8 versions, fantastic and not so


1. Everyone will have sex robots

That would be beauty … In your personal life — emptiness or partner does not satisfy? No need to look for anyone on the side, no casual connections. Everything you need will be done by android.

Or maybe you always wanted to try something new, but were afraid to offer it to your loved one? And in this case, humanoid robots equipped with artificial intelligence will do. Who can just hug, and can do whatever they want, without the slightest embarrassment.

How will this affect human communications when, instead of trying to find a common language, we will resort to the help of soulless devices? One can only guess.

2. Real physical touch can be replaced with a virtual one.

Even if your loved one is far away, you can still make love with ultra-realistic virtual reality suits that simulate touch.

3. This will lead to virtual prostitution

If the phone and the Internet have led to phone sex and explicit video chats, then what an opportunity for this industry opens up virtual reality! Plus — the safety of sex workers, mutual anonymity, the impossibility of unplanned pregnancy and STDs.

4. But the profession «venereologist» will become rare and in little demand

Due to the fact that random contacts can be easily replaced by virtual or robotic ones, the number of sexually transmitted diseases will be greatly reduced.

5. Long-distance relationships will become the norm, not a nightmare for those who are forced to study or work away from loved ones and count the months until they meet.

The secret again lies in the possibilities of virtual sex — and any other virtual tactile contacts, like hugs and playing ping-pong. Probably, this will lead to the fact that people can marry those whom they have never met in their lives and who live on the other side of the Earth. Or even on another planet.

6. In this case, gender, sexual orientation, appearance and age will become unimportant.

Because the computer program is able to generate any preferred characteristics. In fact, we can all become characters in a frighteningly realistic Sim City game.

And what will happen to ordinary human relationships when high technology penetrates deeply into the intimate sphere? Will they become the deeply despised «love for the poor» who have gone into the catacombs and indulge in debauchery in the old fashioned way?

Dr. Laura Berman, in an article in The Wall Street Journal, assures that the natural desire of human nature to restore balance will prevail and traditional forms of relationships will not go anywhere. Let’s hope so, somehow we don’t want our descendants to live in a world of dystopia.

7. The expression «fuck someone’s brains» will take on a literal meaning.

Dr. Berman also promises that «our understanding of the neuroscience of sex will lead to new possibilities for direct brain stimulation for mind-blowing sexual pleasure without physical contact.»

Simply put, they implant an electrode into the brain, press a button — and here it is, a fabulous orgasm! Everyone remembered the legendary experience with the rat, which, being connected to the same infernal machine, gave itself pleasure to death, because it didn’t drink, didn’t eat, but only sting and sting the button?

This method has one plus: it will make it possible for immobilized disabled people to experience sexual release.

8. A revolution in the pharmaceutical market is coming

Instead of the dubious “female Viagra”, there will be drugs that really treat female sexual dysfunction. After all, women are more and more loudly declaring their rights, which means that sooner or later they will reach out to pharmacists and force them to solve the problem.

And if you remember that drug manufacturers have been working on the creation of male birth control pills for a long time, then soon no one will be surprised to hear from a woman in a pharmacy: “I, please, Viagra for me and birth control pills for my husband.”


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