Empire style wedding dresses — the embodiment of grace and airiness


Choosing a dress for the bride is not an easy task. If a girl on her wedding day wants to look not like a princess or a queen, but like a real ancient goddess, then she should buy an Empire style wedding dress. This style is the embodiment of grace, purity and airiness.

Cut features

It is not difficult to find out the characteristic features inherent in an Empire-style outfit.. Main features:

  • trapeze silhouette skirt;
  • puff sleeves or straps;
  • the skirt is detachable, the cut line is located under the bust.

However, despite the presence of characteristic features, Empire style wedding dresses can look completely different. There are outfits in which the emphasis is on the bodice and chest line, other dresses “cling” with skirts decorated with draperies. There are also quite bold options with provocative cutouts on the back.


The beginning of the 19th century was marked by the rapid spread of the new style. This was manifested not only in clothing, but also in architecture, as well as applied arts. The source of inspiration was the period of antiquity.

It is generally accepted that Josephine, the wife of Bonaparte, actively contributed to the spread of fashion for dresses of a new, free silhouette. Naturally, following the empress, court ladies got rid of tight corsets. A little later, the new fashion came to other European countries.

Russia did not stand aside either. So, the heroines of the novel «War and Peace» dance at pre-war balls in dresses reminiscent of the outfits of ancient goddesses.

The first models of outfits sewn in the Empire style were distinguished by a simple cut. They had a tight-fitting bodice with a deep neckline and a straight, loose skirt. Later, other details began to be used — draperies, sleeves. The laconism of the cut was more than compensated by the rich decor, the dresses were decorated with flowers, bows, ribbons.

By the middle of the 19th century, the Empire style went out of fashion, the outfits of this style began to be considered hopelessly outdated. But, as is well known, the development of fashion moves about a spiral. And the updated Empire triumphantly returned to fashion after a hundred years. Now the dresses no longer had a laconic cut, they were decorated with draperies, they used an unusual cut.

Modern style

In the 21st century, the Empire style continues to be relevant, it is actively used in evening and wedding fashion. But, of course, the new time has made new changes in the appearance of dresses. Today on the catwalks you can see an unusual wedding dress in the Empire style.
For example, with an asymmetrical neckline that opens one shoulder, or sewn from a combination of fabrics. There were models with a wide variety of types of straps and sleeves.

Photos from fashion shows make sure that modern designers often deviate from the canonical length of skirts. In the classic version, dresses should have floor-length skirts, but now you can see knee-length wedding dresses or a little lower.

Style Advantages

Why should brides pay attention to dresses made in the Empire style? These outfits have a lot of advantages, this is, first of all,:

  • Convenience. Unlike models with corsets or tight-fitting dresses, these outfits do not restrict movement. This is an important moment, since a wedding is an event that takes all day. Therefore, it is very important for the bride to feel comfortable.
  • Femininity. The dresses look very gentle, with their help it is easy to create a feminine and romantic image of an antique nymph.

  • Great opportunities for decoration. The dress has a rather simple cut, so it can be decorated by placing accents in such a way as to emphasize the most advantageous features of the appearance.
  • Deficiency Correction. Not all girls have perfect figures. Dresses of this style make it easy to hide body flaws.

Who will fit?

The Empire style is a style that will suit almost all women without exception.. It is perfect for tall and slender girls, allowing you to emphasize tenderness and fragility.

petite brides dresses of this style will make you look taller. This version of the dress is the perfect choice for full. Thanks to the flying skirt and the cut line located under the bust, you can hide ugly folds at the waist, full hips.

This amazing style allows you to adjust the size of the bust. If the chest is small, then you can visually give it volume with the help of draped details, ruffles, flounces. A lush bust should be emphasized with a deep neckline.

For brides with a pear-shaped figure, outfits with puffy puffed sleeves are perfect.. If the bride’s shoulders are wider than her hips, then it is better for her to choose a model with an asymmetrical neckline and a one-shoulder strap.

If the bride is preparing to become a mother, then empire-style dresses will be the best option for a wedding dress. Such outfits do not create discomfort, because they do not put pressure on the stomach.

Empire style wedding dresses are a great option for a summer celebration.. A dress without layered skirts and a corset tightly squeezing the body is a great option for hot weather. Moreover, weightless and airy fabrics are chosen for tailoring outfits. For a winter celebration, you can choose an outfit with long sleeves and complement it with a fur cape or stole.


What styles of Empire style dresses can a modern bride choose? There are many options, models can have a different cut of the bodice and skirt.

Bodice cut

Very often in wedding dresses, the bodice of the dress is richly decorated. It can be embroidered with beads, sequins, decorate with shining rhinestones. Draperies, artificial and natural flowers are often used for decoration.

The bodice can completely tear off the shoulders, that is, it is made in the form of a bustier. However, straps are more common. Straps can be very thin or, conversely, wide, curly. A fashionable cut is a dress with an asymmetrical neckline and one strap, the second shoulder in this case remains open. Straps are often decorated using artificial flowers, gold or silver embroidery, pearls, rhinestones.

