The biggest mistake you make while eating breakfast

Breakfast is the main meal of the day. Despite a number of studies, the authors of which allow not to have breakfast, most scientists still believe that this meal is necessary.

It sets the mood for the whole day, and what exactly you have for breakfast can determine what and how you will eat during the day. If breakfast is insatiable, you will get hungry very quickly and there is a risk of eating something wrong and wrong — for those who follow the figure, this may not be very useful.

Even if you choose healthy products, it is important how you combine them. It is better to stick to this combination: give half the portion to fruits and vegetables, a quarter to whole grains, and a quarter to protein. If you neglect protein, the value of breakfast will decrease significantly.

The thing is that carbohydrates alone — toast, cereal or bread — will not be enough for you to feel full and energetic. You need a protein that will provide a feeling of satiety for a long time, and therefore you will not want to eat for a longer time.

Another reason why you need protein for breakfast is this: most of us need to eat up to 100 g of protein daily, but our body can only absorb 30 g at a time. Without a morning serving of protein, eating the right amount of protein per day is problematic — the entire amount simply does not have time to digest.

It is not necessary to eat a piece of meat or egg dishes for breakfast. Do not forget that protein is found in legumes, nuts, dairy products such as cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt.

Photo: Louisa Parry

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