Oral care devices from Aliexpress: how not to make a mistake in choosing


China is a country of craftsmen and people with unlimited imagination. They create devices, once we see them, we can’t imagine how we lived without them!? Aliexpress is one of the largest online platforms where you can find literally everything: from useful little things for hobbies and everyday life, personal care products to medical equipment. MedAboutMe studied the assortment in detail and compiled a rating of useful, interesting, as well as sensational items designed for oral care and dental beauty.

Teeth teaching toys

Mothers and Daughters is a game for the ages, which allows young girls to realize one of their main goals in life — to become a mother. Many modern girls have baby dolls that need to be looked after: feed, bathe, change diapers, walk and much more. Psychologists say that children remember and understand information better in a playful way, and dentists often advise involving favorite toys in the process of learning to brush their teeth.

Boys, future real men, can also have favorite toys, cherished, protected. Although boys are less likely to play with dolls, they may have a favorite soft toy that can also be involved in brushing their teeth.

The Chinese offer a special toy designed to teach this process. It can be a cartoon character, a fabulous animal, for example, a dragon, a pink panther, or even the king of all animals, in a word, suitable for both boys and girls. The kit comes with a special, large and comfortable toothbrush for a child’s hand, and the teeth of the toy can not only be cleaned, but also treated, by the way, sets for playing dentist are also in a wide range.

Manufacturers do not focus on whether the toy is intended for domestic or exclusively medical purposes, and dentists claim that such a toy will be useful for both boys and girls who do not want to learn how to brush their teeth.

Preserve memory: storage boxes for milk teeth

In anticipation of a child, future parents storm children’s stores in search of cribs, diapers, undershirts, newborn care products. Standing apart in this list is the purchase of the My Baby album, where parents can make important notes, store memorable events and photos.

The change of milk teeth to permanent ones is a whole event for every child. AliExpress offers not to exchange teeth with a mouse or a tooth fairy, but to keep them as a keepsake in a special box.

Each tooth storage tank is signed. A useful and cute device that can save memory, and the box itself can be signed, marked anniversaries and even add photos.

Toothpaste dispenser

Many of us have noticed that when buying a new and interesting thing, you want to use it as soon as possible. Manufacturers of oral care products play on this desire. Recently, toothpaste dispensers have become popular. Not only do they arouse interest and desire to use them, therefore, to brush your teeth, they also follow the recommendations of the dentist: a pea-sized paste is enough to brush your teeth, especially when it comes to children.

This purchase will be useful for those families where children either do not have a special desire to brush their teeth, or use too much toothpaste, and some of it is swallowed.

Toothbrush disinfection

Dentists gov

In anticipation of a child, future parents storm children’s stores in search of cribs, diapers, undershirts, newborn care products. Standing apart in this list is the purchase of the My Baby album, where parents can make important notes, store memorable events and photos.

The change of milk teeth to permanent ones is a whole event for every child. AliExpress offers not to exchange teeth with a mouse or a tooth fairy, but to keep them as a keepsake in a special box.

Each tooth storage tank is signed. A useful and cute device that can save memory, and the box itself can be signed, marked anniversaries and even add photos.

upload/medialibrary/e0b/shutterstock_137343770.jpg» name=»Is your toothbrush a breeding ground for infection?»]

At the annual meeting of the American Society for Microbiology in New Orleans, scientists presented a report stating that more than 60% of toothbrushes in bathrooms combined with a toilet were found to have intestinal microflora.

It was also alarming that in 80% of cases the source of infection was not the owner of the toothbrush. Scientists believe that the body can cope with its own microflora and prevent the development of diseases, but what if another family member was the source of the infection?

The main reason for the spread of dangerous flora is associated with the combination of toilet and bath, as well as improper storage of the toothbrush and its use.

Scientists were able to detect bacteria of the Enterobacteriaceae and Pseudomonadaceae families, which belong to the normal intestinal microflora, on the bristles. But some forms of these bacteria can be pathogenic, that is, cause disease.

Dr. Aber, lead researcher on the study, noted that the use of caps for bristles, as well as holders for several brushes to prevent contamination, only worsened the situation, thus creating the most favorable conditions for the development of pathogenic bacteria. Scientists see a way out of the situation only in the storage of toothbrushes outside the bathroom or the introduction of sterilizers for toothbrushes.


An irrigator is a household appliance designed to improve oral hygiene. But its purpose does not end there. We can say that this is a device that is actively used in the treatment of certain gum diseases. Dentists remind that it is mandatory for use in patients with long prostheses, that is, «bridges», gum disease, accompanied by the formation of pathological periodontal pockets, etc.

The variety of irrigators is amazing, and everyone can find the most convenient one for themselves at an affordable price.

