Manicure with anti-age effect


Manicure with anti-age effect will not turn back the clock. But he is quite capable of visually “rejuvenating” his hands, which have already been affected by age-related changes. The ideal nail art for mature women should perform two important functions — not emphasize wrinkles on the skin and at the same time be stylish. This is easy to achieve if you choose the “right” length and shape of nails, give preference to a certain palette of varnishes.

Optimal nail length

Long nails visually add age. And this is often used by young girls. They make extensions or use artificial tips — as a result, the manicure looks more “adult”.

Want to get the opposite effect? Then cut your nails shorter. A short manicure looks very elegant and feminine, besides, it is much more comfortable to wear it. It is believed that the ideal length of the nail plates for older women is no more than 5 mm from the fingertips.

«Anti-aging» forms of nail plates for manicure

For a manicure with an anti-age effect, it is better to choose a nail shape that looks as neat and feminine as possible. It is better to refuse extravagant sharp nail plates in favor of an oval or a rounded square. An almond shape will also work, as long as you don’t leave your nails too long. Such types of manicure, in addition to looking very elegant, also allow you to maintain the health of your nails — they are easy to file and polish, they break much less often.

You can «cut» the nails of the desired shape yourself. Use a high-quality glass or ceramic file so that the nail plates do not exfoliate and become brittle.

Well-groomed cuticles and moisturized hands

A beautiful manicure is, first of all, well-groomed hands. With age, the skin begins to actively lose moisture. Because of this, wrinkles and age spots on the hands become more visible. Even beautiful nail art will not mask the problem.

Spend more time on home skin care. Use moisturizing creams, take warm herbal baths, try effective salon treatments (nail seals, paraffin therapy).

Don’t forget your cuticles. The skin becomes drier, and cutting the cuticle with scissors can lead to hangnails. It is better to start using special removers. Unedged manicure is considered a more gentle technique. In between treatments, treat your cuticles with oils to keep them hydrated.

Suitable shades of varnishes for nail design

Suitable shades of varnishes for nail design

When choosing the right lacquer for anti-aging nail art, it is important to consider that with age, skin tone may change slightly, acquiring a yellowish or earthy undertone. Because of this, not all colors of manicure will look beautiful.

What varnishes should be avoided when making nail art? Most likely, nude colors that completely “repeat” the skin tone will not work. Gray varnish will also not decorate the design — it will emphasize fine wrinkles and age spots on the hands. Another inappropriate option for anti-aging manicure is neon colors (pink, light green, yellow, orange). These are too bright, catchy shades that will draw attention to the hands and give the image a vulgarity.

What shades of lacquers are useful to make a beautiful design with an anti-age effect?

  • Light pink

Pale pink nail polish is a universal option for anti-aging manicure. It can become the basis for a monochromatic design, as well as a background for more complex nail art. On light nails, any patterns with which you want to decorate a manicure will be clearly visible — geometry, ornaments, floral motifs. Pale pink polish is perfect for women with fair skin. You can’t do without it if you want to make an elegant jacket.

Light pink polish looks good in both glossy and matte textures. It looks perfect on oval or almond-shaped nails — these are the forms most often chosen by older women.

It seems that bright orange or deep red color on the nails look too extravagant? Then you should pay attention to a calmer coral varnish. It is great for anti-aging manicure and decorates short or medium length nails.

Delicate coral polish is especially suitable for those who have «warm» golden skin. This is the basis of both everyday and evening nail art. If you combine coral polish with red or blue (for example, to create a beautiful gradient), the manicure will look much brighter.

Nude beige polishes are not suitable for anti-aging manicure. But a delicate peach shade that fades into light orange is a completely different matter. It is good because it visually masks uneven skin tone on the hands and age spots.

Peach nail polish is a completely independent design. And to decorate a manicure, you can use small rhinestones, imitating holes at the base of the nail plates. Also, a delicate shade will be an excellent background for a geometric or floral pattern.

A light mint shade well emphasizes the tan and sets off dark skin. Use this color for a beautiful anti-aging manicure. The main thing is to choose a pastel shade, not a bright one. Only in this case, the manicure will perform the «function» of anti-age.

Mint color on the nails will create the effect of smooth young skin. Use it to make summer nail art look stylish and bright. In a manicure, mint can be combined with other pastel shades — pink, blue, lilac. Do a geometric or gradient manicure.

Another light shade that will decorate the anti-aging nail design is milky. The color accentuates the tan and refreshes. The best solution for a beautiful summer manicure.

To prevent your nails from appearing visually shorter, use a varnish with a gloss effect. It looks bright even without additional decoration. Pair milk polish with light pink for a beautiful nail design with a smooth gradient effect.


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