10 beauty secrets for those who do not get enough sleep


Looking perfect in the morning is not always possible, especially after a sleepless night. But some beauty tricks will help hide the signs of lack of sleep. We offer you 10 beauty life hacks for those who do not get enough sleep. They will help hide signs of fatigue and visually make you refreshed and rested.

morning sports

Light gymnastics in the morning is a great start to the day. Any kind of physical activity will help you get energized faster. For example, even ordinary jumps in place. It is enough to make a few dozen light springy movements to feel a surge of energy. In addition, such activity after waking up contributes to the lymphatic drainage effect.

But trying to cheer up with strong coffee is not the best solution. According to Dr. Stanley According to a sleep specialist, consuming caffeine in large quantities is a temporary solution. At first, you will really feel a surge of energy, but soon this will lead to the opposite effect — fatigue, drowsiness, and decreased performance. Dr. Stanley advises after a sleepless night to drink plenty of cool water or herbal teas, such as mint, licorice, ginseng. They will become a kind of energy supply.

Facial massage

Facial massage

Morning swelling, swelling, pronounced wrinkles on the face appear in the morning due to lack of sleep. Michael Roizenspecialist from Institute of Health, Cleveland, calls such manifestations of lack of sleep temporary puffiness. According to him, it’s just a liquid that would spread throughout the body if a person had a good night’s sleep. Dr. Roizen recommends helping your body’s lymphatic system. For example, by doing a facial massage. Pay special attention to the area around the eyes: from the morning corners of the eyes to the temples.

Rollers, scrapers, gadgets for facial massage can also help restore freshness to the face. For example, Guasha scrapers have become one of the trends of recent years. Smoothly polished jade or quartz scrapers will help relieve swelling, smooth out morning wrinkles (on the forehead, nasolabial). In general, massage with such scrapers perfectly refreshes the face, returns a healthy glow and radiance to the skin. The scraper can be kept in the refrigerator for a while so that it becomes cool, and then such a massage will invigorate well. Finally, massage exfoliates horny cells, so cosmetics will lie better and more evenly.

Finish off with a vitamin C serum and cream or any other antioxidant to seal in the effect. Well, if you abundantly moisturize your face, neck and décolleté with thermal water — even more hydration and freshness.


Lisa Eldridge, a celebrity makeup artist, advises freezing green tea and rubbing cubes on your face to remove signs of fatigue. But if you have sensitive skin or have signs of rosacea, then it is better to defrost the cubes first and wash with cool melt water.

Creams for dark circles

Dark circles, like bags under the eyes, are caused by fluid retention. Good cosmetics with caffeine will improve circulation this season and narrow blood vessels, arnica will relieve swelling and redness, retinoic acid will help lighten dark circles. Do not forget about the good old remedy: cool mugs of fresh potatoes applied to the area around the eyes will do their bit in the fight against dark circles.

Highlighter for the corners of the eyes

Highlighter for the corners of the eyes

One of the external signs of fatigue is shadows at the inner corners of the eyes. Because of this, the look seems dull. Highlighter in this case is a real salvation. It is applied to the inner corners of the eyes and at the bridge of the nose to hide shadows. Shining particles, reflecting light, refresh the face, give the look a radiance.

white liner

Another life hack from star make-up artists is the use of a white or nude liner, with a shimmer, for the inner eyelid. This trick hides redness, fatigue, makes the look brighter. But what absolutely should not be done is to bring the upper and lower eyelids with a dark pencil, make a feathered arrow or smokey ice makeup, since all this only emphasizes fatigue, makes the look heavy. An example of such a make-up mistake is Britney Spearswhich often adds extra years to itself by excessive use of black pencil on the upper and lower eyelids.

Only light textures

If you didn’t get enough sleep, spent many hours at the computer, then you shouldn’t do makeup with dense texture cosmetics — it will only emphasize fatigue. This applies not only tonal means, but also blush, lipstick. For example, matte style makeup products Kylie Jenner can only be used on well-moisturized, radiant skin. Otherwise, matte textures will make the face even more tired and pale. Therefore, try to use only light creamy textures.

Don’t be afraid of monochrome. If there is no time, you need to quickly do a light refreshing make-up, then a tint will be an excellent option. Apply a tinted balm to lips, cheeks, cheekbones and even as eye shadow. Usually tints come in natural shades — peach, berry, red, nude. They can be used as eye shadow, lipstick, blush, as they give the skin a natural tone.


Be sure to apply with your fingers! A little tint can be blended on the bridge of the nose, chin and all areas where a natural blush usually appears. This trick is good for refreshing the face.

Aligning the tone with color correctors

Aligning the tone with color correctors

Yellow, blue, green correctors are the best means to even out skin tone. They visually solve the problem of dark and yellow spots, redness on the face. If the complexion is heterogeneous, then the correctors can be mixed. At the same time, it should be light textures that will not weigh down the makeup.

Blue shadows and pencil instead of black eyeliner and mascara

Black arrows and an abundance of black mascara on tired eyes will make you even more exhausted, and your eyelids will visually become heavier. To achieve a radiant look, it is better to use blue shadows, eyeliner or pencil. As in the case of color correctors, blue eliminates redness. Blue pigments are also good because they correct the earthy complexion, a frequent companion of fatigue. Eye makeup in such colors will make the look fresh and open.

More Vitamin C and E

Well-known antioxidants, they well tone both the skin and the whole body as a whole. Choose a serum and cream with antioxidants. Typically, such products are labeled «tonic», «antioxidant», «awakening». The tandem of these vitamins tones up tired skin, restores its radiance. And if you treat yourself to a citrus smoothie or a fruit salad with a handful of vitamin E-rich nuts in the morning, you will quickly regain your strength and energy.

Sheet masks and eye patches

Sheet masks and eye patches

Sheet masks and patches are express tools that will help you quickly erase the signs of lack of sleep. Cool the patches in the refrigerator first, and then apply them on the eyes.

Look for products that stimulate collagen synthesis, disperse the lymph, improve blood flow, and make the skin denser. Such active components as vitamin B3, peptides, hyaluronic acid, proxylan, betaglucans, caffeine are responsible for this.


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