Portable irrigator

Portable irrigator

The first appliances were and remain stationary, often called family appliances, dependent on the source of electricity. For people leading an active lifestyle, a portable individual irrigator was developed with a small reservoir for water or medicinal solution. Its operation is carried out on accumulators or batteries.

Ordinary tap with water — a potential irrigator

What is needed for the operation of the irrigator? In fact, only water and a mechanism that creates pressure. A special hose can create a potential irrigator from any tap that meets all the requirements and rules of work. It is noteworthy that such a device is significantly different in price from individual gadgets and will be useful for frequent travelers who care about oral health.

Means for cleaning teeth

The variety of toothpastes in the vast stores is simply amazing: here you can find all-natural toothpastes (as manufacturers say), popular and remineralizing, as well as whitening, with the latter group being the most in demand.

Black toothpaste with charcoal

Black toothpaste with charcoal

Activated charcoal is one of the most widely used and loved teeth whitening products. To date, black toothpastes containing different types of coal are very popular. Manufacturers claim that charcoal not only whitens teeth perfectly and, thanks to large abrasive particles, effectively removes pigmented plaque, but also literally absorbs pathogenic bacteria. Clinical studies sponsored by toothpaste manufacturers have found strong antibacterial, antifungal, and even antiviral properties in charcoal.

If we evaluate customer reviews and the observations of dentists, then expectation and reality do not match. The only thing that works is to stimulate the desire to brush your teeth.

John C. Brooks from the University of Maryland in the United States carefully reviewed data from clinical trials of pastes with various carbon particles and compared them with studies of their biological activity and toxicity.

The doctor analyzed over a hundred scientific studies and articles and published his research in February 2017. It showed that the description of the product provided by the manufacturer of toothpastes is often not true:

  • 38% of toothpastes were presented as remineralizing, that is, contributing to the saturation of the enamel. In fact, none of them contained fluorine — a substance that really helps to saturate the enamel with minerals and strengthen it. The calcium concentrations in the pastes were negligible;
  • «Suitable for sensitive teeth.» In the course of numerous studies, it was possible to prove that coal particles are mineral abrasives that can damage enamel and gums due to their aggressiveness. Their use can only increase the symptoms of sensitivity;
  • «Low-Abrasion Pastes». 28% of the studied toothpastes were considered low-image, but during the study it was possible to prove that only one toothpaste corresponded to such a description. There is a legitimate question, how can a low abrasion paste be whitening? The effect is achieved by a combination of abrasives and chemicals that can dissolve pigmented plaque.

John C. Brooks noted that in order to talk about the unambiguous effectiveness of such toothpastes, additional full-scale studies are needed, as well as increased control over manufacturers, who sometimes make unsubstantiated promises.

Coconut charcoal dentifrice powder

This is one of the popular teeth whitening products that can be found on the Internet. The composition of the powder includes activated bamboo charcoal and excipients, which the manufacturer in most cases is silent about.

The comments of dentists come down to one thing: such products are characterized by increased abrasiveness, they can be used only after consulting a specialist, and no more than a few times a week — everything will depend on the patient and the condition of his oral cavity.

Expert comment

Rogova Natalya Mikhailovna, TsNIIS and ChLH, Moscow

In their pursuit of the main dream — beautiful and snow-white teeth — patients often trust the advertising of various products, rather than professionals. What can this lead to in the end? Known, for example, cases of individual reactions, namely allergies, which required long-term treatment, chemical burns.

If we talk about the effect on the teeth, then in many cases the effect really is due to coarse and large abrasives. But there is also the other side of the coin — damage to the enamel, the formation of increased sensitivity of the teeth.

It is necessary to use such funds correctly, following all the recommendations of specialists: no more than 1-2 times a week, test for allergic reactions.

Remineralizing gels

This category of goods can hardly be called hygiene products, they are mostly therapeutic and are aimed at restoring enamel and reducing tooth sensitivity.


Such remedies can be used as an additional therapy for tooth sensitivity against the background of the general treatment of the cause of its occurrence!

Such gels do not contain fluorine, but are based only on the action of calcium and phosphorus. Of course, these are the main elements of enamel, but it is fluorine that has high remineralizing properties, which allows it to create strong bonds that are difficult to attack by bacteria that cause caries.

You can use such gels and sometimes you even need to. But they cannot guarantee a 100% absence of caries. And carrying out such manipulations in the dentist’s chair is much more profitable and expedient, because the doctor at the same time examines the oral cavity, draws the attention of patients to existing problems.

Correct an overbite

Correct an overbite

In the open spaces of stores you can find a huge number of devices that are designed to protect your teeth and even correct your bite.

