Black wedding dress — a mysterious image or a bad omen?


The traditional wedding dress is a white wedding dress. This is explained by the fact that wearing a white robe for a wedding, you enter a new bright life with your husband, as the white color demonstrates the youth and innocence of its owner. However, today you will not surprise anyone with the usual shade, so girls prefer non-traditional options, choosing a black wedding dress.

Should you wear a black dress for a wedding, what are its advantages and which option to choose, you will learn further.

A bit of history

The first time a black wedding dress appeared on a girl who was getting married for the third time. Baroness Cassandra Accurti, the owner of a fashion house in Paris, came up with an unusual attire. In the thirties of the 20th century, she offered to wear a luxurious dark robe with a silver fox for a wedding. It was Cassandra who focused on shades in relation to the order in which a woman tries on the image of a bride. So, the first marriage was marked by a snow-white tint, the second — by pink, and the third time was wearing … a black dress.

In Spain, a black wedding dress is not considered something special, it symbolizes fidelity to the chosen one until death. In India, white is even considered a shade of mourning.

In Russia, a bride in a black wedding dress is associated with mourning, as well as with mystery, magic, and mystery. Signs say that this wedding dress gives the girl a special power, protecting her from any negativity and becoming a special talisman.

Black shows reincarnation and mystery, the necessary change. This does not mean that the changes will be bad, but only that you recognize them and will play a new role.

star exits

Among style icons, Sarah Jessica Parker and Marilyn Monroe distinguished themselves with an unusual choice. Marilyn married basketball player Joe DiMaggio for the second time in a dark wedding dress with a minimalist cut. It was bought in an ordinary store for $ 250. Interestingly, in 1999 a well-known collector bought it for $33,500.

In 1997, Parker married Matthew Broderick, choosing a dress in the color of the night, because she did not want to draw public attention to this event. However, years later, the star regretted the bold shade. In an interview, she repeated this more than once.


Wedding fashion is conservative, but new trends are always relevant. Dark is ubiquitous in fashion, displaying classic and style. After the release of Sarah Jessica Parker in a black dress, designers never cease to delight us with originality. So, in the collections of Vera Wang there are exquisite and original outfits for the ceremony. Lush products with gray inserts, black flowers on a beige background fascinate and evoke positive emotions. Such dresses cannot be called mourning or boring.

The Oscar de la Renta brand does not lag behind fashion trends. The collections offer classic white models with black inserts in the form of a corset and black gloves. The style with a fluffy skirt and a «fish» is the most relevant.

The Marchesa brand is experimenting, offering the fairer sex elegant outfits with a transparent skirt and gold trim. The bride’s outfits reflect the Baroque style, making the girl a true queen.

There are several styles of this outfit. Lush dress — the choice of the most extravagant brides. It looks incredibly majestic and bright. A short black dress is in no way associated with a wedding, but for the most extravagant girls, you can’t imagine a better option. The lace product looks elegant and unusual, highlighting the femininity and charm of its owner. In it, each will be slender and amazingly mysterious.

You can choose not only a monochrome look, but also a white dress with black trim. Sleeves, flounces, a belt can be black — it is much easier to decide on a similar style!

«Pros and cons»

The photo shows various variations of black dresses for the bride. This has been a trend for several years. Disputes regarding such an unusual outfit do not stop, but one thing can be said with certainty: the girl who put on such an option for a wedding is a brave and self-sufficient person. Despite prejudices, she is ready to go against public opinion.

Making an important decision that will cause excitement in society is not so easy. Choosing an unusual wedding dress is no exception. The bride should weigh everything well and think over before she chooses such a non-standard attire. Let’s name the main advantages and disadvantages of the outfit:

  • Black is a non-staining color, so you will not worry about your appearance. Even if there is a long train at the back, the outfit will retain an attractive look for a long time.

  • The outfit makes the bride more slender and attractive, emphasizes her sexuality.
  • Creates the illusion of weightlessness and lightness.

  • If you do not think through the image completely, the style will be gloomy. Long straight dresses with pale make-up look especially mournful.
  • The product is most suitable for the “winter” color type. For spring and autumn beauty — this is not the best option.

  • Be prepared for unusual reactions from others.
  • The disadvantage of a black dress for a wedding is that it is very difficult to find it in stores.

Accessories and shoes

Pearl jewelry is recommended to add to the magnificent outfit. Diamonds are also great. A black dress with a veil embroidered with pearls will create a luxurious look, a brooch or a diadem will be appropriate.

White additions are the most relevant. A black dress with red accessories is chosen by girls who are not getting married for the first time.
The bride’s bouquet should stand out from the dress. In a bouquet, it is good to repeat all the colors that are present in the image. A bouquet of black and white looks especially interesting.

Brides wear a product with a white and black veil. If you want to wear a veil, then choose one that is completely black or white with dark trim, it is better to refuse a completely white veil — in most cases it looks just ridiculous.

So that the look does not turn out to be gothic or mourning, consider makeup. Bright colors work best. Sexy make-up — red lipstick, long black eyelashes and black arrows.

Choosing a black wedding dress is the height of courage and strangeness. But if you feel that you should be in just such a non-standard and deep garment, choose it, and do not listen to anyone’s advice.

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