Dresses can be sewn with completely closed shoulders, in this case the neckline is made rectangular or in the shape of the letter V. Often dresses are sewn with sleeves in the form of lanterns, but other options for cutting this detail are also possible. For example, you can make straight narrow sleeves up to the wrist or up to the elbow.

Sexy and unusual look outfits with a cutout on the back. The neckline can be decorated with lacing, ribbons, rhinestones. The choice of such a model will attract attention to the bride. But this option is only suitable for girls who have a beautiful posture and perfect skin on their backs.

Cutting line

The cut line, as a rule, passes immediately under the breast. It can be both straight and curly. This place of the dress is often decorated with various elements. It can be a buckle decorated with rhinestones, a large artificial flower.

Often, ribbons and belts are used to emphasize the cut line. Moreover, the belt can be embroidered, decorated with beads and other decor options.


Empire-style skirts are necessarily light, they fall freely to the legs, forming beautiful vertical folds and draperies.

In the classic version, the skirt should reach the floor and be slightly flared. But modern fashion designers use a different cut of the skirt — with wedges, year-round cut, etc. The dress can be long and even complemented by a train, but shortened versions are also often found.


For tailoring dresses in the Empire style, a variety of fabrics are used. The most common models are made of silk. Often use organza, chiffon, satin. Sometimes individual details of the outfit are sewn from different fabrics. For example, Empire style wedding dresses with lace tops and chiffon skirts look great.

For the upper part of the dress, thicker fabrics, such as brocade or velvet, can be used, but for the skirt, you should choose a fabric that drapes well.

The dress looks like a king, sewn and lace, imitating handmade work on a silk cover. The color of the lace and lining may match, but it is better to choose an option in which the lining fabric is slightly lighter or darker than the lace fabric. In this case, the openwork pattern will appear in all its splendor.

The outfit looks spectacular, for the tailoring of which a fabric with glitter and pleats is used. When walking, the folds of the pleated come in motion, and the fabric shimmers beautifully in the light.

The decoration of the outfit can be made to match the main fabric or, conversely, matched according to the principle of contrast. Lace, satin ribbons and various types of embroidery are often used to decorate wedding dresses.

Pastel colors are recommended. Traditionally, all shades of white are used. But recently, brides often choose dresses in lilac, light turquoise, blue and other delicate shades.


To get a complete image, you need to choose the right accessories for the dress.


Stylists believe that an empire style dress does not need to be complemented with a veil. But, since this is a traditional detail of the wedding look, many brides do not want to give it up. In this case, you should choose a light single-layer veil. To create a harmonious image, it is better to fasten the veil under the hair.

If the bride is ready to give up the veil, then she can complement her image with a tiara or decorate her hair with ribbons.


The Empire style dress is perhaps the only bridal outfit that flat shoes are suitable for. Of course, it is not necessary to wear flat-soled models; the bride can choose shoes with small stilettos or wedges. And if the wedding takes place in the summer, then you can wear Greek-style sandals made of interlaced straps.

Wedding dresses of this style are the perfect choice for pregnant brides. The expectant mother is not recommended to wear heels, and in this dress she will look great in ballet flats.


The main features of empire dresses are simplicity and airiness. Therefore, you do not need to «weight» your image with a lot of jewelry. If the dress has a richly decorated bodice, then only earrings should be chosen from jewelry.

Jewelry should be chosen in neutral colors., pearls and silver jewelry will be an ideal choice for a white dress. For colored dresses, you can choose jewelry made of yellow metal with crystals.


Gloves are often used as an addition to the bride’s attire. This accessory is perfect for a dress in the Empire style. The length of the gloves depends on the presence of sleeves. If the arms are fully open, gloves longer than the elbow are needed. A dress with lantern sleeves is complemented by short openwork gloves decorated with pearls.

A functional addition to the image will be a small evening bag in the shape of a pouch. Handbag decorations should match the decor of the dress.

An invariable addition to the image of the bride is the wedding bouquet. The shape of the bouquet can be classic — round. There should be a lot of greenery in the bouquet, the most delicate flowers should be used — lilies of the valley, hyacinths, ranunculus.


An empire style dress needs a matching hairstyle. Long hair styling looks especially beautiful. Curls are an obligatory element of the hairstyle, and you can curl your hair in different ways. Curls can be large or small, spiral or in the form of tubes. But in any case, the hair should be firmly fixed, strands scattered randomly over the shoulders — this is the wrong choice of hairstyle for an Empire style look.

The simplest version of the hairstyle — smoothly combed back hair is collected in a ponytail. The strands curl into curls. The hairstyle is decorated with a net with pearls and clear crystals.

Harmoniously with empire-style dresses, various knots look. To decorate hairstyles, strings of beads and feathers are used.

Medium length hair should also be curled into small curls. The hairstyle is decorated with ribbons and hoops to give the image a touch of antiquity.

So, empire-style outfits allow you to create luxurious wedding looks that harmoniously combine seemingly incompatible qualities — innocence and seductiveness.

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