These are dental mouth guards with a bumper for lips and teeth, designed for temporary wear in order to prevent the development of bite pathologies. The key word is to prevent progression and development.

Trainers are appointed by dentists in childhood after a thorough examination and examination. Practice shows that the timely appointment of trainers and their wearing in accordance with all the rules and recommendations in 28% of cases corrects existing (minor) bite defects in young children, in 73% of cases facilitates further treatment and reduces its duration in case of severe pathologies.

Trainers can be of standard sizes, but to achieve the best therapeutic effect, they must be individual.

Expert comment

Choler Elena Ivanovna, dentist, Sochi

Self-prescribing and wearing mouth guards can do more harm than good. Correction of the bite is a complex, lengthy process and should be supervised by a specialist with extensive experience and excellent theoretical training. The slightest mistakes in this process can cause chronic headaches, in children can be associated with postural curvature and many other serious health problems.

Separately, it is worth mentioning that such trainers and mouth guards cannot cope with serious problems and bite pathologies. Braces are needed to move the teeth, stimulate jaw growth, and get the teeth in the correct position, and in some cases surgery is also required.

The only useful property of such trainers and mouthguards is unloading the temporomandibular joint and protecting teeth from the negative effects of bruxism, but only on condition that they can be selected according to size. And this is another question.

Means against tartar

It’s worth starting with the fact that tartar, also known as mineralized plaque, is an accumulation of food debris, bacteria, and their metabolic products on the surface of the teeth. Usually, a stone forms in a few months, the rate of its formation depends on many factors: bad habits, nutrition, diseases of internal organs, etc.

It is impossible to remove tartar with hygiene products; professional methods must be used. But in the open spaces of stores you can find substances that promise to get rid of tartar, literally dissolve it, and also whiten your teeth — as they say, «2 in 1».

The composition of such funds is quite aggressive substances, including alcohol, and in high concentrations. Previously, to remove tartar, dentists used gels that soften (!) Plaque, after which it was removed manually using special tools.

Some reviews say that the tool really works, there is less tartar, but …! With the disappearance of tartar, serious chemical burns of the gums and lips appear, which require long and expensive treatment in the dentist’s chair. Many patients after using these gels complain of increased tooth sensitivity.

Expert comment

Shumskaya Natalya Yurievna, dentist, Volgograd

Even without a medical education, without delving into all the intricacies of plaque formation, chemical processes, one can imagine how powerful a tool that can dissolve accumulated, mineralized and compressed tartar for years, dissolve pigment plaque that cannot be cleaned with a toothbrush.

All the consequences in the form of burns, significant damage to the enamel, are sad, but expected. Patients using such products act at their own risk, and the responsibility lies solely on their shoulders.

For tartar removal, teeth cleaning and whitening procedures, you should contact only professionals who can be trusted with your own health and the beauty of your smile.


Ultrasonic scalers are professional items designed to remove tartar: supra- and subgingival. In the hands of a layman, such devices can do more harm than good. But, nevertheless, despite their high cost (more than ten thousand rubles), such devices are freely available and are popular.

What complications can arise? Damage to enamel, soft tissues, destruction of the ligamentous apparatus, which can cause tooth mobility and loss of bone tissue.

It is extremely dangerous to use such, one might say, cutting tools on your own.

Whitening products and systems

These are the most popular oral care products. There is a persistent opinion among patients that professional teeth whitening is so expensive that only a few can afford it.

In fact, everything is not so bad. The cost of teeth whitening may vary depending on the system, but if desired, it is quite possible to meet several thousand rubles. And the consultation of a specialist and his control will guarantee the absence of possible complications.

Semi-professional home whitening systems

Semi-professional home whitening systems

Some in-office whitening systems involve fixing the result at home using a special tray, gel and activator lamp. They are recommended by the dentist, depending on the situation and the initial state of the patient’s enamel.

The main mistake of home whitening enthusiasts without consulting a specialist is the lack of preparation. First of all, the dentist removes plaque and dental deposits. If this is not done, then patients at home whiten plaque, and not the teeth themselves. Not surprisingly, the result does not match expectations.

In addition, any whitening procedure must be accompanied by a preliminary saturation of the enamel with minerals.


Studies by dentists have shown that the saturation of enamel with minerals after teeth whitening is ineffective and increases the chances of hypersensitivity, caries and other complications. It is more expedient to carry out remineralizing measures in preparation for teeth whitening.

Whitening gel pens

The imagination and desire of manufacturers to make people’s lives easier knows no bounds. To the attention of buyers are presented pens filled with gel for whitening teeth. The main active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide in high concentrations.

