The main advantages and disadvantages of hardware manicure


Perhaps there is no such problem with the nails, which the procedure of hardware manicure will not help to cope with. This technology is becoming more and more popular. Care using a milling cutter will make your nails smooth, give the cuticle a neat look, and tidy up areas with rough skin. The hardware technique has practically no contraindications, its important advantages are minimal trauma, high safety. But are there only advantages to this processing method, what else do you need to know about the technique?

Differences between hardware manicure and other technologies

Differences between hardware manicure and other technologies

Hardware manicure differs from other techniques using a special electrical appliance. This equipment is complemented by several interchangeable nozzles, with the help of which nails and cuticles are processed. With a milling cutter, you can do a manicure both in salon and at home.

Another difference between the hardware technique is the fact that this type of manicure is performed only on dry hands. The skin and nails do not steam out, which facilitates their processing with nozzles. Due to the absence of pre-soaking, the nail plates exfoliate less, their grinding itself becomes more effective. You can not wash your hands also because when the nozzles are rotated at high speed, wet skin will heat up. Finally, wet particles can get inside the equipment, which will shorten its service life.

The number of nozzles on the router may vary. The standard kit traditionally includes:

  • Nozzle with a grinding roller — used to treat the skin around the nail.
  • Cone-shaped nozzle — used when working on the cuticle, to lift it.
  • Cylindrical nozzle with a rounded end — necessary for the care of the side recesses of the nail plates.
  • Ball-shaped nozzle — needed to remove the cuticle.
  • Small diameter discs — used to give a certain shape to the plate.
  • Large diameter discs — used to remove dry calluses, rough skin.

Cutters differ not only in shape and purpose, but also in the material from which they are made. The most expensive are diamond nozzles, which are necessary for working on the most delicate areas. And ceramic cutters are more suitable for rough, problematic areas. Silicon carbide products are affordable, but they are also less durable.

All the benefits of hardware nail care

All the benefits of hardware nail care

It is no coincidence that hardware manicure received a whole army of fans. This type of care is safer when compared with the same classical method of treating nails and cuticles. The risk of injury is minimized, because the master does not use scissors when working. It is also important that the skin around the nail is not cut off, there is no preliminary steaming. This allows you to exclude the introduction of infection, reduce the time for performing hygiene procedures. So, working with dry hands helps to avoid the appearance of fungus.

The absence of pre-steaming makes the hardware method the best choice for dry and very sensitive hand skin. The technology will be a salvation in case of a rapidly growing cuticle, if necessary, correction of artificial nail plates, large damage to the surface of natural nails. You can also use the router for pedicure. Especially in the presence of dry corns, corns.

The undoubted advantage of the hardware method is the absence of pain. Discomfort can appear only in extreme cases. Often this is due to the low level of training of the master. However, a professional will make his hands perfect, since even the most difficult areas can be processed with a milling cutter.

Also, with hardware care, the nail cuticle grows more slowly than with a trimmed manicure. The effect of visiting the salon lasts for about 2 weeks. And if you do the processing with a milling cutter constantly, then over time the nails will become stronger, and problems with the cuticle will no longer bother.

It takes about 30 minutes or more to take care of your nails with a router. Over time, the duration of the session will decrease. As a rule, masters advise to perform the treatment once a week to maintain the beauty of the nail plates and cuticles. If desired, you can combine a hardware manicure with the application of gel polish, design.

Which nails are not suitable for hardware manicure

Despite all the advantages, hardware manicure is not suitable for everyone. The most important contraindication to this type of care is the high brittleness of the nails. If the plates are thin and weak, it is worth choosing a different type of processing. For example, medical Japanese manicure. Otherwise, the router can cause the destruction of nails, delamination and other problems.

Absolute contraindications to the use of a milling cutter include diseases of the nails and the skin around them. This is a fungus and inflammation of the periungual ridges. Before visiting the salon, you need to eliminate the inflammatory process, cure the fungus. It is also undesirable to use the hardware method in case of mechanical damage to the plate. You should wait until a healthy nail grows back.

Hardware care requires a sufficient level of training of the master. The specialist must understand what the sequence of steps should be, what nozzles are needed in a particular case. So, a professional knows for sure that disinfection and removal of the old layer of varnish are carried out at the preparation stage, and cuticle treatment precedes nail polishing.

When using a router at home, you need to understand that this equipment requires careful processing. As with a trimmed manicure, it is necessary to monitor the sterility of the instrument or use disposable cutters. It is important that the service life of the nozzles is reduced during disinfection. They also wear out while working. Therefore, the kit will have to be updated periodically.

Hardware manicure rarely lives up to expectations immediately after the first visit to the master. It is important not to change the type of care to keep your nails looking flawless. And, of course, the effectiveness of processing will directly depend on the level of professionalism of the specialist.


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