14 hand creams that will restore youth to the skin


The main secret of an impeccable manicure and pedicure is not only fashionable varnishes in rich colors, but also well-groomed, healthy skin of hands and feet. Beauty novelties and proven products from popular brands will help you find this. What can they offer?

Extra nourishing hand cream «REPHARM»

In the cold season, the skin needs nourishment more than ever. The first aid for her will be the best natural oils: shea, avocado, walnut, coconut, olive and grape seed. They have powerful antioxidant properties, saturate the skin with useful fatty acids, relieve the feeling of dryness and tightness. And vitamins F and D-panthenol return comfort to the skin, soften it and restore it.

Premium Hand Self Care Sheet

Is it possible to stop time while keeping the skin of the hands young and beautiful? Of course, if you regularly carry out useful beauty procedures! To do this, it is not at all necessary to go to a cosmetology clinic, because hand care can be done at home! Thanks to the mask from the brand It’skin, damaged and weathered skin of the hands is quickly restored, its firmness and elasticity increase, and the appearance improves. Nutrient components in its composition reduce the depth of wrinkles and prevent the appearance of new “signs of age”.

Hand cream with royal jelly «Intensive moisturizing» from Avon Care

This beauty product has a bright cheerful design. Each procedure with it improves mood and energizes. Even the most gloomy and gray winter days will be nothing to you, as well as the skin of your hands, which will receive care, attention and care. Royal jelly intensively moisturizes, nourishes and restores even very dry skin.

Cream-paraffin French Lavender, ARAVIA Professional

A pleasant salon treatment is now available at home. You can even practice relaxation sessions while listening to your favorite movie! Paraffin cream from a professional brand of cosmetics contains nourishing shea butter and fragrant lavender essential oil. Working together, they perfectly relax, nourish and restore the skin of the hands, soften the cuticle and strengthen the nails. Thanks to this care, the hands become velvety, and the nails become strong and strong.

SPA Moisturizing and caring mask for hands and feet «Unsurpassed nutrition», Avon Planet Spa

It is pleasant to pamper not only the skin of the hands, but also the legs with this tool — it is a real lifesaver! In winter care, it is almost impossible to overestimate its role! Budget cost, high quality, excellent moisturizing and caring properties. What else can you wish for?

Low molecular weight cream-mask for hands and elbows, LUNDENILONA

As part of this miracle remedy — hyaluronic acid with a reduced molecule, which is able to penetrate deep into the skin, increasing their level of moisture. Other valuable components help her in this: licorice extract, wheat proteins, shea butter, macadamia, jojoba seeds, marine collagen and panthenol. However, the product formula is not limited to them! But something else is important: it restores skin tone in the shortest possible time, normalizes the water balance and noticeably rejuvenates.

Concentrated preparation for nails with silver microparticles from Eveline Cosmetics

The microparticles of silver contained in this concentrate not only strengthen the nails and prevent their delamination, but also add shine and radiance to the manicure. The nails become more resistant to mechanical stress, and the cuticle receives the desired hydration and nutrition. It is only important not to forget to use the tool daily. Beauty therapy is designed for 10 days.

SPA Hand Cream «Unsurpassed Nutrition» with African Shea Butter, Avon Planet Spa

After using this tool, the skin of the hands becomes satiny, soft and tender, as if after expensive care in the salon. Yes, this is not surprising, because it contains valuable Shea butter. It unsurpassedly nourishes, maintains the balance of moisture inside the skin and protects it from external negative influences.

Ph.Drop Everyday Hand Therapy Nourishing Hand Cream

The delicate texture of this emollient cream based on grape oil, macadamia seeds and rose, perfectly copes with increased dryness and sensitivity of the skin of the hands, restoring the desired comfort and radiant appearance. Vitamin B3, panthenol, hydrolyzed ceramides, as well as extracts of licorice root and centella asiatica, have a powerful anti-aging effect, relieve irritation and fight pigmentation. Hands look perfect to the envy of everyone!

Cream-mask for legs from LUNDENILONA

A woman should be beautiful to the tips of her nails. It is impossible to create a spectacular pedicure if the skin of the legs is rough or needs cosmetic care!

Cream-mask for feet will delight its owner with touching care, and besides, it will make the heels perfectly soft and smooth. To do this, it has everything you need: a complex of four vitamins, a couple of natural oils, beeswax, panthenol and four plant extracts. The product perfectly refreshes and tones the skin of the legs, has high anti-inflammatory properties.

Hand cream with argan oil «Regeneration» from Avon Care

The creamy texture of this product is instantly absorbed without leaving even a hint of a sticky film behind. And the precious argan oil in its formula saturates the skin with vitamins, moisturizes, softens and protects from bad weather. The negative external environment no longer has a chance to spoil your mood!

Eveline Cosmetics Handmed anti-aging hand cream-serum

If you love multifunctional tools, this is one of them. In one bottle, an effective hand serum is combined with a powerful anti-aging cream! Due to the content of the hyaluronic complex, urea, avocado oils, five plant extracts and vitamins A, E and F, the product will save the skin from cold and wind, dry air of heated rooms. A nice bonus will be getting rid of pigmentation and reducing the depth of wrinkles.

Hand cream Cream Oil with grape seed oil and jojoba, ARAVIA Professional

In a salon or clinic, this cream is used at the final stage of a SPA manicure — during a relaxing hand massage. But it is not necessary to go to the salon to get your portion of pleasure! If you purchase this tool in advance, then you can please yourself at home. The oils of sweet almond, grape seed and jojoba contained in it have an antioxidant effect, rejuvenate, moisturize and nourish the skin of the hands.

Concentrated preparation for nails with gold microparticles from Eveline Cosmetics

This precious beauty product can not only replace the usual nail polish, but also provide quality care to damaged plates at the same time. After all, it contains microparticles of gold, which are needed by the nail plates to strengthen them and prevent delamination. And it also contains the active Strong NailTM complex, which penetrates the structure of the nails, strengthens them and accelerates growth. The result of the ten-day program will be beautiful, healthy and strong nails.

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