This can explain the need for strict adherence to safety measures and precautions when using such gadgets. It is strictly forbidden to use them for patients with increased sensitivity of the teeth, otherwise its symptoms will only increase. When applying the gel, it is necessary to thoroughly dry the surface of the teeth and limit the flow of saliva with cotton swabs. Contact with the gel on the surface of the teeth can cause burns and inflammation.

Veneers for only a couple of hundred rubles

This is perhaps the most sensational novelty, designed to make a smile perfect and hide any defects, and instantly, without the participation of a dentist and several months of waiting, for only a couple of hundred rubles. The novelty itself received a loud name — veneers, but in fact it is more like bridges.

There are several types of such miracle “veneers”, and each has its own characteristics, which, by the way, slightly affects the cost.

Veneers — beads

Real veneers are single overlays for teeth, performed in a dental laboratory. Now everyone has the opportunity to change and improve the color of the tooth with the help of a set of several «beads» of plastic mass, which, through simple actions, can take on any shape and size. It is enough to evenly distribute it over the surface of the tooth and let it harden, or rather, cool.

The whole idea is reduced to a single correction of one tooth. The easiest way is to correct the color, the most difficult form and close the defects, because in this case you will have to study the anatomy of the tooth and make some efforts, and this is not as easy as it seems.

Everything seems to be fine and the idea is great, but where is the guarantee that one restored tooth will not stand out from the rest of the teeth with darker enamel or with normal anatomy that nature has created? Restoring lost enamel and dentin only at first glance seems to be a simple action, in fact, this is the most difficult and painstaking work.

Overhead «veneers» — «bridges»

Taking into account all the shortcomings and difficulties of technical implementation, manufacturers have proposed a more advanced technique: «veneers» that cover all the teeth included in the smile zone. Included is a plastic mass, remotely repeating the shape of the jaw.

The manufacturer suggests placing it in hot water, warming it up to give plasticity and evenly distribute it over the teeth. At the same time, patients independently separate the teeth, clearly outlining the difference between them. After recreating the perfect false smile, the resulting impression must be placed in cold water. The mass will remember the shape, and will no longer change. It remains only to place it in the oral cavity.

Manufacturers remind that with such a “false jaw” you can’t eat, drink, you can only smile beautifully. Everything seems to be fine, and there are no minuses, which confirms the wild popularity of the device. In fact, they certainly exist, and there are many of them.

Firstly, many pioneers noted that the «veneers» fell off at the most inopportune moment. Secondly, creating a beautiful smile is not as easy as it seems, and it takes skill.

Thirdly, «veneers» do not cover serious defects in teeth, for example, their absence, they cannot close protruding teeth, only their color can be changed.

Expert comment

Elena Ivanovna Choler, dentist, Sochi

A beautiful smile is the dream of many. But why, when it comes to a beautiful and toned figure, we understand that we cannot cope without a gym and nutrition correction, and even plastic surgery will require complex and constant work.

Speaking of teeth and the beauty of a smile, many people prefer to look for dubious methods that cannot give full results. But people stubbornly continue to search for a miracle and easy means to achieve the goal, but they do not exist, especially when we are talking about the beauty of a smile.

Only a dentist can make a smile perfect, restore all the flaws, especially since the modern level and equipment allows you to see the final result, to which you need to gradually and persistently move.

Beauty and more!

Do not keep up with fashion! It would seem that only yesterday everyone was striving to have a snow-white smile that dazzles, and today devices and tools that can turn a smile into a rainbow are very popular.

Colored lacquers for teeth

Many women know the rule: shoes should match the color of the handbag. But a new rule is being introduced: the color of the nail polish should not match the color of the teeth. The trendsetter was an American company that released varnish for enamel. Outwardly and according to the method of application, it is similar to nail polish, but it has an absolutely safe composition even when swallowed.

In the line of colors, everyone can find their own, the most suitable and favorite for all occasions: blue, pale green, pink, even red. Varnishes that make teeth gold or silver are popular.

Teeth light

For those who want their smile to literally shine, there are commercially available dental lights that capture all the colors of the rainbow. The backlight looks especially impressive at night and is popular among fans of nightclubs.

Jewelry for teeth

Grizzlies do not surprise anyone now, but what if a miniature Kalashnikov assault rifle is exposed with a smile? This, at least, is unusual and draws the attention of others.

The mini-overlay on the teeth is attached according to the principle of a clothespin for one or two teeth, and instead of the AK-47, you can choose other items — the sellers’ imagination is truly limitless.

Many products and items of hygiene, beauty for the oral cavity are quite safe and even useful, but some can be dangerous, especially if used improperly and thoughtlessly, without prior consultation of specialists. Therefore, to achieve your main goals — the beauty of a smile — you need to trust the professionals!


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