Black half-sun skirt (32 photos) — practical, comfortable, versatile


A fluffy semi-sun skirt will appeal to every fashionista. This model is extremely practical, convenient and versatile. It will suit any woman, regardless of age and physique. A black half-sun skirt must be present in the basic wardrobe. It can be made from any fabric that matches the season and the woman’s personal preferences.

Style features

Traditionally, a half-sun skirt is made with one seam. To save fabric, models are often sewn from two halves. The current fashion hit is a half-sun wrap skirt. Long models will hide figure flaws, stretch the silhouette and give the image more femininity. A denim skirt will beautifully fold along the bottom edge, giving the figure extra volume where it is needed. Models made of flowing fabrics gently envelop the silhouette, creating the illusion of lightness and soaring. A black half-sun skirt with lace will be able to complement the evening look, and a model made of fine wool will diversify the basic wardrobe in the autumn-winter period.

An elasticated skirt will suit girls with a thin physique. The fluffy fabric of the skirt will visually enlarge the hips and divert attention from the angular forms. Unlike the sun skirt, the half sun skirt is not so lush, which eliminates disproportions if the top does not differ in large volumes.

Special attention deserves a skirt with a high fit or yoke. This style allows you to hide excess volume in the waist and visually improve the figure. Cropped high-waisted layered skirts are the choice of girls who want to show off a wasp waist and slender legs.

In a casual wardrobe, a half-sun skirt made of dense fabric with side pockets in the seams may appear. Such a model always consists of two halves and has a knee-length or more. Such skirts are often sewn from denim, cotton and even thin leather. Models with clear folds, directed in one direction or towards each other, look spectacular. Most often, these are skirts made of dense materials that form clear folds. Pleated semi-sun skirts are usually of considerable length and are made of lightweight fabrics.

How to wear a semi-sun skirt

Let’s start with the fact that the skirt in black is utilitarian and goes well with almost all other colors. You have to be careful with black. If there is too much of it, then the image will turn out to be gloomy.

A playful cropped skirt is combined with light tops in pastel shades. For the office, a skirt below the knees and a fitted top in rich colors are suitable. It can be burgundy, emerald, purple, blue. In a business image, blouses and shirts in white, gray and beige colors will be appropriate.

Several options for combining a half-sun skirt of short length:

  • a shirt with rolled up sleeves is a spectacular youth look. A plain shirt or denim model is best;

  • tight-fitting top and jacket to the middle of the thigh — if you choose a bright top, and leave the skirt and jacket black, then the image will turn out to be both restrained and fresh;
  • long sleeve with an asymmetrical bottom — today many girls prefer to wear T-shirts with long sleeves and a deliberately uneven edge. Loose sweatshirts and sweatshirts can also complement a cropped half-sun skirt;

  • a loose polka dot blouse with a bow collar is a stylish look with a touch of retro. Any model of a skirt just above the knees will do, and the blouse itself can be bright or muted, depending on personal preferences;
  • a turtleneck and stocking boots are a great option for an autumn-spring look. Instead of boots, there can be lace-up boots, and a turtleneck will be replaced by a plain jumper with a relief pattern.

good images

What to wear with a long half-sun skirt? T-shirts, tops and boleros are appropriate in the summer look. In the off-season, it is better to wear a straight-cut sweater, while it is worth marking the waistline with a wide belt or strap. The maxi model goes well with ponchos, cropped jackets, mid-thigh fur vests and plain turtlenecks. And everywhere you need to emphasize the waistline, otherwise the silhouette will turn out to be rectangular.

A long skirt is worn with shoes with a small heel or ballet flats, moccasins, sneakers, depending on the chosen style. In winter, half boots or ankle boots with a small heel, as well as wedge or low-speed boots are worn under an elongated model.

A half-sun skirt to the floor will complement the look in the style of a boho or hippie. Stylists recommend models made of guipure or taffeta to those girls who favor the gothic or punk style. Light and delicate fabric is in perfect harmony with leather, metal and rough fabrics.

An elongated half-sun skirt is a practical option for full girls. You can wear it with a loose blouse or a jumper with a straight cut. At the same time, the top should definitely be tucked into the skirt and make a slight overlap, which will improve the proportions.

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