Concealer: how to use this cosmetic?


Doing makeup is like reproducing the whole picture, where paints are a variety of cosmetic products, each of which has its own task. High-quality and beautiful makeup cannot be done without such a tool as a concealer, but how to use it correctly?

What does it represent?

It would seem that women have nothing more to wish for, because there is already an ideal tool for evening out tone and masking imperfections — this is foundation. However, as practice shows, he cannot afford to hide obvious imperfections and serious skin flaws. It was for this reason that such masking cosmetics as a concealer were created, which is able to cope with spider veins, acne and traces of them, age spots, dark circles under the eyes, etc. Of course, the concealer is not able to eliminate the very cause of these imperfections, but in its power to effectively hide them underneath.

In addition, such cosmetics may contain anti-acne ingredients that dry out acne and accelerate their healing, as well as light-reflecting components that generally improve the complexion. Sometimes, in addition to basic components such as talc, kaolin, dimethicone, sodium chloride, starch and oils, vitamins and antioxidants that are beneficial for the skin are added to the composition, which takes this concealer to a new level. We owe its appearance on the cosmetic market to the chemist Lydia O’Leary, who created in 1928 the first prototype of a concealer to mask a birthmark. Well, it became available to the general population in 1954, when it was released for free sale by the Erace brand from Max Factor.

Types of concealers

Types of concealers

The modern cosmetology market represents many types of concealers that differ in color, shape, consistency and other parameters. Knowing which one is intended for what, you can understand how to use it correctly:

  • Stick or pencil

It usually has the form of a tube similar to lipstick with a twisted main part. It has a dense, but rather plastic texture. It is used to mask point defects — acne, bruises, age spots. It is enough to apply a little money to the problem area and drive in with a fingertip, slightly shading;

  • liquid agent

Created to mask the area under the eyes, evening out the tones in this place. How to use concealer? It is enough to touch the area under the eyes with the product several times, and then spread it over the skin with a sponge or makeup brush;

Often comes in the form of a washer. This is a universal tool in terms of masking, which is convenient to apply with your fingers or a brush;

  • Dry (mineral)

This type is most often used in contouring — a makeup technique in which dark tonal shades are combined with light ones, which allows you to create the desired transition and emphasize the advantages of the face, hiding imperfections.

You need to choose the color of the concealer in the same way as the color of the foundation. Like foundation, it can have yellow, neutral, or pink undertones, so it’s best to test it in the store first. Yellow and neutral undertones suit most people, but you need to remember that such cosmetics oxidize on the skin and darken a little.


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