Unusual vintage wedding dresses


Vintage dress came into fashion in the 90s and became an integral part of the women’s wardrobe. Such products came to us from the distant past, therefore they are shrouded in mystery and mystery. The status of «vintage» deserves the product if it is made according to the type of models 20 years ago. These things are unique and unrepeatable. Most often, these are exquisite and high-quality products in one copy, sewn to order. A vintage-style wedding dress carries the meaning and features of a past era, the history and features of a bygone time. That is why it is so important for our generation to capture the style and features of the direction of the long-forgotten fashion of the last century.

Vintage wedding dress is the most original and irresistible outfit, similar to the style of the 50-80s. Such samples are to the taste of bright and extraordinary girls who have their own worldview and vision of fashion. Vintage dresses have gained popularity and love of many fans due to their sophistication and dissimilarity to traditional outfits. If you want to impress others, put on an unusual dress for your holiday. In it you will become a real princess or an exquisite lady. Putting on a wedding vintage dress, each bride is transformed and feels like a part of the wonderful world of romance and luxury.

Applicable materials

A variety of materials are used to make vintage dresses. These are innovative, as well as long-forgotten fabrics, thanks to which it is possible to create light, airy and attractive products.

Fabrics for making dresses in vintage style:

  • Taffeta.
  • Chiffon.
  • Atlas.
  • Lace.
  • Tulle.
  • Organza.

Transparent and translucent fabrics add sexuality and femininity, and decoration with bows, flounces, ruffles and seductive lace brings a special zest to the style and image. Lace products with guipure inserts are especially beautiful, refined and add sophistication to every woman. Such dresses are solemn, elegant and very attractive. An unusual image of a queen or a young princess allows you to create dresses from tulle in combination with dense satin. The combination of dense and light fabrics allows you to create extraordinary products with a stunning effect of palatial luxury. Magic, magic, mystery, romance, charm — all this is associated with dresses in vintage style.

Models and styles

There are many models of vintage dresses. This is a ball gown, «Mermaid», «Princess», «A-Silhouette», «Trapeze», with high or low waist. You can wear a short, long or mid-length dress with or without sleeves.

Dresses with sleeves look amazing: three-quarter, half, air sleeves or in the shape of a butterfly. An important role in the perception of a vintage outfit is played by the type of collar.

Vintage dress collar shapes:

  • Asymmetrical.
  • Square.
  • Round.
  • Direct gate.
  • V-neck.
  • Collar to the shoulder.
  • High neck.
  • In the form of a heart.
  • In the form of decoration.

In addition, there are samples with straps and without them. You can choose a dress with thin or wide straps, over the shoulder or one shoulder. Wedding dresses have different lengths and train shapes, which affects the appearance of the bride.

A wedding dress with a long train looks very romantic and luxurious. Products with a short train are refined and attractive. You can choose dresses with a train for the cathedral or a solemn option. Each model is unique and embodies the fashion of the past. This is the mystery and uniqueness of each product.

An incredible number of shapes, colors and styles allows you to choose the most attractive and stylish dress that can turn the bride into a real queen. The styles are very diverse — narrow and flared, with a tight-fitting top and free, with an A-line short and airy floor-length skirt.

Extraordinary vintage wedding dresses in boho style are especially outrageous and catchy. A bold and original girl with her own outlook on life and fashion will dare to wear such an outfit. Dress in the style of dudes adds playfulness, lightness and creates an image of a cheerful coquette. Classic wedding dresses combined with the right accessories create a harmonious feminine look.

How to wear?

Vintage dress is suitable for different types of figures. A loose product with translucent sleeves will adorn women with magnificent forms. A wedding dress in the form of a «trapezoid» with a long train is suitable for girls with an «apple» figure, and a guipure dress with a high waist will adorn pear women.

An A-line dress will accentuate the dignity of an hourglass figure. Fitted dresses with a fitted bodice will emphasize the beauty of the chest and the slimness of the silhouette. Off-the-shoulder designs with tulle appliqué add a sexy and feminine touch. The product on one shoulder looks original and elegant, emphasizing the individuality of the female image. When composing an ensemble, it is important to correctly combine all the elements, jewelry and accessories.
Pair with shoes and accessories

A harmonious image is created by the right combination of fashionable details and accessories. Pearl necklaces, openwork hats can be used as decorations for wedding dresses. The set looks great — a pendant and earrings with pearls, gold items.

You can use vintage jewelry of a certain shape and style. Accessories can be a hairpin, a veil, veils, gloves, a small mesh bag. An irresistible dress will become even more beautiful if you add light jewelry in the form of a brooch or long earrings. A bohemian dress with lace embroidery or knitted lace in the form of flowers or abstractions will turn any bride into a fairy-tale heroine.

Ways to decorate dresses

Famous fashion houses — Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino, Chanel presented the world with incredible masterpieces of vintage dresses of exquisite beauty. Each designer embodied his own fantasies, while the styles of the last century were taken as the basis.

In the photo you can see how many celebrities demonstrate vintage dresses decorated with beads, pearls and feathers. Models with pleats, pleats, draperies, frills, multi-layer products with bows and flowers are presented. These are chic outfits that tell about past legends and fashion trends. As decor elements, designers use lace appliqués, embroidery, inserts with sparkles or rhinestones. Wedding dresses are offered not only in white. You can buy a red, black, pink dress, as well as champagne and ivory, decorated with glass beads or beads.

As for shoes, you should choose models that match the dress in style and tradition. You can wear 20s-style pumps or trendy stiletto sandals. For dresses of medium length, wedges or square heels are suitable. High-heeled shoes and elegant shoes with a bow will decorate any dress.

A whole and complete image will help to create such fashionable elements as a fur bolero, a guipure cape.

The vintage direction in wedding fashion is gaining momentum, and this style is becoming the most popular. Thanks to forgotten styles, it is possible to create unique images in the singular, which is very important for every bride!

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