Sleep without anxiety: 6 ways to fall asleep without sad thoughts


Anxious thoughts affect many aspects of life, including sleep. According to statistics, about 70% of people worry about work, money, children and relationships at least 3 times a week. And the more anxiety, the worse the rest. How to get rid of these thoughts and start sleeping normally?

1. Relax your muscles

To fall asleep, you need to reduce the pulse to 60 or below beats per minute. Start by relaxing your muscles. Lie down on the bed and try to relax your legs, then move up, stay still and focus on «spreading» on the bed.

2. Take notes

Before bed, write down the top three things that cause stress and what to do for each. For example, «child’s teeth — write to the dentist.» When there is a solution for every task, the brain is better attuned to sleep.

3. Have sex

Orgasm releases endorphins and oxytocin, which in turn helps you fall asleep. Very nice advice!

4. Buy a weighted blanket

It helps you fall asleep faster and toss and turn less in your sleep.

5. Listen to relaxing music

The best instrumental compositions with a slow rhythm, which at the same time helps to slow down the pulse.

6. Solve Problems Proactively

You should not go to bed if you are angry or very worried. Try to win back all strong emotions before sleep.


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