then it is better to choose gloves of a smooth texture for it — from satin or taffeta. But for a combined dress, in which individual elements are made of knitted lace, openwork gloves that repeat the lace pattern on the dress are perfect.


If the bride chose a knitted wedding dress, then jewelry will need to be used in minimal quantities. The brilliance of metal and stones should not overshadow the delicate beauty of knitted lace.

A model with a neckline can be worn with a thin chain with a small pendant or an elegant necklace. But if the bodice has a decor of rhinestones and sequins, then it is better not to wear anything around the neck, limiting yourself to long earrings.

Brides who want to be original in everything can wear knitted jewelry, but they should not be too much.

Some advice for brides

A knitted wedding dress is a great choice for a bride of any age. But it should be borne in mind that textured knitting adds volume, therefore, if the bride’s figure is not ideal, then an outfit in which individual elements are made of knitted lace is better for her.

It is quite difficult to buy a ready-made knitted dress for a wedding; these models are usually made to order. The bride must understand that this work is complex and painstaking, so only experienced craftswomen should entrust it. Moreover, you need to place an order in advance, since it is unlikely that you will be able to knit a dress in a couple of days.

Careful attention should be paid to the choice of yarn. An unsuccessful choice can lead to deformation of the product or distortion of the pattern, which completely ruins the whole look. It is better to choose a variant with a relatively tight knit and the use of a lining for a dress made of good quality fabric. In this case, the outfit will retain its shape.

Some brides decide to knit their own outfit. But if a girl has never knitted such voluminous things before, then it’s better not to risk it. In addition, it is imperative to start work long before the appointed date of the celebration, since before the wedding itself the bride will have a lot of trouble and she may simply not have enough time.

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