Shiny leggings — beautiful, comfortable and practical models


The youth audience is offered outstanding products of original design and bright colors. Shiny leggings are very popular, allowing you to create catchy and elegant bows. The effect of shine is achieved due to the special texture of the fabric based on synthetic threads and lurex. Things are not only beautiful and elegant, but also very comfortable to wear.


The fashion for shiny leggings has returned from the distant 80s and dictates its own rules. It is believed that extravagant products should not be complemented with multi-colored, colorful or bright elements of clothing, since the trousers themselves are very elegant. When creating bows, there should be a measure of color and brilliance, so it is important to observe the golden mean and select things of restrained shades and laconic cut.

It is not recommended to use glossy products for work or everyday wear. These are purely festive clothes that add nobility and youthfulness to the image.


A variety of models allows every fashionista to choose the perfect option for herself.

  • You can wear classic leather pants to a friendly meeting and attract the attention of others by showing off your thin waist and beautiful legs.
  • Skinny models with satin inserts are suitable for a walk.
  • You can visit a cultural event in leather-look trousers with zippers on the bottom of the legs.
  • To create a street look, models with zip pockets and an elastic waistband will allow.

The choice of models is determined by many factors and, first of all, by taste, fashion preferences and individual characteristics.

  • For full for women, stylists recommend high-waisted trousers that create the effect of a thin waist and a slender figure. Due to the dense structure of the fabric, the silhouette is tightened, extra pounds are hidden, the volume of the abdomen and hips is visually reduced.
  • Slim girls fit products with a low fit, allowing you to demonstrate a toned tummy and a thin waist.

Advantages of shiny leggings

Glitter effect trousers emphasize the advantageous sides of the appearance and add sexuality to the female image. Black shiny leggings are especially in demand, accentuating the style and giving grace to the female figure.

The neutral tone and shiny surface of the trousers have a positive effect on the external perception and add charm to the image. Such products not only transform and decorate, but also effectively model the female figure.

A wide range of models allows you to choose the best sample that fits perfectly into the image, adds elegance to the figure and becomes the main accent of style and female personality.

Due to the composition of the fabric, the surface of the products is glossy and pleasant to the touch, and the trousers are elastic, soft and durable.. Shiny silver leggings are used for holidays and special occasions. These products are made of synthetic fiber with the addition of metallic and lurex. Stylish samples bring expression to the image and allow you to create wonderful ensembles.

The homogeneous dense structure of the materials provides excellent product performance. Pants are comfortable, practical, durable.


The variety of colors gives every woman a chance to choose the perfect model, show her abilities and demonstrate the best aspects of her appearance.

  • Young people choose bright and catchy products, with the help of which extravagant and fashionable bows are created.
  • Older women opt for trousers in restrained tones.
  • In summer, yellow, red, blue, white leggings are relevant, in autumn black, blue, brown leggings are used.
  • In spring, turquoise, pink and cream products are popular.

fashion images

How and with what to wear leggings with a glitter effect? It is believed that shiny trousers are best combined with monochrome things in pastel or neutral tones. Black and white products can be combined with things of any color. Bright red samples are harmoniously combined with brown, orange, yellow things. Green leggings can be combined with gray, blue, lemon products. Tops in cream, marsh, emerald green, blue, pink or black are suitable for gray trousers. As for the combination of fabric texture, elastic trousers can be combined with knitted, nylon, viscose, acrylic, cotton products of different densities.

What goes well with sparkly leggings?

The choice of cut and elements of the ensemble is determined by many factors — taste, sense of style and color type of appearance.. Blondes to face light things with a pinkish tint and trousers are black or silver. Brunettes can use a white or black bottom, combined with a cream, beige, milky top. For brown-haired women, the best choice would be brown, chocolate, mustard trousers, combined with things in autumn shades.

Shoes and accessories

To create fashionable bows, you will need stylish and elegant shoes with designer innovations. Extravagant girls prefer unusual shoe designs with very high heels of various shapes.

  • Summer stiletto sandals decorated with bows, ribbons, floral details, as well as leather ballet flats with satin inserts are widely used.
  • autumn and in spring, ankle boots with a beveled edge, oxfords are in demand.
  • in winter young people are impressed by high boots, over the knee boots and playful Cossack women.

Older women choose comfortable shoes with optimal parameters that provide comfort in wearing. These are boots with tractor soles, shoes with stacked heels, slip-ons or loafers.

When choosing accessories, remember that jewelry should not overload the image, but only slightly complement and accentuate the best aspects of the appearance.

Fashionable ensembles will acquire a special flavor if they include elements such as earrings, rings, natural stone beads, necklaces or necklaces. A scarf, a fashionable hat, a clutch bag will add femininity and charm to the image. For sports, a backpack, a headband, a pedometer are useful. A casual bow will be complemented by a chain, bracelet, jewelry, brooch or hairpin.

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